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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A pretty sight...


Aint this a pretty sight? Anyone want to donate some money to me for plastic surgery for my legs.. while you are at it, give a bit more so that i can do IPL to remove the hairs on my legs as well.. Thanks a lot...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

To see or not to see...

I didnt see a doc and chose to self-heal.. But so far, my ankle is still swollen (can you see the lump?)... So should i see a 跌打医生 or not? The pain i am feeling right now comes from both the knees more..

Btw, i just noted my ankle got a 痣 thingy.. lalala... and i still wondered why my boss is surprised to know i can typed chinese characters.. i am not an idiot loh and i typed a letter in mandarin for her before ah.. I want to be a secretary...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pain like hell..

For second time in my life, i fell into a drain...

2 wounds, 2 scratches, 1 sprained anke and i was crying like a baby for more than 30mins.. I feel so tired.. I need a rest...

Update: Thanks Waffle Ah Boy for helping me finally getting the Daisy song i want... heehee.. And must thank uncle moo moo too, cos he tried transferring it to me for 3 times.. Which is rare for him to have so much patience, u know.. Uncle bad-tempered one mah.. I feel happier now.. : )

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Music Meme

Thanks to Ollie so got to do this.. Ollie, i spend a nite downloading all these songs from my cds to the computer leh.. 感动吗?

Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.

Here it goes...
How does the world see me?
雪人 (Snowman) - 范晓萱 & 王力宏
Me: So ppl see me as cold-blooded?

Will I have a happy life?
You're My Everything - Santa Esmeralda
Me: This player seemed to be not answering the question...

What do my friends think of me?
最愛的人傷我最深 (The person I love the most hurts me the most) - 张雨生 & 张惠妹
Me: Ppl think i am hurt by someone before?

Do people secretly lust after me?
Love Me - Colin Raye
Me: So am i asking ppl to love me or they already love me?

How can I make myself happy?
反覆記號 (contradicting signals) - Jolin
Me: Yeah, i need to find the right signal, the right direction..

What should I do with my life?
有一點動心 (A little tempted) - 张信哲 & 刘嘉玲
Me: To cherish all the little temptations?

Will I ever have children?
依然是朋友 (Still be friends) - 宇恒
Me: Okie, this means i can only be friends with kids.. Cannot be mum.. :p

What is some good advice for me?
This Love - Maroon 5
Me: What love? Love for money, for material stuff?

How will I be remembered?
Numb - Linkin Park
Me: Numb rhymes with anything? Oh good, I am going to be cold-blooded and numb.. How matching..

What is my signature dancing song?
恶作剧 (A prank) - 王蓝茵
Me: Haha.. so i must play a prank while i dance?

What do I think my current theme song is?
爱和承诺 (Love and promise) - 张学友 & 陈慧娴
Me: I want love and promise? I want freedom more...

What does everybody think my current theme song is?
Beauty & The Beast - Celine Dion & Peabe Bryson
Me: I am the beauty or the beast? Love song again... I need to find love?

What song will be played at my funeral?
宁夏 (Quiet Summer) - Fish Leong
Me: Cool song for a funeral.. "安心的睡了"... I must die in a summer then..

What type of men/women do I like?
Mandy - Westlife
Me: Haha... I called Mandrake "Mandy" leh.. No wonder he is my dream guy liao.. haha...

What is my day going to be like?
There you'll be - Faith Hill
Me: Yeah, i know someone will always be there for me.. Just that we had not met yet..

Bloggers to tag this to:
Modernburrow aka PMG (i love to tag you.. muahaha)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Honey Honey Honey!!

Bought this packet of biscuits at IMM Daiso for $2.. Tasted very nice for me.. not too sweet..

Opened packet

"Honey" word on the biscuit

Currently, listening to this avcd...

Ai Jun Ru Meng AVCD

Need to find a mp3 ripper now to extract the songs out... Lalalala... Btw, i realised i cannot do bad things... I tried to get this song (from Daisy OST) from Uncle Moo Moo, but yousendit.com doesnt allow me to download (like spoilt liao). Then try to send via msn and my own Window XP security view the mp3 as potentially dangerous and blocked my access.. This means i must be a good gal and buy original, is it? Haiz..

Monday, April 24, 2006

Puke bah...

Today, i feel like puking after jogging.. so i decided to let go and just puke.. Muahahaha.. of cos, only puked out water and stupid acid thingy loh since i have not eaten any breakfast..

Today is another "red" day for me... So sianz.. i didnt count the days and so soon, one month had gone by.. But then, i am a bit lucky today leh.. Cos i got free milo from the vending machine mister Joe and i barely escaped some water pouring this morning when i was walking to work.... Lucky lucky...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The magic fundoshi

pic from wild rice website

I went to watch The Magic Fundoshi today with Nadia, Gracey, Uncle Moo Moo and KM.. I am such a blur sotong.. Such that i dont want to embarrass myself by saying what happen.. Haiz..

Anyway, it was a funny show, which had me laughing till tears dropped and mouth cramped.. It had a drummer performing live sound effects.. He seemed to be enjoying the play too cos he was smiling a lot.. haha :p He reminded me of my friend who used to play the jap drum too, though i never saw it before...

I was surprised to see the half-naked men and woman in some scenes, although we were aware there will be some adult scenes... Saw a guy being stopped at the end of the play cos he took pics when the woman came out.. I was truly disgusted with his behaviour when i learnt that.. I wonder how the gal, who was with the guy, felt when the guy took the pics..

This is why Arts in Singapore is dying.. Ppl are willing to sacrifice for Arts but the audience are taking it to be porn.. It is this small disgusting brunch of ppl who makes us lose face... Spoilt my day because of idiots like them...

After the play, we went to eat dinner, with the exception of Nad. Went to Sketchers for pasta..

My dinner

Blueberry drink

Feel so full and fat now.. Back to dieting..

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I saw this line on the korean show just now (ch u 5pm)... The male actor was busy skipping when someone asked him what he is doing and he replied:


Sounded so sad, right? Sounded so much like someone trying to act strong... Korean scriptwriters are damn good...

Anyway, back to mugging......

in front of the tv... lalalalala

Update: i kept thinking of 秋天的童话,where 恩锡 kept calling "哥。。。 哥。。。” while hugging her brother from behind... Damn.. not only the scriptwriters are good.. Directors also damn good... I need to go buy this series to watch again...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Exercise exercise

"Running is the feeling of someone pushing you from behind, and realizing it's you."

Took from

Just jogged 2km... Was trying to do it slow cos i want to sweat more.. Had to wake myself at 5.45am so that i can go out to jog... Yawnz.. Luckily i went to bed at 9.30pm yesterday...

Now i got 2 problems... My soles and my stomach.. My soles hurt when i jogged just now.. Did i exert too much pressure on it? Then i got all this air coming from my stomach (or where else), forcing me to want to puke.. Maybe i should have let myself puke.. will feel better.. Sianz...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

No fake branded stuff!!!

I saw on the news last nite that fake branded stuff are strictly prohibited to be brought into Europe.. Otherwise the items would be confiscated and there may also be a big fine... Oh my god, oh my god... lucky i dont buy fake stuff like that (i think.. better check again)... No money to go Europe anyway.. sianz

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Smelly smelly...

Today very tired.. dilly dally a bit in the morning and was almost late for work.. Ended up with no time to bath and just have a change in clothes.. heehee.. Anyway, i was half covered with sweat by the time i reached the company mah.. so bathe or no bathe also no diff...

Quarrelled with mom again.. Sianz..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No time to blog.. busy with work, with dvd watching.. nothing to blog also.. heehee.. luckily got quiz to entertain u all.. the quiz below show how compatible i am with my dear.. heehee.. :p

You Are Winter!


Monday, April 17, 2006

What's that in the sky?

Following Sunday's post on my voice, i decided to do another voice blog (Hurray to my j daddy who guessed correctly).

Topic this time is the sky... I was trying to imitate those DJs who always like to talk and talk.. Did i manage to achieve that? You tell me then :p

http://download.yousendit.com/A33EDCAD1B710736 (max 25 downloads in total/ expires in 7 days)

http://h1.ripway.com/Jaschocolate/Skytalk.mp3 (max 5 downloads per day)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chocolate tarts... Cheese tarts... Good tarts...

i went down to lot 1 today to buy tixs at the sistic counter.. why dont i buy it online? Cos lazy to use mom's credit card plus i wanted to use the ntuc card to get 10% discount.. yeah, i'm a cheapskate.. 能省者省 mah... Anyway, going to watch "the magic fundoshi" next week with sis, nad, moo moo and km.. lalalala.. So happy!!! I must go to the candy empire that day to buy candys.. :p

After i bought the tixs, i was reluctant to go home so soon, so i went down to imm.. Wanted to eat the hk food at level 3 but the small place was full.. So i walked here and there.. ended in Giant and bought some tarts at Tarts n such (i think is this name.. cannot see clearly).. The lady gave me a free scoop of ice cream (chocolate flavour :p).. happy happy... i bought 2 chocolate tarts, 2 original cheese tarts and 2 mango cheese tarts.. They are made on the day one.. Not bad not.. can go buy if you are there.. Saving some for tomorrow's breakfast liao.. :p

Dont know why the chocolate melts liao..

yum yum... i like cheese...

After that, i went to the JEC Poh Kim to exchange the dvds i bought yesterday (nvr open but can see that the boxes are spoilt).. The female staff is very polite.. *Thumbs up* i like i like.. Yea, can watch dvds liao...

My sexy voice??

I had received many comments from colleagues, suppliers, candidates that my voice sounded good.. All i can go is "huh"...

Maybe they caught me at a good day, or a day when i was trying to act pro.. that's why the voice sounded different from usual.. Usual voice is the "fuck ah", "KNN", "KNS", etc etc.. No one will feel it is sexy one.. hahaha...

Anyway, got one male colleague who seemed interested in me.. I hope i am just thinking too much... Cos he is too old for me loh.. unless he thought i am very old... that doesnt sound good.. ""-_-

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm going to the bank.. bank.. bank..

I hate going to the bank, especially those days where there is damn lots of ppl.. Cos 1) Had to queue very long and 2) the bank ppl always like to hard / soft sell you their saving plans.. sibeh sianz... But today, i had no choice.. i need to go.. cos i need to change a new bankbook and also need the bank to verify a paper so that i can get a new eBanking pin and password.. Yeah, blur little me forgot my pin and password liao.. I had to queue more than 1 hour loh...

After that, i went down to meet my friend at PS.. i was one hr early so i could only walk here and there.. so sianz.. I was a little worried about the reason why my friend wanted to meet me.. cos he called me at least 3 times over 2 mths (all become missed calls due to my lazy nature..). But the fact that he didnt mention anything else but lunch made me hope that i was just thinking too much...

The moment i saw him, dressed in a shirt and a pants, i knew liao... Networking.. Sianz to the core.. but as i was hungry like mad (I waited for an hr for him and i was hungry already), i asked him to help me order food first.. Everything can waited till i satisfied my weak stomach first.. Throughout the meal, we started chatting and i knew where he was trying to lead me to and i refuse to bite the bait.. At the end, i just came out and asked him what did he wanted to tell me.. I asked about the product, the company... I heard about that company before since i was in networking before and that was a rival company... Nonetheless, i didnt take up the offer to go down his company and take a peek at how "good" his products are..

Yes, i am skeptical.. i am skeptical because i no longer want to go down that path again.. and i know i HATE sales or selling.. I hate myself for giving in time and time again after many persuasion.. So i decided to be a cold-blooded bitch from now on.. No, i dont even want to waste my time meeting you if all you can talked about is to share your "experiences" with me..

Friends, if you are even really my friend, dont ask me out for lunch to do this.. Spare me and you the torture of going through this.. Not to mention how awkward things become and you commenting that "Dont be scared of me" when i am not.. The truth is you are scared that we will abandon you, right? I dont know what to say but say that since you have chosen this path, just learn what you can for your future in other places bah.. The next person who put me through this again, i sweared i will ignore you forever..

After getting rid of him, i went shopping.. Saw 2 ladies dressed as geishas at Heeren HMV.. They were there to promote the DVD and VCD of the movie, "Memoirs of a geisha". If you want to catch them, they will be doing this again tomorrow at Heeren HMV, then next weekend at Borders and 29/30 apr at Taka Kinokuniya.

2 ladies in kimonos... I want to buy one to wear leh.....

I gave in to my urges today since i was in a bad mood.. I bought discs of the serial dramas i wanted to watch long ago...

Now on ch u.. but i no time to watch...

Heard is a funny and suspense show.. Yea!! But i need to go back exchange new ones cos the boxes are spoilt...

And i bought earrings again.. cos they are pretty mah.. :p

3 for $10

Friday, April 14, 2006

ECP and Mahjong...

I went to ECP this morning for Mac breakfast... Seemed to be a mad move hor since i took 1 hr to reach there loh... Wanted to cycle while the rest blade cos i dont intend to learn blading (the first and last time i tried was in 1997 or 1998?). But i backed off when i saw the crowd... damn lots of ppl cos it is a public holiday today.. I cant cycle in a crowd cos i am a lousy cycler.. what to do... So i ended up nua-ing at Mac with Missy while Gracey sis, Nad and KM went blading..

We left at 1pm but as it was going to rain, we decided to go KM's place to play mahjong.. His home is right across ecp loh... So unfair... Hmphz.. Anyway, we played for one round (4 winds) and Sis is the big winner while KM is the big loser.. I lost some too cos i dont know how to do 大牌... someone write me a manual pls.. i can never distinguish the 半色 or whatever...

Planning to go ubin next month to cycle.. Yea!!! can cycle for the whole morning liao :p :p

Sidenote: I got a wonderful dream this morning.. but cannot remember clearly liao.. but i feel happy when i just woke up.. But when i try to go back to sleep again.. my mind dont cooperate leh.. and the dream slipped away liao.. Haiz.. :(

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bored, bo liao, sianz

I am soooooooooooooooooo bored............ really regret staying home tonite and didnt go out to fool around.. One reason is cos there is no nightrider on thurs mah... Never mind, i should go out on Vesak Day eve instead.. Maybe go somewhere to eat.. :p Now, i should go watch tv..

Breakfast cereals

Just ate this new breakfast cereal, “Cookie Crisp”.. Sad to say that it is not really special.. I had thought that they tasted really like mini cookies but actually only the shapes are alike.. I still prefer my Koko Krunch.. :p

One thing I noted is that most breakfast cereals ads were actually done by computer graphics… 2 reasons I can think of are:

1) The cereals had a cartoon character to endorse it.. Thus attracting the kids (I’m a kid at heart) to want to buy the cereals to eat…

2) The cereals don’t look so good when they are soaked in the milk for too long. Thus, by using computer graphics, it will reduce food wastage.. which also means MONEY!!!..

Ok lah.. I am just feeling bo liao today so will think bo liao stuff loh...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stupid Candidate

Is the IQ of the current candidates decreasing? Why do i have to keep repeating to the caller that only if he is selected, then we will called him to come for the interview... Is he so desperate? Damn my supervisor for setting that "away" msg that allowed stupid ppl to get my no and call me.. Why didnt he call my colleague instead.. All my good mood is gone today.. I had half the mind to lock the office door and hang up my phone today..

Gotten a free screening by NKF yesterday.. Everything is cool except my cholesterol is a bit high.. Advised to see a doctor in the next 2 mths to get a more thorough checkup... Haiz.. Btw, did i mention how unlucky i was yesterday? Got bird dropping on my hair.. Damn...

Side note: i just watched "Sky High" dvd this morning.. It is a funny show.. i enjoyed it totally..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

7 X 7 = 49

Thought i better do this meme before my j dad killed me.. cos i know he is super bored everyday.. :p

Seven dreams before death:
1. Stay abroad for a period of at least 2 yrs ...
2. Marry a rich man and be tai tai.. (this is impt)
3. Improve on my sucky phototaking skills..
4. Skyjump/ Skywalk in Sydney or Macau..
5. Take a stroll in the rainforest...
6. Be up close and personal with a volcano..
7. Learn to speak japanese/korean...

Seven things I can’t do in this lifetime:
1. Trust men, or anyone, or anything in particular...
2. Love myself for who i am...
3. Convince myself that after pain, there will be happiness..
4. Make myself less lazy..
5. Stop eating..
6. Stop singing...
7. Wear small size clothes..

Just thought of another and wanted to add it in.

8. Have nice and long nails...

Seven things that attract me:
1. Yandaos..
2. Funny guys..
3. Good job with prospects
4. RICH!!!
5. Rich guy who has a job, is handsome and dress well...
6. Rich guy who has a job, is handsome and dress well and is caring...
7. No parents.. (kidding lah.. but i fear in-law issues alot :p)

Seven things I say:
1. Fuck!!
2. Ka nah seh..
3. Shit!
4. Damn!
5. OMG..
6. Ta ma de...
7. Dot dot dot...

Seven books that I love:
1. 窗外 by 琼瑶
2. Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown
3. My Sweet Dreams series
4. My 寻梦园 series
5. Nora Roberts books
6. Julie Roberts books
7. Catherine Coulter books

I'm a sucker for romance books, ok?

Seven movies that I’ve loved:
1. Harry potter series (Harry! Harry! Harry!)
2. Wu Jian Dao series (My yandao Andy Lau and Tony Leung)
3. Romeo & Juliet (starring Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio)
4. My Sassy Gal (romantic, violent and touching)
5. The wedding planner (dream job)
6. Disney movies (i'm a kid at heart)
7. Stephen Chow movies (Lame but funny)

Actually i like most movies.. just hated one "The Tony Blair Witch Project".. it made me want to puke..

Seven tags:
1. Slurp!
2. Modernburrow (PMG)
3. Cowgoesmoo
4. Uncle Vandice

Anyone who wants to do, just leave me a comment. If the ppl i tagged did already, just gave me the link for that entry so i can go read, okie?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Blog banner / sticker

Yipee, i got my own blog banner/sticker.. Thanks to my jay daddy :D

Here's the code
<a href="http://jaschocolate.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://static.flickr.com/53/125681828_3e78c22804_o.gif" border="0" /></a>

Please put it in your blog for me, ok.. thanks thanks...

p.S. i dont know how type the codes such that it wont turn into html when i published.. soooooo.. that's why i placed it in a gif Thanks to the sly one and chris.. Solved my problem.. i didnt know that html has such a profound one of showing itself :p

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Change here, change there, change everywhere...

*Clank clank clank*

Everyone, pls take note that my j dad had changed his blog add to http://jaywalk.blog-city.com.. so pls update accordingly, ok?

He said if i wrote this entry, he will burn more money for me.. How come everyone preferred to burn me money instead of giving real ones to me... *sulks* And while you all are at it, pls also burn some cars, maids, bodyguards, branded clothes and etc etc.. At least i will have plenty to spend once i'm down there.. Preparation is the key, u know..

Btw, i just ordered this MacDonalds delivery for dinner for my whole family.. Ended up the salad dressing is missing and the salad had expired by 2.5hrs.. and my mom had finished it before we realised.. i is sibeh unhappy so i called the hotline to give feedback liao.. Doubt anything will come out of it lah.. but i managed to let off some steam..


Watched Discovery Science channel and discovered tons of interesting stuff.. let me see if i can still remember them..

One will be how the smell of strong flowery scent will makes men see women to be 12 pounds thinner..How the smell of pumpkin pie and lavander will make a man be more sexually aroused.. While it's cucumber and something for the women.. Learnt that the top two things that bring a smile to a female's face are babies and chocolates..

Cant remember much liao but i will definitely watch that channel again soon...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ollie and Zhebin's scandal

I was tired after work on Friday but got chiobu asked me out so i went to meet her loh.. the chiobu is ooohlahlah ollie loh.. haha.. When i saw her, i was shocked!! she is so petite (a better word for being short :p).. We went to marina square to eat and to sneak a peek at Zhebin (rubbish bin)..

Ollie is so funny...she suggested that we hid behind those fake trees to peek at her bin.. so funny and so Indian movies.. But i told her fake tree very hard to find.. we go take those big boards can le.. she refused to let me take her pic on the mrt, thus resulting in ghastly pic.. She is officially a ghost liao, can starred in horror films that featured about hair.. like "the wig"...

ollie in "Ollie's Wig"

We managed to go to his workplace and sneak a peek.. ollie's bin is so busy (dont know is act busy or really busy) so we two left for dinner.. We went to Carl's Jr at level 1 to eat.. My first time there so i asked ollie to order... She ordered No.4 Double western bacon burger combo... I tried to divide the burger but only managed to make a big mess.. heehee... So ollie took over loh We ate till we cannot make it.. So full that i feel like puking..

Dont take my pic!!!

Carl Jr Combo

Big drink



Me trying to tear them into two.. but failing miserably

I give up...

Eat still can pose.. OMG!!!

Leftover.. not eating anymore..



After eating, we decided to walk around... We went to Zara and i try on some clothes.. trying to deceive myself that i can wear size "s" and failed miserably.. sob sob... ollie is so good.. she bought a top for her friend.. why never buy for me.. heehee.. iShameless...

Zara paper bag

Me trying on clothes

Zara tee... $19.90 only

We went back to say goodbye to ollie's bin, who happened to be on his quest to find the rubbish place to empty the rubbish.. so funny.. rubbish bin dont know where got rubbish place..

He asked for direction from stranger...

Went back to lift.. why the rubbish is in carton box and not rubbish bag?? (bin like this pic the most.. /puke)

Dont know how to get the lift doors open and he was talking to the camera, hoping someone can help him open.. I think he just gave the security a big laugh yesterday.. I was very kind, and pressed the "Call" button for him..

In the stuffy lift

Waiting for help

Calling for help.. (bin want me to tell u all that his legs are not so short in real life.. that's because of the distance.. i only want to laugh now and said he lied :p)

We left when his colleague came to save him.. We went to Citylink and continued shopping.. I bought 3 rings!!! Broke soon if i kept spending like this.. now only the start of the month..


ollie never buy anything cos the thing she want is damn exp!!! Like that pink adidas jacket that costed $119.. wow.. We went for some dessert after that... even though we are still full...

My iced chocolate.. heehee

Shared a small waffle with cookie n cream ice cream..

We finished it!!!

After that, we left for home at 10pm.. What a great outing it had been!!! Btw, ollie is so cute that i cant resist pinching her cheeks but i didnt really use any force loh before she started to scream and scream... so cute.. must bully more next time.. I did pinch her on the arm once (not even considered pinch, much like measuring her fats :p) and she sweared that it will be blue black today.. so far no evidence yet loh.. i think she is too fragile, i didnt even use my nails. She should be honoured.. i never pinch gals before.. muahahaha...

p.S. My mom is very typical.. the moment i show her my tee, she said, "very hard to wash.. cannot use washing machine".. haiz...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Joined

We had a new staff in our dept today.. No prize for guessing whose position she is replacing..

I am fine with this colleague, who seemed genuine enough, except for 2 points...

1) I had noticed her fake smile since the interview a week ago.. She had this tendency to 眯眼睛 when she is smiling.. and it is not natural.. this is like someone who was smiling, then suddenly went to 眯 her eyes.. very fake to me....

2) The way she talked.. Actually we dont talk much but there's one sentence that she said over lunch that makes me think she is a 马屁精. She said she will be glad to stay for OT with my boss... Okie, i'm a little hard on her on this point cos she may just be eager to learn as this is her first job in HR line..

Aiyah.. whatever lah.. Added my own disclaimer.. wonder if it sounded okie or not :p

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The 40 year-old virgin

I just finished watching "The 40 year-old virgin".. I find it to be a corny but funny show.. There is one scene where the male character went to get his chest hair waxed and i laughed and laughed till i had to sit down on the floor.. This really lighten up my mood a bit... (except that the rented dvd sucks cos it skipped three times >_< )...

And what's up with being a virgin for guys.. Why is it such a loss of face to admit it.. I bet i know tons of guys who are virgins (cos i mixed with good company, ok?).. Maybe i should just go and ask them.. "Hey, are you a virgin?" and laughed like mad when they admitted it (if they will even admit it :p)

p.S. I want to go Macau after watching today's episode of "weekend escapade".. I want to try the skywalk (S$40) and eat bird's nest tart (Costed S$2 per pastry only!!!)...


My colleague got terminated yesterday with the reason of lack of performance... I was very shocked.. I mean how cruel can you be... My colleague did not do anything bad, like smoke in the office premises or whatever.. What i cant stand the most is that she was asked to come back to BB plant (she was situated in Ubi plant due to another executive resigning) yesterday with a lie that she will be given something to do.. Yeah, that something is to pack up her stuff.. Fuck loh..

My manager is really using her as a warning to all of us... Even other depts know how slow my manager is at doing her work and now, she blamed it on my colleague, saying that she had to do my colleague's work and had no time to do her own stuff.. So for the sake of HR dept, she had to do this cruel thing...No wonder it is so hard to perform under her.. She can only makes us want to go and not stay..

Everytime i was lazy to start moving on, my boss will do something to motivate me to go off.. time to type that resume..

Update: To all, for your info.. I dont really know all the details with regards to whether the no performance is true or not.. But what i can see is that my boss cannot plan her work.. And having a competent team of staff will not help her.. What she wants is a team of supermen and superwomen who are goddamn willing to do free ot for her till the wee hours, just like what she is doing every single day.. I fucking think that the rest of us are not needed... Just need her and her capable right-handed person (my direct supervisor) will be enough to suffice..

And my boss is damn 假.. she was saying that she had never told us how bad my colleague was cos it was not nice to talk bad stuff about another.. Then who is the fucking person who commented about my colleague to me during those talks that i was asked into her office for these past weeks.. Dont tell me it was a fucking ghost who had spoke to me.. or she is so old that she got 老人痴呆症 and she forgotten all about it.. Damn disgusting...

The company also fucked up... cheated us employees money.. think we dont know (actually i really didnt know till someone told me the calculations of the pay are wrong)... They are cutting on so many benefits liao and now, still cheated us of our rightfully deserved pay.. Btw, i will be moving to JKC office next month.. hopefully, i dont stay there long cos i had predicted there will be hell for me as i will most probably be under thatexecutive over there that caused two executives (of the same position) to resign one after another.. How i know? Cos my designated seat will be next to her while my current colleagues are at the other side.. Fuck!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Raining in the office..

I forgot to mention that my office was actually flooded yesterday morning.. There was a leak in the ceiling, resulting in the whole floor being wet.. My executive was the first to arrive at the office and gotten a big shock.. Lazy little me was the last to be there so only saw the wet and being mopped up floor..

We were wondering where was the pipe that had burst.. In the end, we discovered the water was from the machines in the production floor above us.. And the pipe did not burst...it was just not connected to let the water flow out to the building. Instead, its ending point was at the place where it leaked.. i really wonder which idiot built this lousy place.. Got no brains..

Anyway, i got a more important matter at hand now.. What numbers should i buy for 4D this week? Right mah, since water means wealth.. this means i must go and buy... some inspiration pls...

THE leak

Collecting water...

the sucker.. suck up all the water on the floor