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Monday, October 31, 2005


Damn pissed with a colleague in the finance dept... I admitted that i may be a bit harsh in my tone when i spoke to her this afternoon for something that is not her fault. But if she want to find fault, she still tell me straight and not be a backstabber and spoke to my hr colleague instead.. And when i apolognized, she sounded so rude, like she is the queen or something... Blah..

To her and all the finance ppl:
If you are so good, then leave this damn company lah.. OH i forgot, you still need this damn pay to support your studies.. Hmphz.. Still dared to tell me that Agnes also dont like my tone.. Want to sow conflict between us ah.. Fine.. I am fed up with Finance ppl.. Treat us HR like your dogs ah.. everything want to push to us to do.. even your stupid stock take also need to help out... Then we asked u all to do recep duties and u complain soooo much.. U all got so many ppl still cannot complete your tasks ah.. Cannot make it... Even send cheques must ask recep to type for u.. she not here then u guys want to exploit us.. Bunches of BITCHES.. just so like your financial boss bitch.. No wonder all so fuck up... FINE~~

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I had always told ppl that i am an all-thinker, cos i believe in all religions, be it Islam, Buddhism or Christinity...

But it just occurred to me recently that maybe this belief in all the religions also means a lack of trust and commitment in me to put into only one religion..

So i guess, i envy all those who put so much faith in what they believe.. I guess i am just too self-centered to bellieve in something out there in the skies above and air around me..

Suddenly remembered my friend, Huizhen, who i finally contacted after a while.. She's now working in her church as a hr personnel (same line as me wor but different industry.. hee :p).

We were chatting and she asked me a question that was asked during her study group meeting.. The question is "Do you believe that God's protection is always around us or do you think that you need to have faith to activate God's protection?"

And i answered her that "The answer are both. God's protection is always around us but if you dont believe in its existence (meaning to have faith), how can it protect you?"

Of cos she said my answer is very correct and then this is the time i got the feeling that she is just saying it to please me (my distrusting behaviour sprung out again...) but well, it was a pleasant conversation (almost 2 hrs loh ;p)..

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Recently, i had been watching lots of movies on dvd.. And i realised that if you look carefully, you will find some meanings the scripwriter wanted you to know..

The recent movie i had watched is "Sisterhood of the traveling pants".

It is an adaptation of the novel by Ann Brashares. Bailey (starred by Jenna Boyd) filmed this to tell her friend, Tibby.

"Maybe the truth is there's a little bit of loser in all of us, you know? Being happy isn't having everything in your life to be perfect. Maybe it's about stringing tigether all the little things... and making those count far more than the bad stuff. Maybe we just get through it.. and that's all we can ask for..."

Yeah, maybe all of us are a bit of a loser in one way or another.. none of us should feel superior or inferior to someone else.. We are just we, our own unique selves.. trying to get by each day with ease.. I'm still trying to get through my days in my way...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Because Of Winn-Dixie

I just watched the movie, "Because Of Winn-Dixie".

It's about a gal who found a stray dog in the grocery store and how the dog bring excitement to the gal's life.

I liked the quote by Gloria Dump (starred by Cicely Tyson):
"You cant hold onto anybody. That you can only love what you got when you've got it."

Well, that's quite true but most people dont get it... Some people kept wanting to cling onto past love memories and forced their partners to stay with them even when it's clear that their partners no longer love them..

I think that's sad. Because I believed in the saying,"what's yours is yours". So if it's not yours, it will never stay with you anyway. But if it's yours, then why bother trying to make it stay when it will still be yours in the end..


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Final Destination

I believed most of you have watched "Final Destination" before (If u didnt, do watch it soon.. very very nice :p). It is actually considered the first movie to strike something in me and told myself not to be so worked up over things (Ok, most of the time, i am just plain lazy.. hee).

Basically, it is a movie where a bunch of high school kids managed to miss a flight to Paris, which in turn saved their lives when the airplane exploded in midair. However, thing turned for worse as one by one, each of them started to die. The surviving ones started to realise this and tried to save their lives.

I just watched it again recently to refresh my memory and the words by the mortician really left a deep impression (and those are almost the whole speech he had in the entire movie already..). Here's what he said:

"In death, there is no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escape. What you have to realise is we are all just a mouse a cat had by the tail. Every simple move we make, from the mundane to the monumental, the red light that we stop at or run, the people we have sex with or wont with us, airplanes that we ride or walk out of, it's all part of death's sadistic design leading to the grave..."

Yes, that's the main thing that hit me when i first watched this movie way back in 2000. That no matter what we do, how rich we are, how happy we are, how evil we are... we will still die one day.. This may sounded pessimistic to you but to me, this mean logical.

You may say that this is precisely the reason why we should be happy, to start doing things that we wont have regrets about, to start believing in God... bah bah bah... No offence, but i prefer to think it my way...

So that probably means that i prefer to be a pig and just laze around most of the time... That's what made me happy and carefree.. Of cos i will add in some excitement once in a while lah, like having a outing with friends, going shopping, etc..

I wont deny that all this are hindered by the capital "M", which is the main reason why i am now having a job (and to stop my mom's and brother's non-stop nagging). But that is not really a main concern for me.. Ask any of my friends and you will know that i spend like there's no tomorrow, i barely have any savings.. But i dont care.. ( Well, unless i'm making plans to go somewhere for a tour..)

Money is not so much a temptation to me since all i ever do is to "throw" it away into someone else's pockets.. That's why when my insurance colleagues used money to tempt me to stay on, i wasnt moved... haha.. But i did joined initially due to the money (Bad gal!!).. Hmph.. i seemed to be contradicting myself in this same paragraph hor.. haha.. time to sleep.. really bahaving like a piggy recently.. yesterday, i slept 10 hrs plus, even to the extent of forgetting to eat dinner.. Yes, i was that tired bah.. Okay.. nitey~~

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sexy voice..

Some guys have a sexy voice, which i deemed as THE potential "pervert voice".. It is usually in those soft and tender tone that can give you the shivers type.. One of my colleagues and my ex-manager had this voice...

You may wonder why i said it is "pervert voice".. Cos i kanna those phone perverts before so i know how those voices sounded like.. Sob sob.. my innocent mind is gone due to those bad guys who wont let young gals (like me) off...

I hope they die a horrible death or at least cant have sex for the rest of their lives.. HMPHZ!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A tale of 2 sisters

I just watched the korean movie, "A tale of two sisters" on dvd..

Pic from Cinemovies.fr

It is said to be a horror movie but i found it to be more of a family tragedy movie.. Its music made it a bit scary in between, but as the movie progress on and the plot became clearer, you feel sadder watching it..

The kinship between the two sisters touched me.. Reminded me of my bro and me.. Although not as close but we are ok.. We can fool around, quarrel and discuss together.. Just hated him disturbing me sometimes when i am not in the mood.. that's the spark that light up our arguements most of the times, when we disturb each other at the wrong times...

But i'm glad to have a brother to accompany me in my childhood days.. Time to watch more tv.. will update soon...

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Hahaha... turn off my comments function by accident.. now finally know where to turn it back on.. wahaha.. i am such a klutz...

Struck with doing the Labour market survey.. Thinks it is a waste of time... sob sob... Sianzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Worked overtime today, but was for the finance dept for their stock take.. Can you believe that my company is having stock take every month? I wonder if the previous losses are really so high.... hahaha... Never mind, at least i can claim ot money this time... But i ended up staying another 2 hours to do my own hr work.. Haiz...


I went to the Superstars concert yesterday, which was held in Expo... I got the ticket from my friend, Zeguang, who got an extra ticket from buying the Superstars cd.. Heehee.. so i managed to watch for free loh.. But we had to sit separately cos he got a better ticket :p

Saw some ppl using binoculars again.. in front and besides me... haha.. i should have buy one too..

My seat is quite far, almost the same distance as the time i went to watch the Superstars final in the indoor stadium...

The show started with a display of laser lights.. which is a waste of money.. haha

I love the videos where the Superstars contestants imitated the five Superstars judges.. wahaha.. very humorous...

I bought the cd then and got a free poster...

Shared a cab home with Zeguang... i was sooooo tired that i slept through the 40 min on the cab.. haha.. Worst thing is that i had to go to work today....