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Sunday, October 25, 2009

MJC Farewell Assembly video

The Maths teachers at MJC are so cooooooool....

[Via DK]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

<<在树上唱歌>> - 郭静

Another song by Guo Jing. I think it kinda lighten up my spirits after hearing it. Hope it will do so for you too. :)

<<在树上唱歌>> - 郭静



心里不想放的就去了 算了



Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am a crazy woman...

If you are someone living in Singapore, you will know how horrible the public transport is like during the peak hours. Huge numbers of human beings being packed like sardines in a tin can.

There were times when i saw people carrying big bags that just stood in the way of all the people around. The bags are usually bulky and of a shape that was beyond the owner's frame. The thing that annoyed me was that the owner did not even bother to hold the bag closer to their bodies because it was tiring (i guess). Just hang there by all means. Extra space and also protection from the crowd.

Well, it was times like these when I felt like taking a penknife and just slashed a few times over the bags. Yes, I know I sounded crazy but I am just irritated by those people who are so inconsiderate. I carried big bags too and I always tried to put them in front of me so as not to take up extra space during the peak hours.

Maybe it is time for me to buy a nice penknife to do the trick. Maybe that will stop people from not taking note of their bags in the MRT. Hahaha..

p.S. If you wonder why i dont blog in Mandarin recently, it's because I cant find the chinese language component on my home computer anymore. I need to find the software to install it back and I am just plain lazy. And I dont really blog in office though my office computer does has it. :P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A quote to share...

"If you think right, everything will be right" - Andrew Poh

We should always think positive. After all, life isn't so bad as long as we are still alive, right? Okay, if only i can maintains these positiveness for a long while.. Heehee..

Thursday, October 08, 2009

<<明白>> - 郭靜

This is another Guo Jing's song that I'm trying to learn. The music and chorus are really easy to memorise. Now, I just need to learn the lyrics for the start. :)

<<明白>> - 郭靜

因为爱很久 所以我都懂

就算我们曾勾勾手 还是会寂寞
没有你之後 我才明白的更多

你看着我来 我看着你走
生命有太多分分合合 难免要承受的痛
你看着我来 我看着你走
就算捂住耳朵 我还能听见你呼吸的温柔
(就算我会心痛 你的好永远都填满我心中)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Be socially responsible

If you are sick, be socially responsible by not going to work. Stay at home and rest. This will prevent the virus from spreading. Remember, there is nothing more important than our health.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

《心牆》- 郭靜

I first heard her song over the radio. She really sings well, in my opinion. Below is one of her songs that I am trying to learn to sing. It really has a catchy tune. Enjoy. :)

《心牆》- 郭靜

一个人 眺望碧海和蓝天 
在心里面 那抹灰就淡一些
好时光都该被宝贝 因为有限

不计划太多 反而能勇敢冒险
丰富地过每一天 快乐地看每一天 Wooh~

你的心有一道墙 但我发现一扇窗 

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Memory #1: A Bouquet of Flowers for My Lady

Found this in my drafts.. it was actually written in Sept 2006. Must have forgetten to publish it back then. Haha.. hope you will enjoy it. Happy Children's Day to all. :)


I said i will share with u what i found during spring cleaning.. Look what i found in the dust...

3 Bouquets of flowers (of cos they are fake ones lah.. real ones how to last for 6 years..) given to me by my beloved secondary school friends..

Only one (the one with purple roses) was given by a guy, not for romance but more for asking me for my forgiveness.. Long story and a childish one so not worth going into details.. Anyway, back then, his soon-to-be-girlfriend-material gal friend, who also happened to be my good friend, suggested sending me flowers to appease my anger ( i was a volcano in sec sch..you dont want to come near me when i am angry..) and even made them for him. How do i know it was made by her and not him? Well, she confessed to me later and apologised about the poor workmanship.. I dont mind the workmanship as much as i wanted to strangle her more for making me the center of the attention of the whole class with that damn bouquet..

The other two bouquets happened to be given by this same good friend a year or two later for my birthdays.. Her skill had improved tremendously by then (maybe from making the same flowers for everyone? heehee).. My favourite is the one below...

Why? Cos the flowers are made of paper loh.. heehee

With no place to keep them and not knowing how to maintain them (the whole things are covered in dust, making me sneeze a lot :p), i had to throw them away but not without taking these pics to remember them by.. Thank you, Huizhen.. For your effort and patience.. I will always remember it :p