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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RSAF 40th Anniversary Contest

Helping someone to spread the news..

RSAF is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year. As such, there is a contest where every Singaporean can submit his or her photos of Singapore skies (max of 5 photos per NRIC) and stands a chance to win a Hamilton watch.

Come and do your part now.. Submit your photos at the RSAF 40th Anniversary website...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

National Museum events

I went down to National Museum to catch some lighting effects done by The Electric Canvas from Australia yesterday.. Super beautiful.. Will blog about it later but first here's some pics to show you guys how great they are..


Flowers everywhere..

My phone camera cant seem to get the actual colours no matter how hard i try.. it is much much more beautiful in the actual colour of purplish blue.. One of my favourites too..

This is my personal favourite.. look like a sketch of museum..

Do go down if you have time tonight.. Starts at 9.45pm..

It is said that this will runs all the way from 27 July to 3 Aug, from 7.30 - 11pm as well so you guys have plenty of time to catch it.. ^_^

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bak Kut Teh

Uncle QQ treated me food recently.. We have bak kut teh at the shop near Tiong Bahru Market cos the pig organs soup stall at the market was not opened that day.. Muahahhaa...

Here's the pics for the food..

Before eating..

After eating...

Super full after eating.. anyway, it's quite expensive to me.. Worked up to 20 plus for two.. Wondered how come all the shops selling food so expensive now.. Like the other time i went to eat duck rice at this shop near Kent Ridge park, it costed like $38 for three of us gals.. And none of us were full at all after eating.. expensive expensive wor.. I think i will stick to my hawker centre food for now..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My New Workplace

Just joined the new place for 10 days.. It's okie so far..

My office cubicle.. i took this pic a few days back when it is still empty.. now i got lots of stationery on the table and empty files on the shelves.. :p

My tidbits stash since day 2 of work.. Need them to satisfy the craving.. hehehe...

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love KTV..

Got the craving to sing today so went down to Lot 1 to sing.. ended up discovering that there is no kbox there cos the whole place is under renovations.. But saw many new shops like New York New York and Cotton On there.. I am really tempted to get something from Cotton On.. Oohhh... Anyway, grabbed some food (hungry mah) before i rushed down to Jurong East instead...

Got the student's package cos i remember to bring along my sim student pass so it is only $17.50 nett.. Cheap~~ I sang from 2.45pm till 7pm non-stop.. Managed to sing most of the songs i want to.. There are a few that i didnt have enough time to sing.. Anyway, Jasmine is a happy gal now.. ^_^

I think people is always amazed that I can go to sing alone. Well, the benefit is that you really dont need to wait for your songs and nobody is fighting with you for the mike. Great when you want to practice some songs. The bad points are that you dont have an audience and you cant go to the toilet for fear that your things may gone missing.. Oh well, i love to do it again some time soon.. Singing alone is some sort of a therapy for me.. Still cant reach the key for Guo Meimei's song though.. super hard to sing.. sighz..

Here's a song which never fails to make me happy whenever i sing it.. The chinese version of "Under the sea", sing by Jolin Tsai.. 海洋之心(Heart of the ocean)

And also the emo song i like by the late Leslie Cheung, 追(Chase)... This always make me sad.. He was too young to leave us.. Sighz.. Enjoy it..

Hmm... i wonder where i can get the dvd of 金枝玉叶 1 & 2... want to buy them for keepsake..

p.S. Now i got craving to go ice skating cos i watched ppl ice skate just now.. who want to go with me.. Need someone to save my butt..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Moleskine diary

Popped by Kinokuniya to buy a present for dearest Yunz last Sat.. And couldnt resist the temptation and got myself something too..

Moleskine diaries - weekly planner for me and the london city notebook for a friend. Now to start writing in all the appts.. Should i get one more to scribble meaningless words? ^_^

Plurk got new shoes..

The maintenance page is so cute.. hahahha.. And the title is "Plurk is getting new shoes today".. I hope Plurk is a male.. Females are always getting new shoes.. :P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love tight tees...

Why? Cos they, along with the help of push up padded bra, will show off my non-existent breasts.

This is my "Stop Pig Sacrifices!!" tee that I bought in Bangkok.. BKK sizes are quite small loh..

Of cos, the down point of a tight tee is that it will also highlight my ever-existing tummy to everyone who see me... so i found myself constantly tucking in my tummy whenever i wear the tee.. Short of breath.. Hahaha..

Speaking of tees, I got my tees from Kosherjellyfish.. Thanks babe.. She helped some of us to order.. so happy..

My six tees.. cute hor.. But a little big cos I ordered L and XL.. Cant wait to order again.. maybe i will order M then, so that it will be tight.. *wink*

Monday, July 07, 2008

Onion News Network

Check out this website => Onion News Network...

Amazing fake videos that looked real.. Here's one to view..

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fun with soft toys

Yesterday was my first day at the new workplace and i am totally like zzzzzz the whole day.. cos they didnt hand over anything yet cos i am like totally new.. And also first day mah, let me relax abit.. Okie loh.. hope i can buck up and get used to everything asap.. i got 2 weeks (my own target)... :p

Here's some pics of the last few weeks at NUS. We went NUH canteen to eat and wobbled over to NUH lobby to shop.. The Deyi bookshop there really sells alot of stuff, from CDs to soft toys to.. well, books... hahaha..

I love hippo.. (Besides being a piggy, i am a hippo in office cos I got a small pink hippo toy =p)

One guy hippo, one gal hippo.. I bought both..

Sharon with her lion and polar bear..

Sharon and mee mee sheep..

This is what Sharon bought..

Went back another day to shop... and took more pics.. I think the shop assistants hate us already..

Happily take pic..

Pouts.. why must retake..

Up close and personal.. Okie okie, must act demure..

That's all.. hopefully i got time to blog again soon.. ciao~~