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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Back from Taiwan + What Kind of Chocolate Are You?~~

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostelgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

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Just came back from Taiwan.. dead tired.. will update what i did in the next few days.. Came back then discover forgot to buy taiyang bing.. going to get killed by a few ppl leh.. haiz.. Anyway, saw the above quiz at Joycelyn's blog, and think is quite true for me loh.. that's all..

Sunday, April 24, 2005

8 hrs and counting~~

Haiz.. still got a few hours and i havent finished packing... hmph.. what to bring..

2 t shirts checked
3 tops checked
3 jeans checked
Undergarments checked
Swimwear checked
Swim cap checked
Comb, Facial wash, Novel checked, checked checked
Camera, Handphone, Charger checked, checked checked

Anything else? Dont care le.. go there then buy.. wahaha.. nervous nervous.. scared i will be sick cos lately kept sweating a lot at nite.. haiz.. today went west mall buy swim caps.. saw Ivan on my way home.. wow.. is it fate? But then he never notice me loh.. haiz.. me just a salesgal in his mind.. haha.. watched some vcds today.. watched till i fell asleep.. now very tired, think i go off le.. Nitey~~

My Itinerary.. wahaha

If You Were a Jellybean, What Flavor Would You Be?

Saw this at Michelle's blog, think i got the same as Kit Yee.. hahaha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Peach-Quiet and reserved, you like to keep to
yourself most of the time. Not because you're
shy, but because you like the quietness of an
empty home. You really aren't shy at all. You
don't mind having the attention on you. You may
even be in the school musicals or local plays.
You don't thrive for the attention as many of
your peers do. The attention you receive is
natural. You enjoy reading and you like a
mental challenge every-now-and-again. Perhaps
the most admirable thing about you is that you
don't go around telling everyone your problems
in hopes of getting some kind of attention. If
someone finds out, it's because they most
likely did some snooping, sensing that
something was wrong. You know it's not healthy
to keep everything locked up inside, though.
You probably just write it down in a diary or
something. That's totally healthy. You are very
mature, an "old soul" to some. That's
awesome. Don't ever change.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Oh Dear + Friend review~~

Cant believe i actually changed my template again, after just using the previous one for 1 DAY!! hahaha.. no choice.. me fickle minded... Anyway, the current template is like quite popular.. got downloaded a few thousand times le.. can only say the other ppl had good taste like ME!! wahaha.. i so bu yao lian.. haha.. but think me more suited to use anime, liked it more anyway.. dont u think the boy boy look so cute, like JJ Lin Junjie... haha.. my weird imagination again...Manage to watch "my girl" this morn cos i was too tired last nite.. ahhh.. the boy boy and gal gal also remind me of the two main characters in the movie.. so cute...

Was lazing around the whole day, then went to Popular at 8.30pm to pass Chee Seng and Esther the vcds, and also got back my Harry Potter 3 dvd (my precious baby) from Chee Seng.. Esther also pass me a gift from Huixin, who was back from HongKong...think it is a book clip..Then went to change money.. now i got 2200 TWD on my own, which is roughly S$119.. haiz.. no money le..

Jane suddenly msg me asking whether i am back in singapore.. and i was a bit angry cos i told i am departing on 25th ah.. then she asked me about Huizhen, making me more angry cos i was not in touch with her (should say she didnt contact me while i had msg her or try calling her).. then i give Jane her hp number and then went online to change my template.. Think i finally got the mood (listening to "one in a million", song in Ms Congeniality) to do a review on my friendships with the numerous friends i got since pri sch to poly... my feelings about friends...

Review on Friendships
Think the friendships i really miss are the ones in primary school( aka elementary school).. it is the best as kids are pretty innocent...we show our dislikes clearly and our feelings are really clearcut.. i dont like u so we are not friends..etc etc.. Really misses my friends who i had fun with.. only in contact with Gary, Jiehuai and Weixiang through sms now.. haiz...

Then came adolescence, where everything grew complicated... we started had feelings.. guys like gals and gals like guys, or guys want to be only friends with gals while gals want more than that, resulting in broken hearts, crushes.. Friends turn to foes over guys (like me and Yuefen), while foes turn to friends (like me and Huizhen).. Think i seriously only had 2 close gal friends then, Jane and Huizhen.. Now i like have none.. Most of the guys are still a bit buddy with me but not close anyway..

Then came JC.. where i can only felt like a failure.. bad results, classmates who cant stand me being so "direct".. ended like only got Julia, Jiahao and Zhonghan being my friends.. but they are friends who dont understand ME.. Think i also dont want ppl to understand me.. wahaha..

Then came poly... being one of the oldest in the class, so didnt mix with the others much cos was too busy making myself busy with all sort of things.. of course, i ended up alone for the first few semesters.. then last 2 semesters finally sticked more with my classmates who were in the same class throughout my 3 years... which i probably shouldnt be doing since we will probably spilt soon...
Conclusion: Better to stick your feelings on inanimate stuff (like my dear hippo soft toy). At least they wont hurt u.. And enjoy ur childhood days, they are the best!! That's all, i think~~

2 more days~~

Today met Joycelyn at Yishun cos she is lending me her digital cam for my trip..Almost cannot make it cos i am a lazy pig, even though we are meeting at 1pm.. hee... YEA!! i can take photos leh and mom wont nag me for wasting money on a camera leh.. wahaha.. Then we went to Long John Silver to eat and shop around Northpt.. saw 2 sets of tvb shows i want to buy.. errr.. maybe after my trip, if i still got money.. haha..now got half price wor.. After that, we went home on our own.. but i stopped by Lot 1 cos i want to go More Than Words to preorder SHE alarm clock... Walked around first and spent $20 on novels again.. haiz.. when can i start saving money... Anyway, went to More Than Words and discover that the alarm clock costed $43.. hmph.. didnt recall it to be so exp.. was re-considering (not bad, i actually will considered whether to spend or not.. must be because of being suan by Joycelyn just now) and ended up not buying.. haahaa.. went home then and reached home around 6 plus.. Realise i forgot to change money.. think the rate will be lower tomorrow since it is weekend but too lazy to walk back... Actually mom changed money already but i still want to keep some Taiwan New Dollars on me so that i can spend.. hahaha.. Just saw I Do I Do vcd.. quite funny and LAME~~ no wonder is a local production.. especially like the parts by Li Guohuang... he only had two scenes.. one as a loanshark and one where he spoke english, shakespeare somemore.. hahaha.. he is a good xi ji yan yuan...Went to Joycelyn's friend's webbie and saw a link, which got a link, which is very funny.. i am so making myself confused.. hahaha.. Anyway, the content is funny.. here's the link.. Things I hate about my Flatmate .. it makes my day..nice to see other ppl crap bad stuff.. it makes u feel that ur life is REALLY NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL!! Saw the canon advertisement on its new camera, IXUS 700.. so nice and got 7.1 megapixels.. can consider it next time... wahaha.. ok, i need to go watch "my girl", the cute thai movie.. planning to lend to friend tomorrow but havent even see it yet.. hahaha.. TATA~~

What Classic Movie Are You?

Friday, April 22, 2005


Just discover a lot of ppl using JJ's songs for bloggie, got Christine, Kit Yee, Lee Hui.. haha.. They have great taste.. wahaha.. i am getting lamer.. haiz..

3 more days~~

3 more days and i will be out of here for 6 days.. wahaha.. just now, was chatting on the phone with Joycelyn.. she shared some of her experience in Taiwan, like what type of food, etc... Talk and talk and then i suddenly feel like changing my template.. so i changed loh.. this template is Kit Yee found one and i asked her to send to me.. already got a few weeks leh.. haha.. Placed JJ's song as background music cos i like it very much..it's called "Bei Feng Chui Guo De Xia Tian"... Tomorrow, Kumon is having center off day so i no need to work.. wanted to sing ktv with the gals but like no one free.. tired of asking so didn't ask Michelle and Jiahui.. think i spend the day packing ba.. Today went to work early to wipe the place.. lucky no mistake.. haha..

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cleaning Day~~

Today had to stay back till 10 plus to clean up the store cos tomorrow morning, one of the director is coming down for a store visit.. very tiring.. i clean till i used up all my strength..and it is just to wipe the glass... but tomorrow morning still need to go work early cos cd rama side still like not very clean... haiz.. My supervisor, Shirley is so smart.. off today so no need clean.. hmph..why i so poor thing..

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Just realise that my exam results are under the pending table.. wahaha.. my gpa only increased by 0.06.. haiz.. nevermind, at least got increased.. Karen asked me whether i want to go to Malaysia in May/June and i said ok.. She said she need to see whether there is vacancy at the Resort... Finally settled my friend's case with the ez link card.. next time i am not going to do such stupid things le... Went shopping at Orchard and spent some money at Kinokuniya.. wahaha.. Bought very interesting books.. haha...Then ate at yoshinoya, ate beef with vegetables.. haha.. Then went to Kumon to work.. today marked 12 students' work.. Very upset with Auntie Jessie today.. cos i already told her the dates i can work for April and she didn't really look and assume that i can work on all tuesday and friday.. When i told her i cant work cos i'm not in Singapore, she said i should have told her earlier.. the thing is i did told her earlier loh, then i never check her schedule last week so never see.. really sianz.. was planning to quit anyway so told her i will work till 13 may.. anyway, Xindi, her favourite employee is back so she should have no more worries already... Me go cook noodles le.. nitey~~


Woke up at 9am cos i want to view my gpa but the e-services still havent update the results, still show pending... haiz... so i went to read my mails.. now then discovered that i can invite ppl to get a google email account.. haha.. i am so absent minded.. anyway, see who wants lah, i got 50 invitations.. leave me a msg on my chat board but only for ppl i know hor...


Forgot to switch my hp to silent and thus got woken up by the sms informing of my results at 3.20am... not sure why the system send so early, thought that they are sending at 6am... but i am very satisified with the results.. wahaha.. A and B only.. haha.. but i cant really remember the module codes except for HB, which is Bm404 and which i got A.. hahaha.... Ok ok, i will update my results again later cos the school system still under daily maintainence till 4am... very happy.. think i not only managed to maintain my gpa but also increase it.. wahaha.. wonder what Karen, Doreen, Joycelyn, ah gong, Audrey, Malcolm and the rest of the class get for the modules.. haha.. no choice, me curious mah.. I go disturb my bro's sleep and tell him good news.. wahaha

Monday, April 18, 2005

Which astounding angel are you?

You are a fire angel! Very headstrong and willfull,
you can accomplish anything you want. You are
constantly doing something and therefore have
no time for anything else! But you are like a
flame, burning with energy and happiness, then
gloomy and depressed.

Which astounding angel are you? (awe-inspiring pics!)
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Shoplifting IS A CRIME~~

Damn it.. today got two gals stole two albums from our store.. cos that time, my supervisor and i are busy changing the display and doing the new stocks, thus didnt really notice the two gals loitering around.. and they used the short 10 mins to commit the crime and left.. Only discovered the torn plastic later.. one of the gals even tried to stop me from moving to that area earlier so that i wont discover that they had stole the albums.. i must prepare myself for such cases leh.. One of the gals was even wearing school uniform loh, looked like Bt Batok Sec one, cos is light yellow shirt and grey skirt.. the two gals really cannot make it loh... they like the albums, should use their money to buy loh.. really spoil my mood loh...

Just went to Jieyi(Kit yee)'s blog.. she is using JJ's new song, "Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou" as background music. Super nice.. i bought the album le but no time to listen.. haha.. Tomorrow my sem result will be out.. haiz.. think no need to sleep tonite le.. haha.. Today bought a very cute bread from BreadTalk to eat. It is in the shape of Jack Jack from The Incredibles... called JJ Baby.. It filled with chocolate.. haahaa.. my favourite.. Ok, time to eat my dinner... got chicken wings, my favourite.. wahaha


Yesterday morning was reading novels and ended up no time to prepare.. then quarrel with my dad cos he was occupying the toilet for a long time.. the thing is he ALWAYS occupied it for 20 to 30 mins.. why? he want to read newspapers when doing his "big business".. cannot make it.. i shouted and scolded him.. ended up i didnt bath, just change clothes.. lucky last nite very late then bath so still smell ok.. then brother was saying that i always blame my things on other ppl.. ok, i admit i do.. but things will definitely be better if HE is not around.. Mom was just telling me, that dad caused her to lose money in 4D cos she forgot to buy a number and it's came out in first prize.. told u his existence is a nuisance and not welcomed by the women in my family.. only bro is ok with him.. Hmph, maybe my habit of blaming my on others came from my mom? haha.. just thinking of more excuses... Mom brought dinner to me yesterday nite.. so happy.. nice meal and foc one.. haha..

Which type of Supreme PIZZA are U?

Once again went to Christine's bloggie and found this and proceed to do the quiz.. haha.. no choice, who asked her to have so many interesting quizzes to do.. haha.. of cos i must go do and see if i'm the same as her, my christine dear dear.. haha.. I am a Super Hawaiian Supreme Pizza.. my favorite (actually i only eat this flavour..wahaha) Pizza flavour..

You are a Super Hawaiian Supreme Pizza!
Life is about the sun, the beaches, the breeze and lots of fun! Relaxed and laid-back, you lead a carefree lifestyle where problems are never too big to make you frown. Your warm and friendly disposition makes you a very approachable person. Share this pizza with your friends and spread the sunny joy!

Which type of Supreme Pizza are you?
Brought to you by Pizza Hut

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Today so blur.. went to work early cos i thought it is my turn to throw rubbish.. ended up is tomorrow.. haiz.. helped Margaret in throwing cos she is not as strong.. ppl already 60 plus wor and still working... not that she needed to support herself but more to pass time.. haha.. Just throw rubbish and i started to sweat a lot.. made me so smelly.. haiz.. hate that smell... Saw Ivan again.. haha... starting to have no feelings le but still admire him for his business mind... haiz.. i am so fickle minded but i really want to find someone cos i am quite lonely sometimes... Mom just told me she won 4D by betting on the hotel room no. we stayed in in Genting.. haha.. only won one hundred cos my family's luck all is can only bet small small then can win type.. So happy mom won cos dad is still at home and we all hate it..Chengying told me she is tired cos she went to see energy at Bishan today.. haha.. can only say serve her right.. chase idols of cos will be tired lah.. she is still going tomorrow.. OMG, she is really a big fan.. but ok lah, if 5566 or SHE come Singapore and i am free on that day, i will also go and chase.. haha..Haiz.. tomorrow still have to go work early.. so sianz...

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Rose Rocks + Buying Spree~~

Finally woke up early today at 7.30am to watch "The Rose" behind the scenes production.. SO FUNNY~~ wahaha.. Really enjoyed the 20 to 30 plus mins production.. After that, went to work at Popular.. My colleague, Esther, got a sore throat yesterday and ended up literally having "NO VOICE" today.. so poor thing.. Then i bought a dry tech jacket for $19 at the giodano sale today, quite worth it cos original price was $43...wanted to buy some pants but the size is either too big or small.. so jialat.. think i rather spend more and buy from the store.. haha.. Today also need to work at Kumon, so left Popular at around 4pm... Today didn't do much wrong thing at Kumon ^_^ But only managed to mark around 8 pupils, quite little loh... Ok ok, just finished my usual late nite dinner by buying Mac meal.. haha... Hmph.. think must start preparing for my trip.. Just got to know that my friend is also going to Taiwan.. Only thing is he is going there to suffer.. haha.. NS field trip loh.. haha.. For 3 weeks somemore.. He's setting off this weekend.. That's all for now..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Bought lots of books today... on shopping therapy.. Now west mall got giodano sale.. hahaha... so tempting.. haiz.. Now aiming for 1 jacket and 1 three quarters pants from giodano, 2 dresses from Dano and two skirts and tops from This Fashion.. Think i probably will spend a lot.. Really wanted to go shopping at PS and Jurong Pt.. but no time this week...Haiz.. Also got a lot of books i want to buy.. new ones include 5566's latest serial drama, "Ge Dou Tian Wang" comic and xie zhen.. haha.. Time to go read le.. Nitey~~

Ubin... Hmphz~~

YEA~~ Internet connection back to normal and i can be online in a flash now.. hahaha.. Today meet Karen, Qinz and Qinz's friend(sorry i forgot to ask the name) to go Ubin to cycle... Managed to wake up at 5.10am.. wow.. long time never wake up so early le.. think the last time was when i was training and need to wake up for morning run.. cos i love to run in the silent street.. haha.. Drink coffee on empty stomach again, which is bad for my very weak stomach..Then eat instant noodles to satisfy hunger and gain energy for the cycling.

Took mrt to Tampines and bought a coffee bun to eat later.. Then took bus 29 all the way to Changi Village, which is a good 40 mins' worth of sleep.. haha.. too tired.. Surprisingly, i woke up just when the bus is going to reach.. haha.. what luck (actually cos the sun is shining in my face lah so very hard to sleep le).. Reach very early at 8.40am.. i'm the earliest.. haiz.. Karen only arrived at 9.15am and we two went to buy some snacks for later.. then Karen wanted to eat shui gui so we order 6 pieces.. me 2.5 pieces and 3.5 pieces for her... haha.. Qinz and her friend finally came at 9.45am.. Then the four of us went to the new bulit Changi Jetty Pt to take boat to Ubin.. Wow, the Jetty pt very nice wor.. got arrival and departure halls somemore.. Got boat to go Johor too.. haha.. we had to wait for 15mins before there are 12 ppl in the boat.. Went Ubin and started to rent bikes and then cycled around for a while.. Then Qinz wanted to go Chek Jawa, which i had been to before on photography outing. We got a little lost and when we finally found the way, Karen and I had to go back le cos i got work and she needed to go celebrate her godmother's and friend's birthdays.. I really sweat alot.. wet from below neck all the way to my bum.. haha.. need to tie my sweater around my waist to hide the fact that my pants is wet.. Haiz.. my ability to sweat so much is the main reason why i'm still of acceptable weight since i eat so much fast food and chocolates.. whahaha.. Maybe need to wake up early to go running soon.. me getting fat.. haiz

Waited for 25 mins before we are able to go backcos quite early for other ppl to go back so early.. Saw a patrol boat coming and Karen was saying that she wished we can go for free ride on it so no need to wait any longer.. haha.. Anyway, we two started eating the snacks we bought.. my coffee bun is smashed but still nice.. a very similar duplicate to the Papa roti Jane bought for me.. haha.. Karen and i were saying that we want to go back Ubin one day when we both no need to rush off to see Chek Jawa..Probably weekend so got more ppl and no need to wait so long for the transport. When we two finally got back to Singapore grounds, we went for a drink first. Karen had coconut juice while i had sugar cane juice.. Suddenly saw the stall beside the drink stall is a stall selling fish porridge and stuff.. reminded me that my CRM lec told us once that he saw an uncle killing ants with his bare hands and then never washed hands and immediately go made sugar cane juice... and the stall is next to a fish stall..Yikes.. really scared i so unlucky but then i consoled myself that the uncle is too busy to kill ants lah.. so i still drank 3/4 of the juice.. haha

Took a cab home and managed to catch some sleep during the journey.. Spent $19 on cab fare, equals to today's salary le.. haiz.. After a bath, i still got 2 hrs to waste around so i went online and read ppl's blogs.. Saw Karen's pics on Joycelyn's blog.. Joycelyn purposely wanted to bully Karen, her new past time. Lee Hui starting to blog again..wahaha..Happened to go to camy's blog, which used to be private but the password got cracked by Hui Ping.. private cos she mentioned in her post that she dont trust ppl easily.. Hmm.. to me, if u dont trust ppl, then u must be prepared that they wont trust u either.. Anyway, Camy is really a very smart gal and totally into ballet.. Makes me want to go learn dancing also but more to hip hop and social dancing types..

Speaking of the trust thingy, suddenly made me wants to do a review on my friends.. maybe will do that for next post..haha.. suspension so ppl will keep reading my boring posts.. Managed to drink 500ml of water today which is rare le.. Oh yeah, i bought the behind the scenes production for "The Rose" in Genting, Malaysia.. not available in Singapore wor.. Thought i can only buy it when i go Taiwan.. haha.. anyway spent RM 15 on it.. Havent watch it cos no time.. Hope it is not spoilt cos i wont be able to go Genting to exchange.. should have test it first... haha

Went Kumon to work today.. so tiring.. Manage to mark 15 pupils today, 2 absent ones.. Made a mistake today.. cos i was trying to finish marking 4 pupils who are all almost ready to go, resulting in me not really checking the grade they are at.. and one of them happened to be doing the wrong grade, 2A instead of 3A.. Auntie Jessie discovered later when the student is gone.. Hopefully, the parents dont scold..haix..

Karen asking me to organise class chalet.. Think should let Joycelyn do it and i manage money for a change.. really dont like to organise and make decisions.. Think i cannot be in management roles.. Actually really into websites made with flash.. like the House of Fury (http://houseoffury.jce.com.hk/).. Really interested to go in the lines of art.. designing websites is considered an art to me.. Maybe i should go study in this line.. haiz..

Anyway, me just finish my dinner aka supper which instant noodles again but this time i got add in vegetables.. haha.. I really like the brand i ate cos i only ate one type.. Myojo "Xiang Mian".. really very fragrant.. Me really is a perosn who stick to the same stuff all the time.. u see me go where to eat, always eat the same stuff, like Chicken Sandwich Meal in BK, Fish Burger Set in Mos burger, etc etc.. Me too lazy and dont want to take risk (another reason to proved me to be bad management).. but then how for some thing, i also tire very fast.. I am such a contradicting person..

Oh yeah, bought lot of chinese novels on Sunday but no time to read.. haiz.. Bought some vcds and Lin Jun Jie's latest album yesterday.. haha.. got his poster.. i super like his new songs also.. All his songs are nice.. I hereby formally acknowledge him as one of of my idol for the individual category.. Group category got SHE and 5566.. haha.. ok.. now tv showing recast of Super Sunday.. think i go enjoy it.. Haiz.. drink some cold water and now there is a pain in my stomach.. Someone saves me.. I dont want to be gal le.. ok ok.. enough crap.. nitey~~

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Commonly Confused Words Test

Saw this at Huiping's blog and just went to do it.. haha

You scored 92% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 100% Advanced, and 73% Expert!
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Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test written by shortredhead78 on Ok Cupid

Monday, April 11, 2005

Internet down~~

Finally can go online...Brother was telling that i will have problems connecting to Internet and it really happens last nite.. Just to update what happen to me recently.. Nothing much cos i had been working and working everything since i came back from Genting.. Only get to rest more when working on tuesday and friday cos the tuition is from 5pm... Quite tired cos now my period came and with it, came my usual flu and cough... Weird, it seem to have the "chen ni bing, yao ni ming" attitude.. Every time come, i will be sick one.. Mom asked me to see Chinese doctor to cure it but i'm not sure which one to go to.. haiz..

Currently, i'm also facing some problems at work. Hopefully can settle soon.. Think i better go to Temple of tiger god to pray again and "da xiao ren" more.. maybe i wasnt paying attention the last time so not so effective.. Now my block is renovating and the painting of walls is finished last month le.. this month is like changing wires.. My floor got the wires changed last Friday.. The electricity had to be switched off... So hot, plus no TV to watch and no computer to play.. Very ke lian.. I can only read books cos also too noisy to sleep.... Lucky now is other floors changing the wires.. only the noise affected me cos got the "knock knock knock" all the time.. Ok, time to go work..

Friday, April 08, 2005

Which gorgeous goddess are you?

The Goddess of Flora and Sadness. You are a natural
dreamer. Always loyal and tranquil, you can
make anyone feel safe and you are exceptionally
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Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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Which Incredibles Character Are You?

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Back in Singapore~~

Finally back from Genting..

Started my trip early morning yesterday by going to Golden Mile Complex to board bus at 7.30am... Went to Genting through Tuas checkpt and begin a 6 hour plus journey.. Really no people at the checkpt at that time.. haha.. maybe due to off-peak season ba.. Saw a movie on the bus, not sure of the name.. but it's about a murderer who joined FBI and planned to kill all the other trainees on a lone island.. In the end, only the female lead survived.. Haha.. Slept and slept to the top.. Arrived at the bus terminal at First World.. my first time there cos usually travelled by cable car... Checked in at Genting Hotel.. Very Shuai, cos there is renovation at the floor above my room.. SUPER NOISY!!! Then went to casino to take a look and shop plus eat dinner at First World Shopping Centre.. After that, went back to room to watch tv.. Managed to watch "hei ye cai hong" first epsiode, which i missed in Singapore.. Enjoy it though i dont understand cantonese.. Hahha.. my mom said we two weird, come Genting to watch tv.. haha.. went to bed early at 9pm..

Woke up at 7am this morning and went for breakfast.. Had dim sum.. hahaha.. Then went casino to play the jackpot machines.. Played the 1 credit -2cents.. Managed to lose RM 34.. haha.. my mom only won RM3.. Cos she played small while i had no luck.. After that, went to buy chocolates to bring home.. haha.. no choice, i cannot live without them.. Checked out at 12.30pm and went to take cable car... Bought more foodstuff at the cable car station... Managed to change our bus to 2pm instead of 4pm and the location is to Boon Lay somemore.. haha near my place.. so we sat around for 40 mins and finally went on our way home.. Saw another movie, called "Frankenfish". Quite scary, it's about genetically breed fish, that escaped and killed ppl near the river..haiz.. I was trying to see whether there are any graveyards on the route cos Ah gal Karen said she saw it the last time... Maybe I'm on different route ba, cos only saw vegetable plots and lots of bulls and cows.. Or maybe she's shuai.. haha.. Got home at 8 plus.. wahaha..

Oh yeah, forgot to mention in last post that i finally watched Ms Congeniality 1. It was shown on Ch 5 on Sunday. My brother helped me recorded cos I was working, and I watched it on Monday... Completely fallen in love with the song used in the beauty pageant, "One in a million", by Bosson. I asked my brother to help me dl but he thought we had it in a cd already.. Ended up is different one with same name by The Platters.. haha.. I got the wma version le after searching online.. currently doing a new template for bloggie and going to use it for the music.. haha.. Went to Joycelyn's site and saw the cute pics took during ktv.. haha.. need to wait for a good time then go save them..Ok ok, tired le.. i need SLEEP~~

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yesterday was a rainy day, almost thought it was qing ming jie cos every year will rain.. It rained from morning to evening, made me want to sleep, which i really did in the afternoon..wahaha.. what to do, i'm a lazybone.. Rushed to West Mall to buy ah gong's present cos was going to give him surprise at ktv today.. That's why forced him to join us.. Haiz.. have to act as a bad person again... Bought a Parker pen set plus a doggie hp accessory... Saw some nice dresses and skirts at Dano and This Fashion.. want to go buy leh...

Today is Qing Ming Jie, reminded me of the story " The Legend of Lady White Snake".. Lady White Snake met her husband on this rainy day and it was love at first sight.. Too bad it is a tragic ending as the husband cannot accept the fate that his wife is a snake.. Why is it that men only love what they can see.. so what if she is a snake? She had helped a lot of ppl when she was a doctor.. The worst part was the husband listening to the monk and use the powder to test the wife.. How can he side with an outsider? He should love her regardless of what she is... Men are never satisfied and must always seek out the truth.. why cant he just leave things as they are and lived happily ever after.. That is also why guys tends to have a lot of affairs, not being satisfied of what they already have.. only started to regret after they lost it.. Haiz...

Anyway, went to see "House of Fury" at Northpt with Ah gal Karen, Ah gal lao gong Kit Yee and Ah gong Dave.. The ticketing system got error and we had to wait a while.. Ended up getting tickets manually written wor.. rare so must keep the tix properly.. wahahaha.. When we went to the theatre, it showed the current session to be "Ms Congeniality 2", so we were quite worried that it was the wrong theatre.. I was fully prepared to lodge a complaint if it is wrong.. wahha.. After waiting for 10 min, we asked a mother and daughter (I think) entering the theatre what show are they watching and it was the same as ours.. so we happily sat down, relaxed and waited for the show.. it was quite a relaxing and enjoyable movie, that earned some laughs from us.. Best part is got handsome guys and pretty gals + the fighting scenes..After that, we went Poh Kim and i bought Princess Diaries 2.. finally found an original one.. haha.. then went to eat lunch at Long John Silver...

After that, went down to AMK to sing ktv at Kbox... Asked Michelle, Cheng Ying and Jiahui to go buy cake as they were already there.. They bought a chocolate mousse cake from Emicakes, which were yummy.. reminded me as my birthday cake though... I was very tired cos need to go and wait for them at the entrance so that can let them write the card one by one.. Had to do that again for Joycelyn.. Haiz.. TIRED!!! Very happy to be able to sing lots of songs today.. finally managed to sing lin guan yin's song, Hui Mie Ai Qing, at the Ktv.. haha.. 5 hours straight.. shiok.. Went to Breeks later for dinner.. I order mushed potato and fried chicken basket..the mashed potato is still as good as before, though Michelle said she dont like the garlic smell ba (not sure why she dont like.. haha). The fried chicken basket is like KFC 2 piece meal, only it is more exp and tasted bad.. Think the chef over-seasoned it, cos very salty for my taste... After eating, we sat there and asked leng xiao hua.. too bad, my mood is spoilt by mom, who want me to come home early as we are going genting tomorrow.. haiz.. She is always shouting, fan si ren le... We took a lot of pics today using Michelle's and Joycelyn's cameras.. haha.. U two must remember to send to me hor.. I managed to take one pic with Karen using my hp.. She was so unwilling.. hahaha.. That's all.. need to sleep..

Joycelyn drinking
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Me and Karen
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Monday, April 04, 2005

Which Greek Goddess are U?

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Nite nite~~

So tired today.. went to work at Popular today and yesterday.. feeling very sleepy now.. hmph.. think i go rest le.. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My saving style~~

Jasmine, your savings style could use a Makeover

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Are You a Drama Queen (or King)?

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Outing after the exam + Review~~

Thursday was my LAST of school, after the last exam paper, IM.. Quite sad.. went to film a short feature, which was said to be used for graduation day.. dont think i want it to be seen by others.. anyway, the teacher said got a lot of ppl and i think i didn't say a lot so maybe wont be used ba.. :p After that, went to take pics with Karen, Doreen, Felicia, Cheng Ying, Joycelyn, Kit yee, Michelle, Jiahui, Aishah, Daphne and Esther by the fountain pool outside the LTC.. Haha.. very fun..

After that, Karen, Doreen, Cheng Ying, Joycelyn and ME went to Orchard to watch Ms Congeniality 2.. We went to Cineleisure first but discovered the theatre is not showing it there.. Haiz.. Decided to eat at KFC first cos we need the ENERGY to walk to Shaw House.. Unfortunately, after eating, it started to rain and while we were standing outside, deciding how to dash across to the other place with shelter, some people want to interview us for our comment on something ba.. the gals started to run away.. haha.. no lah, just walked around very fast and we ran across to the next building.. On the way to Shaw House, we had to use the path to the mrt station, which is through taka and wisma.. ended up shopping a bit at shops.. I bought a top for $29 at Ebase.. hahaha..

Anyway, we went down to buy tixs and we actually GET to watch it at Theatre 2.. the very big one at level 2.. hahaha.. I maloo myself by slipping when going up the steps.. cos too dark mah.. can see steps but cannot see my feet.. haha.. Excuses excuses.. I enjoyed the movie, though other ppl like Joycelyn and ms Koh(CRM tutor) said the first is funnier, but then since i never seen the first, i can't compare.. but the second one makes me laugh anyway.. help me to destress...

After the movie, got some small incident that had us laughing.. cos Joycelyn's contact is paining her eye so need to wash.. then i thought level 2 got toilet cos got the toilet sign.. Joycelyn happily rushed back up the escalator even though she had taken one step down already.. haahaa.. ended up is a toilet for handicapped and is locked so we all went down to the first level.. the funny thing is Cheng Ying who had already gone down, came up to join us, only to see us on the down escalator already.. haha.. we laughed and laughed... Poor Cheng Ying, wo hai le ni!!

Then we went to Lucky Plaza to walk here and there.. at first, Joycelyn want to cut hair and trim eyebrows. But after knowing everyone is tired and wont wait for her, she gave up on the idea of doing it on thurs.. SO SORRY, JOYCELYN.. just everyone is too tired and had not has any good nite sleep recently la.. I really slept early at nine plus, but ended up waking very early at 6 plus on April's Fool day.. so i create a msg and sent to other ppl to fool them.. haha.. what to do, i am such a little devil.. then went to work and collect money for tuition.. only 60 plus cos i worked very little last mth.. scold a boy boy today.. haiz.. got parents watching, hope they dont complain..feel so tired and still need to work at Popular tomorrow.. haiz.. need the money ah..

Ok, here the review of my nyp life....
I was quite the "quiet" and unsociable gal in school cos i felt odd.. I considered it a loss of face, having to come to poly after jc and that i cannot go uni due to my poor grades... Slowly, i discover i was not the only ex-jc student there.. some of my pjc friends are in fact in nyp too, but majoring in nursing.. and i also had a classmate, called Joycelyn though her grades should be able to let her study in NTU engineering as those last resort thingy, but she never applied and dont want to study engineering.. Anyway, didnt join any clique then as there isnt time.. i join tons of ccas in yr 1, hoping to know more ppl (like val ng and rayyan, etc etc)..and blend in.. but in the end, i dont even have time to study.. but still managed to pass...

I worked harder in yr 1 sem 2 for my studies, starting to neglect my cca, as i cant find anything meaningful in them..well, except for the friends i know.. The thing is my results that sem is the best and one that i am most proud of.. That time, i was holding onto 2 jobs, at Popular and at the school free access lab, where i used the time to do my work..

After that is tep, where i learn to use software like flash and dreamweaver in eldc and km and learn to slack.. i believe tep is really a good thing but the staff who managed the place just cannot make it.. i was quite hardworking in the first two centres but ended up slacking in the last one, ED cos there really is nothing to do.. I am sad to say that i had learn nothing at that stopover.. The best thing is knowing ppl like Lychee, Huichen, William, Wai Yew, etc.. and having good supervisors like Mr Lee, Mr Fuan and Mr Yuen..that's the lucky thing man.. Oh yeah, another memorable at that sem is that i get to go Sabah to climb Mt K and know ppl from nyp and other poly, ppl like James, Michelle Poon, Shaopin, Alvin, Sharon, etc etc.. (cannot write anyone lah.. haha.. u know who u are) But i had to use my whole one week break to go.. haiz.. fall sick immediately when i came back and need to take mc..

My results slipped so much after tep (told u the attachment makes ppl like me want to slack le, if only it was in yr 3.. haiz..). Though i got Ah gong aka THE GOD's help in projects (was able to fully exploit him then cos always in the same group.. haha.. miss those days when i no need to worry about projects at all.. but i got do my work hor.. and not really making use of ah gong since he IS helping himself, it's his grade too..), my exam and tests' results cannot make it and drag the grade down..haha.. too bad.. Had to do IPP that holiday too.. drive me mad.. though got money so happy... but i basically doing nothing much except screen resumes over and over.. no wonder i am so sick of HR now.. haha.. but seriously, i got C for all HR modules.. very rare.. think i choose wrongly, that's why no mood to study too..

Yr 3 sem 1 is nightmare.. some projects had to fend for myself.. most memorable is HRD.. got training plan and had interview with teacher and had project with an online student who went to Woodbridge before.. He's quite normal when u talked to him but if u dont, he will start talking to his "dead" friend.. haiz.. imagine ppl is top A student at top JC before.. cannot imagine now become like this.. another project with Ah gong which is memorable, cos we chosen aerospace industry in China for IB .. Damn hard to look for materials.. Reen reen, meaning Doreen and I had to sit in ibrc to search and search.. go home still search and search.. last resort, go library to search past newspaper.. very tired and all thanks to ah gong's choice..

Last sem is very short, only 12 weeks and no 1 week holidays plus start sch after Christmas day.. super sianz... got more closer to my "family", audrey, doreen and karen.. also felicia,who is audrey's sis and of cos Joycelyn, yr 1 gang, and last is Cheng Ying, who i think is due to felicia ba.. she always bullied by joyce and felicia.. the two bad gals.. hee.. Got to work with ah gals in projects finally... though poor felicia always need to join couple gang, but she benefit mah.. so no complaint hor..Then now everything just suddenly ended.. haiz..

As Ah gals Doreen and Karen had said they are going through identity crisis or more specifically identity confusion (erikson's theory for adolescence) since they are not sure what to do now.. i am in even worse condition.. identity confusion PLUS isolation. hAhA.. I am so bored and tired.. if i have the courage and dont believe in after-life and are not afraid of pain, i will have commit suicide.. cos the modern world is not a place to want to live in.. so full of greed.. even charity shows need to use prizes to attract ppl to donate... isn't that greed?

Seeing audrey finding her true love makes me so envious of her.. but then i dont trust ppl, guys in particular.. hard to see it but though i am friendly, i keep my distance doing that.. like the American way ba (remember my notes got read cannot go touch Americans cos they wont like it) I really need ppl to accompany but sianz of finding that someone.. how come that person dont come and find me instead.. haha think going into isolation very fast... Need to find a job soon.. but before that need to go tour.. i need to relax.. my cd-rama supervisor want to borrow cds from me again.. sianz.. it's like she got more pay than me loh, plus got a caring bf.. how come she cannot buy herself.. those cds i lent her last yr still with her loh.. and the thing is she still dare to badmouth me behind my back the last time and then act innocent.. I really want to quit the job at Popular.. the aunties there are so kaypo and gossips.. the last time i saw two of them on my way to do the tuition job at sembawang, i told them i'm going sembawang to work and the two aunties told my manager i am working at sembawang music.. lucky my manager asked me about it to clear up the misunderstanding.. they want to kill me, just take a knife, faster than words loh.. Oh my god, how to survive in this cruel society.. everyone is false... even online friends also.. (sorry Chris), but that's life... everyone is hiding and i am TIRED of hiding.. i still remember my jc friends being shocked by my bizzare questions of their san wei in JC 1 and then they just drifted away.. i mean one day their bf will ask right so what's wrong with a gal asking them.. I also very blur, dont know they drift away becoz of this until a chat in JC2, where they finally told me.. I still felt hurt now...the society's thinking nowadays is so complex.. it's no wonder most of my good friends are guys cos u can talk cock with them till they regard u as guy and just dont care le.. i like that.. it's more natural.. ok ok.. dont know what come over me today.. the stress just build up and need to explode.. Oh yeah, and i never want to be naive again.. cos that's only makes me a easy prey for pervents and creeps.. Maybe should go learn marital arts.. anyone who still want to show me their "xiao di di" can jolly well get it kicked by me.. HMPH!!!