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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another meme..

3 screen names you have had - Jasmine, Jaschocolate, Chocolove

3 things You like about yourself - My ability to suan ppl, my crooked sense of humor, my running ability

3 things you dislike about yourself - think too much, lack of concentration and buy too many things (got more than 3 loh.. just dont want to reveal)

3 things that scare you - Loneliness, Sick, Perverts

3 of your everyday essentials - handphone, atm card, waterbottle..

3 things you are wearing now - Specs, Pyjamas top and bottom

3 of your favourite songs - I got too many.. but currently singing 吴克群, 天空, 偏见, 叶子, Forever Love

3 new things you want to try in the next 12 months - Skydive, my new job, driving

3 things you want in a relationship - mutual trust, love and freedom

3 things You can't do without - PC, TV, chocolates

3 places you want to go on vacation - Japan, Hong Kong, Europe.. (haha.. i am so bad.. europe is big...)

3 things you just can't do - become demure, become less clumsy, become taller

3 kid's names - John, Jessica and Jonathan (very very common hor.. Dont care)

3 things you want to do before you die - Have sex, Scuba diving, Travel around the world

3 celebrity crushes - Brad Pitt, Andy Lau and Daniel Radcliffe (ya.. i lust after xiao didi :p)

3 people I want to nominate to complete this tedious exercise -

Cant target the ppl i aim before.. Hmm.. so it should be:

1. Bluishsky (he seemed to be quite free and plus he got read my blog.. so must do hor..)
2. Postmaster (He is very very free... on holiday and drinking.. MUST do..)
3. Leonard ( He everyday relax at work.. All ntu engineers-to-be should all go and kill him cos he is your webmaster.. so CONFIRM GURANTEE MUST DO)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Originally uploaded by Jaschocolate.
This is so cute.. Thanks to Mr Brown who found the sign generator

Worried worried

worry look
Originally uploaded by Jaschocolate.
Just received a sms from one of my friends.. didnt have the number in the phonebook but i assumed i know which friend it is from the msg she (hopefully is a she) sent.. Haha.. Meeting her for lunch and movie (Initial D!!!) tomorrow.. hopefully is the friend i think.. Ahh.. i got a worried look already.. Going siao liao...

Went to the office today to register for M5 test.. All the laws and all are killing me.. Sianz..

Met Xiuyan, my pri school classmate just now outside West Mall.. OMG, she is still so chio.. Didnt take her pic so u guys want, can go her profile and see.. Anyway, she is currently in her last sem of studying at SIM and part-timing at an events mgmt company. The funny thing is she actually studied finance and she dont plan to go into that line.. Seems like most of us tend to do something else if we hate the things we had studied.. :p

My path to be FAMOUS

I discovered that i am an attention whore.. i seek for attention.. I WANT TO BE FAMOUS!!! However, starting late in this blogging business means i am just like any Jane or May among the millions of bloggers.. In another word, i am not so special.. So how can i stand out? I dont have an endorsment deal nor do i write for the newspapers... So what can i do?

Then i remembered Mercer Machine's advice to me the first time i left a comment in his blog. He asked me to don skimpy outfits and take tons of photos of me in the outfits.. I was skeptical of it at first until the recent SPG issue... One thing i took note (or the only thing i noticed) is that her numbers increased tremendously after the reports...

So here i am, deciding to follow in her wake.. i know it's a bit late but heck, who can blame a gal from trying.. So ladies and gentlemen, dont blink as i present to you.. me myself in the nude..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hey.. dont laugh hor.. it takes guts to post this up.. haha.. so can i become a high profile blogger or not? :p

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am a good gal

Yea.. i just been a good gal and accompanied my mom to ntuc.. Every time i accompanied, i get to show off my excellent arm strength..why is my brother not with us? Cos he is only responsible for buying 5kg rice.. haha.. Mom bought me 10 boxes (equivalent to 30 packets) of kinder buero.. Haha.. cos the $2.60 per box offer is going to end and she wanted to save $3.50.. haha.. It's ok for me.. i can slowly eat that...

Btw, i had finished half of the box of royce chocolate... I thought i am supposed to enjoy them slowly, not devour them like a pig.. Ahh.. Think i just stick to my kinder buero for now..

I finish watching Simone and Son of the Mask... Think still ok lah.. haha...I took this pic using Nicky's hp in school today.. forgot to post it just now.. Bluishsky, i got use v sign.. yay!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Photo taking

I went back to school early in the morning at 9am just to take a few pics for the yearbook.. Alamak.. Anyway, i asked the photographer to send us the pics via email.. hope he remembers... Once again, the photographer is from KM, my old stopover.. haha.. Poor TEP students.. When i got the pics, i will post them up.. Funny loh, he asked as to look sideway for one pic.. Like criminal like that... haha

Then Nicky, Camy and i went to MacDonald for breakfast.. Nicky's friend joined us... i didnt really asked for his name and i dont think he know me too... haha.. i am just plain rude.. Here's Nicky looking smart and handsome...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Always so busy doing business.. Think he is helping out at his family business now.. not sure as i didnt ask... He's not attached anymore... Not surprised since i did saw his ex gf, Li Jing's MSN nicks over the month.. all very emotional types.. Sighz...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me and Camy taking a pic...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I forgot to take off my spec... looked so geek.. Sighz... Btw, Camy got the job as a Student Affairs (SA) Officer... She's starting work on 1st of July, taking over Ying Shya's duties.. Ying Shya is going to study at university... Guess Ying Shya will miss the SA Office a lot... and she will has a hell of a time taking down all her postcards, that she used to decorate the wall (She collects postcards just like me :p).

Dropped the Arcade and discovered that NYP now has a Cheers convenience store.. OMG... Managed by the TEP students again lah... It sells some cute stuff, which i cant resist buying.. Nah, i bought this 2 hp sensors ($3.90 each)...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So cute!!! The sensor is actually the "thing" between the legs lah.. haha.. I decided i want a pair to match... I took the time to clear out my locker cos the due date is approaching.. Half empty liao.. Bought this back...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My Pringles coin can that i used as a stationery holder during my KM days.. wahaha... it is finally home liao... Ok, time for some movies.. Son of the Mask, here i come...


Yes yes yes.. i passed my M9 test this round.. finally.. wahaha.. I really sit it out this time.. i stayed for the entire 2.5hours.. freaking long man.. so long that when i finally went to the toilet after the test, i need to use like 2 mins plus to empty my bladder.. yeah, it was very full...

I am so excited that i bought myself the famed Royce chocolates as a reward..Yum yum... Who need a guy to buy them chocolates.. gals also can buy it for themselves (you heard that, postmaster..)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Champagne flavor that is promoted by the salesgirl, who said it is a favourite among the ladies..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also went to Carrefour and bought a box of instant chocolate and a bottle of alcoholic drink to celebrate... Didnt drink them yet.. will do it tomorrow...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also actually wanted to buy the liu li pendants i mentioned before.. However there is really too many nice designs and i cant bear to spend so much on them.. thus i will have to pass on them.. Haha... at the rate i am going, you will think that i had won a million dollars instead of just merely passing a test.. But hey, i did fail it the last time mah.. Anyway, still need to book for M5 test.. lalala..

Went by bugis after the test ( i walked there from suntec to save money and also exercise.. yay!). I met my mom to go pray at the temple and buy some stuff. Mom treated me to MacDonald meal cos she won some money.. haha.. one will have thought that she will treat me to a more sumptuous meal hor.. It's ok, i love mac..

I just realised that his reason is actually Bubblemunche.. ya, i'm slow... Cos i added him after he closed his previous site and i had no idea they are the same person.. It goes to show i always anyhow add ppl here and there.. hee..

Finally get the RSSburner and Bloglines so as to promote my site through RSS.. was advised by cH a while ago but i had no idea what he was saying.. told you i slow liao.. haha.. So ppl, if you like, pls subscribe to my blog.. Thank you.. Muacks!!! Time to sleep.. i got a school photo-taking session tomorrow.. Alamak... need to wear formal again.. i can sleep for 4hours.. wahaha

Monday, June 27, 2005

Do not try this at home...

This morning i gagged TWICE!!! Oh my god.. Pregnant?

i am not pregnant lah... The main culpit is actually this...

The new flavour of toothpaste mom bought..

Hydro Fresh gel somemore...

Think it dont go well with my stomach.. I accidentally swallowed a tiny bit and out came all my breakfast.. Didnt finish in the first round? Here we go, 2nd round of gagging... Disgusting..

My advice to all: Dont try this.. Stick to the original taste.. Ahhh.. i want my toothpaste.. And i think if i keep on gagging my meals, i can be super thin liao.. Not a bad idea.. being a bulimia..


When i went downstairs to go to work today, i was greeted by an ear deafing noise... ok ok.. not so loud lah.. but loud enough to be noticed and it goes on and on... What is it? Chitchatting sounds made by the dozens of birds that are in the cages hung at level one.. Think is the bi-monthly or semi-monthly meeting of the bird lovers around my area... So many of ah peks gathering at my block with their birds... I pity those who stayed at level 4 and below.. cos their precious morning sleep will be greatly disturbed.. haha...

Saw this cat during my walk to work.. She is on alert mode... Aiming at a wild bird... Think of how happy she will be if i carried her to my void deck.. all the delicious birds in the cages.. Ok, i am a bad girl...

Btw, i used blogger to upload the above pics... so happy that it can finally upload pics.. save time for me...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Movie Baton

Kenna the Baton from Anna.. But then hor... this is my FIRST BATON... *excited, excited like small gal gal...

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video:

Never really counted and dont bother doing it either.. Should be more than 50 and about 100 ba..

The Last Film I Bought:

The Great Challenge, Kungfu Hustle, Kungfu Family, Phantom of the Opera ( All havent watch yet.. haha.. like bought for fun....)

Five Films I Watch A Lot/Mean a Lot to Me :

This is hard.. haha.. Not much comments for the five chosen ones.. Here goes:

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pic from Amazon.com

Being an avid fan of Harry Potter, i must of course place this movie in the first place... I had watched it many times from theatre to tv to vcd and still not sianz.. This is the first movie i fell in love with Daniel Radcliffe.. haha

2. Infernal Affairs

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pic from Mediacircus

Loved Andy Lau so much so i must really put this movie at second... Andy is sooooo yandao... Super acting by him and Tony in the show..

3. My Sassy Girl (Korean movie)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pic from KFC Cinema

Enjoyed the laughter and sadness of the movie.. Definitely a must watch for all.. It is a very relaxing movie...

4. My Girl (Thai movie)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pic from Asia Pacific Arts magazine

A simple show, showing very simple emotions from the young actors.. very nice.. So simple that i dont really understand.. But still enjoyable ratherless... Reminded me of my childhood where there is only fun and laughter, not much stress...

5. Shall We Dance (Japanese original version)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pic from Movie-pages.com

When i first watched this on tv, i was quite young.. However, it did leave an impression on me.. so much so that i went and search for it and bought the vcd.. I had not watched the US version and not sure whether it is as good as the original.. The movie really reflected on the feelings of the middle-aged Japanese man...

In case you are wondering, i do owe the above five vcds.. haha.. but it is strictly not for loan unless.. unless.. i will think of something lah.. :p

5 6 people to whom I’m passing the baton:

- Mandrake (my dream guy leh.. must entertain me a bit.. but i dont think he read my blog lah.. hee)

- Rouk (i want to know where he learn his perverted looks from.. haha)

- Mercer Machine ( A writer must has interesting tastes?)

- Airhole (Just want to know whether he got read my blog or not.. hee)

- Ah 9 (Seriously think he wont do it.. but still curious..)

- Miche (After her post on watchinng Mr & Mrs Smith, i am just curious what type of movies she liked..)

In case my friends like Joycelyn, Christine, finally managed to find time and want to blog about this.. Feel free to do so.. Hee...

Saturday, June 25, 2005


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I dont know how i did it.. i am considered a deep sleeper.. but everytime my mom started to say bad things about me at home in the morning, my mind will automatically wake up and listen to her craps... Amazing, right?

Her crap today is that she is going to ignore me if i get sick again cos i deserved it for only sleeping at 4am this morning and then i had work at 10am.. ok ok.. point taken.. if only u let me sleep more...

And who say i am going to be sick.. Wau Kao, i am bringing my big 1 litre waterbottle to work.. drink until i die i also dont want to be sick again..

Pics for Marina Square Outing on 17/06/05

Ok ok.. stop nagging, Joycelyn.. here's the pics...

*Pls note: Before anyone complain that the photos are badly taken, pls always take note that i am using a camera hp and that my position is not very good all the time and that i am not always so fast... Thank you...

Joycelyn being helpful by searching for tissue for Michelle's BF

Michelle and BF

Joycelyn looking chio in her dress..

Kit Yee in sexy black outfit

"Want to take? Then take openly lah" Ok ok.. openly take pic...

Cheng Ying looking very very pretty in her pink top.. (opps.. sorry michelle, for cutting u in half.. but Cheng Ying is the lead here mah)

Joycelyn bullying Karen again.. Karen pouting...So cute.. lucky i managed to take this.. And oh yeah, Karen is wearing a SKIRT~~ wahaha..

Gals chitchatting...

Joycelyn and Cheng Ying with lots of extra fingers around them..

Late nite chat at the Bay

View at the Bay.... Oh god, i love it...

Joycelyn is so busy hor... on the phone all the time..

Or she will be sleeping.. haha... Lazy pig..

Wahaha.. she posed for me leh..

Boldly stripped herself then acting shy.. haha

Chat and....


I know i am very boliao but the lights looked nice so i took loh... They are the ones in front of the Esplanade...

There is also a BIG round light by the Bay that i feel is shaped like the strawberry lollipop.. you know the one which is red and white colour one... But i didnt take a pic cos it only came out red in colour on my screen.... Hee.. Ok.. Joycelyn, are u happy now? Dont care liao.. i want my bed...

I am so stupid...

Went to West Mall to buy mom's Ou Yang Ying vcds. Blur little me then realised i actually need to work on Sat and Sun.. haha.. SO STUPID.. and this means i better start studying tonight..

Since the 20% Popular coupon expired on this Sunday, i decided to buy all the non-nett items i reserved just now and they are...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Whole set of The Chronicles of Narnia (7 books) at $47.25 ($37.80 after 20%)... Finally buy liao.. Yipee... Siao.. why am i so happy when my money is gone?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ji Mi latest book at $26.25 ($21 after discount)... Out for quite a while but finally bought liao..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ji Mi Calender at $10.50 ($8.40 after discount)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chinese novel at $4.90

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Got this free West Mall notebook as instant prize.. so cute.. See the logo...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They changed the Sail to Sale for Great Singapore Sale... so cute.. haha..

My friend sent me this via email.. it is a nice flash which combines lyrics from 23 songs..

Haha.. forgot to blog about my dinner yesterday.. Nice one.. Got fish, got egg, got vegetables... Most importantly got my favourite soup: Carrot soup...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com