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Friday, October 26, 2007


Facebook is down.. Many applications struck.. I cant play my RPS.. Sobz sobz...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A weekend trip to IKEA (Tampines)

I had never went to the IKEA Tampines outlet before, so just went with my friend last Saturday to have a look...

Ya in the store...

The whole place is HUGE!!! I have a lot of fun sitting on the beds, playing with the soft toys, etc.
I am super impressed with the warehouse, which actually really need the directory to guide everyone around..

I'm not sure Queensway outlet had the directory or not but best is to take a pic as record.. Easier to find things..

See how high the furniture are stored?

I was alittle scared that the stuff will fall down and hit me!!!

Big Big...

Oh ya, I find my dream bed in the display hall... The "princess", "dreamy" type, which is so not practical in real life.. Plus the cover sheet will probably attract lots of dust for my uber sensitive nose.. **Sneeze sneeze**

And going to IKEA is never completed if you never eat their cheap cheap hotdogs.. Full flow of chilli, mustard and tomato sauces.. Yummy..

Since I was in the area, i dropped by Giants as well and bring lots of food, which I probably can get in IMM Giants and spared myself from carrying all that stuff from East back to Home Sweet Home in the West. Well, shopping is a "thing" for me that i can never seem to stop.

I ended having dinner in Serangoon area at this coffeeshop which has this famous Teochew Chinese stall... Yummy.. Dont ask me the name or street. I had absolutely no idea, except that Bus 136 passed by the area :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am seriously addicted to Facebook... Oh gosh...

Add me if you are in there too.. Jaschocolate@gmail.com..


Sunday, October 21, 2007

I know...

I know it's bad...

I know i'm fat...

I know i shouldnt...


i just couldnt resist buying more and more


Swensen "Chocolate Peanut Buttercup"

Ben & Jerry's "Dublin Mudslide" and "New York Super Fudge Chunk"

Just ate 2 scoops of ice-cream today... Surprisingly, the taste of green tea and dark choc is very suitable for me. Blueberry flavour is nice too...

Hokkaido Ice-cream, bought at Marina Square outlet.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Do not overeat...

I got a crazy lunch yesterday. Shared a Ramly chicken special burger, 1 cheesy chicken hotdog prata, 1 chicken satay hotdog prata, 1 chicken kebab sandwich, 1 packet of nasi lemak and 4 otak with another 2 ladies.. Plus fruit and fruit juice.. I really feel like vomitting.

It was so bad that the fruit was taken as dinner instead. But i couldnt resist and ate a dessert at Coffeeclub after I finished window shopping in Orchard.

Apple crumble or something... I cant remember.. Quite nice if u like apples as the whole thing is made of apples...

My friend's tiramisu latte, which is actually the wrong one cos it tasted quite different. The manager who served us offered and helped to change for her the correct one... Super impressed with her service. But my friend really feel like dying as both of us are quite full already...

My hot tea...

I still want to burp...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New job equals new working hours

Found a new job.. Been trying to adjust my body clock to the new working hours (8-6pm), which is quite hard since I am used to working late hours. But i think my body is adapting as i managed to wake up automatically this morning.. The key words are "sleep early".


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back to the old days...

My living room's television set is spoilt... There is totally no colour when watching the programs.. Reminded me of the old days where everything on tv was in black and white..
Well, guess i can only get used to it...

Pic from http://ronrox.stumbleupon.com/tag/painting

Monday, October 08, 2007

Story: Mom’s Cure for Mrs. Litch

I got this story from my friend's daily dish, which he stopped already.. Sighz.. Decided to share it with everyone.. Enjoy reading..


Mom’s Cure for Mrs. Litch
Lois Hoadley Dick
Christianity Today International, May/June 1998, Vol. 36, No. 3, Page 67

The medicine for her real ailment didn’t come from a doctor

My mother was widowed at age 54, left with a mortgage, no bank account, and no job skills or experiences. I gave up thoughts of college and went to work in an office. Meanwhile, Mom prayed for a job and took the only one listed in the local newspaper—a home nursing position across town.

Her first day on the job was dreary with rain. The atmosphere wasn’t much better at Mom’s destination. She was shown in by Mr. Litch who tried to prepare my mother for what was to come.

“Cancer,” Mr. Litch said in a low voice. “She never gets out of bed.”

“I’m so sorry,” Mom ventured.

“Oh, not the real cancer,” he explained. “She has a fear of cancer. She only thinks she has cancer. Her best friend died of cancer and she’s convinced she caught it. No doctor has been able to help her.”

Mom could just make out a middle-aged woman curled up in a fetal position in the bed. The drapes were closed and the room smelled of musty bed covers and urine.

Mrs. Litch lay with her eyes closed, a ridiculous blue cotton nightcap tied around her head. From time to time she sighed deeply.

“Listening to that sighing was the worst part of the job,” Mom told me later.

Mom gently gave Mrs. Litch a sponge bath and coaxed her to eat, a half-spoonful at a time. Mrs. Litch didn’t want to talk. She seemed in a half-conscious state, never moving, only sighing.

Mom brushed her hair and turned her in bed, with a few feeble efforts on Mrs. Litch’s part. A very long day stretched ahead of them both.

As the hours passed, Mrs. Litch began to respond. No, she didn’t want the radio on. No, she was too weak to sit up. No, she didn’t want to look out the window; it reminded her that life was going on all around her, while she was sinking rapidly.

Mom filled the time by reading aloud some magazines and a book. She made a mental note to bring some sewing the next day. It had been a long first day.

Catching the bus home, Mom rode for about forty-five minutes, then walked uphill in the rain before she got home. She was too exhausted to eat supper.

Little steps of progress

Day after day, my mother trudged through her routine. She listened to Mrs. Litch sigh and breathe out a growing list of self-diagnoses.

“It’s in my throat today. I can feel a lump there. And last week it got to my stomach. There’s such a heavy weight on my chest. I know it’s a tumor.”

Each day Mom opened the drapes a little further. Just an inch at a time. Now, the room was almost sunny and Mrs. Litch didn’t seem to notice.

One morning, Mom asked Mr. Litch if it was okay to read the Bible to his wife.

“Oh, well now, I don’t know,” he said, alarmed. “You won’t mention death or dying, will you?”

Mom promised, and that afternoon began to read. She read aloud softly from the Psalms, as though reading to herself, not sitting too close to Mrs. Litch.

Mrs. Litch opened one eye, much annoyed. “Don’t talk so much,” she complained. “My head bothers me today.”

After a few days, Mom switched to the Book of John, reading of God’s love and promises of eternal life in Christ. She couldn’t help noticing that Mrs. Litch opened one eye to “listen” to the Bible reading, snapping it shut if she thought Mom was looking.

Months passed and Mom grew fond of Mrs. Litch. The Bible reading continued and when Mrs. Litch would quaver, “I don’t understand what that means,” Mom put it in simpler words.

True to her promise, Mom never mentioned death or dying. Instead, she explained the way of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ slowly and carefully.

Bad news

When my father died, a rich uncle had taken out a life insurance policy in my name, pleased at my determination to support my mother with the office job. But after a time, I felt God’s call to work with a home mission to unchurched children.

I stepped out on faith, praying for God to provide.

When my uncle learned about it, he was furious. He immediately canceled the life insurance policy. We would receive no help from him. But Mom and I trusted the Lord and kept going.

At work, Mom now opened the drapes wide and helped Mrs. Litch sit up in bed each day. The patient was eating a little more, though she still sighed.

Mom detected that Mrs. Litch seemed to look forward to the Bible reading and Mom’s prayers for her. She assured Mrs. Litch she could pray when she was alone in the night, or at any time.

That Friday, when Mom left, Mrs. Litch was once again curled up in bed, her eyes shut. She made no sound, not even a sigh.

Not prepared for this

The following Monday, about two months after Mom had begun visiting Mrs. Litch, was clear and crisp. Mom arrived early for work, catching Mr. Litch still at home. He sat at the kitchen table staring into his cup of cold coffee.

“She’s gone,” he said. “Gone.”

Mom dropped her purse and sank down on a chair. “Oh, I’m so sorry. But she’s in heaven, I know it. She believed; I could see it in her eyes.”

Mr. Litch laughed nervously and splashed cold coffee on his pastry. “Not gone to heaven! Gone to the hairdresser, and then to buy some new clothes! She said there’s nothing wrong with her!”

He laughed again, understanding how crazy this sounded. “She’s out on a shopping spree, like old times. She showered and ate something and just took off in the car. Why, she smiled at me, her eyes dancing. I was so stunned I’ve been sitting here ever since.”

Then his eyes filled with tears. “I owe you a big thanks. But with my wife back to her old self, I won’t need you any more. I’m so sorry.”

Mom didn’t mind one bit being let go under those circumstances. That night she looked in the classifieds, saw a job for a housekeeper, and applied. After interviewing with the family, who lived only a block from our house, Mom got the job. She worked for them until retirement.

And the rich uncle? He never spoke to me again, but an aunt helped us financially all the rest of her life.

After retirement, Mom went back to teaching children for her church and Child Evangelism Fellowship—five nights a week and twice on Sundays!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hwang Jin Yi movie

Meet Sharon for a movie this afternoon. Watched "Hwang Jin Yi" as I was not very keen in horror movies, which seemed to be the only interesting shows lately..

Storyline is about Hwang Jin Yi, a famous 16th century Gisaeng, is the most legendary courtesan of the Joseon Dynasty. She was noted for her exceptional beauty, charming quick-wit and extraordinary intellect. The movie sheds new light on the life of Hwang Jin Yi, who made her art blossom even when her love was put to test. It also depicts the tragic life of Hwang who faces hardship due to her social status… (Synopsis taken from MovieXclusive.com)

For me, the show was okie, though i do not think i really appreciate it.. If you are not really into the actress, Song Hye-Kyo or korean things... Pls watch horror movies instead or watch Balls of Fury instead (though i will NOT watch that). At least you will get something more worthwhile out of your money.

Cheers... ^_^

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

JB, Jurong Point, West Mall

I went to JB for shopping at City Square with Zixiu yesterday.. Besides a very full stomach, we didnt buy much.. Zixiu got herself a nice tee and some cards while i only bought 2 boxes.. Boxes so that next time can wrap presents mah...

Then we went to Jurong Point and West Mall to walk.. I was exhausted by the time we finished.. 10pm plus... Anyway, waiting for the pics from her before posting again..

Monday, October 01, 2007

I am officially unemployed...

Today is my first officially unemployed day.. As the previous 13 days were considered on leave as my previous company asked me to clear leave. Sighz... Still waiting for the good new but the HR seemed to be pretty slow. Haiz haiz haiz....

Happy Children Day, everyone..

p.S. Got present for me?

Shopping Beauty Consultant

Just came back from a busy day... Saw my future husband in the afternoon and shared one or two "moments" with him.. Anyway, will upload pics once I got them from my friend, Sharon.

Went shopping in Orchard Road and spent $35 on 2 items.. Quite worth it as both are on offer.. Anyway, the main focus was on another person, my poly friend Xiaoyun who actually knew Sharon and me in poly, though Sharon and I didnt know each other's existence back then.. That is really the work of fate..

Anyway, she spent more... $150 for shoes, clothes, belt as we are helping her to do a makeover and change her wardrobe. Of course, the image consultant is Sharon, as she is mine too. :p
My feet hurts big time..... Shoes getting smaller.... Sighz...

Photos taken today...

Dessert before shopping - Some Japanese restaurant at Paragon Basement 1


Checking the pics...

Pretty Xiaoyun with make-up

Bored me..

Xiaoyun with her japanese set..

My dessert set.. The Jap place had this dessert promotion everyday from 2.30-5.30pm, $5 for any dessert plus a drink. Quite worth it...

Close-up of my green tea cheesecake with vanilla ice-cream

Sharon's ice-cream dessert - most exp due to the fruits and mochi thingy..

Dessert after shopping - Coffee Club at Takashimaya

Carrot cake

Mango mousse

Coffee Club Classic - Muddy Mud Pie. Should be able to guess that this is my selection bah :p

My drink - Strawberry Summer tea.. Have a very fragrant smell..

Got cookie one ^_^

We were so bored, we concoct a drink - a mixture of iced berry tea, with strawberry summer tea, suger syrup plus water... It looked very nice before we mixed it up... Got layers of colours...

Shopping is so tiring for me.. Off to bed~~