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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Italian lunch and Western dessert

I went to Raffles place yesterday afternoon to meet my laopa and laoma for lunch. Actually, poor laopa paid for me (yes i very thick-skinned one). We ate at the new place in Lau Pa Sat, "Italian Cafe & Restaurant".


Environment - The place is horrible when it started raining..

We ordered a lunch set each as the price seemed more reasonable than just ordering ala carte.

laopa wanting to eat the soup..

Soup of the day - Mushroom soup. If you do not like soup, you can choose another starter, salad. I like the soup, though some may considered it to be bland. However, the light taste suited me, as I would not think that it came out from a Campbell can :p

laopa's pasta ( i think is penne.. cant think of other types already..). I only have a bite of it, so I should not comment too much on the taste, but i think i will not like it. The spices seemed to be too strong for me.

laoma's spaghetti. I had a hard time trying to get a bite due to me being an idiot with fork :p Taste okay to me.

My set is more expensive because it is LAMB SHRANK!!! Woohoo!!! Meat meat meat!! I finished all my long beans as they are really really delicious. I do not know what was used to complement its taste.. Salt? It just made me want to eat and eat all the time. The lamb shrank is really tender, and i basically do not need to chew it..

After that, it is time for DESSERT... All three of us choose homemade tiramisu. Actually, I found it alright. Maybe because i am a more chocolate person, but it tasted nice anyway. I think the chef should have made it into a square shape, then he would not waste the extra parts that were left around due to cutting. Or maybe he will eat the extras anyway.. haha :p


Taken from a higher angle

At the later part of the meal, the skies started crying heavily.... We were a little affected due to the seat location where we are. Sighz.. The legs of my jeans got wet when I was going back to the mrt station using laopa's umbrella.

Do you know what is the best thing to do on a rainy day? Did i hear "sleep"? Yes, you are right!! And that was what I did on the train, from Raffles place on the way to Woodlands. Luckily, i did not sleep till i lose my image, like dripping saliva or the sort.

Anyway, I went to Woodlands Causeway Point to meet Janise to pass her the dvds she wanted to borrow. She treated me to dessert.. Yummy!!

Swensens Regular Earthquake...

Now if i has gained back the weight i lost, i cannot blame anyone but my own sweet-toothed mouth..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am insane...

What do you do when someone offered you a job even though you did not have the experience they required? At the first interview somemore. Sane people may just pick up the offer. I happened to be insane... Ahhhhhhhh...

Monday, August 28, 2006

A shopping day in the city

Trying to dress up to look better than usual means more time spent, thus i was once again late for my date for 15 mins today. Met Meiping to go sing ktv at Clementi and I was sneezing and sneezing a lot in Kbox.. sobz..

After that, we went to Cityhall to meet Chalotte (we were late again!!) and went shopping. Thus, a fun-filled shopping trip began. We walked from Marina Square to Suntec City, then to Bugis Junction. We ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream at Suntec City.. Yummy!!!

We were on the way to the Guanyin Temple when we saw them...

So kawaii ne!! They are there to promote a new Japanese ice-cream :p

After praying, we went OG to shop and all of us bought at least one top. I bought the black top in the below pic.

Shorts so expensive!!!

Then we went to "Aji Tei Japanese Cuisine & Dessert House" for dinner.


What is MP thinking about?

Pose - Chalotte looked like she had a cramp in her face.. :p

The two of them started taking pics of the food after they saw me doing it.


Time to EAT!!!

Cheese Gyoza - Full of cheesy goodness.

Fried chicken soft bones...

My Salmon set

Chalotte's kushi mori set, which consists of pork, mushrooms and onions.

MP's yanagawa set

We are too greedy and had ordered too much. I feel like i am dying after the meal. We left at around 9 plus..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Liyi Autograph session + BBQ

I went down to Suntec today to get my preordered copy of Liyi's latest book, "韩国赞".

I also managed to get it autographed by her...

Long queue for the autograph session.. Lucky i was there early...

Zhiyong and Huishi helping to "entertain" us while poor liyi was busy signing and signing..

After that, I went down to Pasir Ris to meet my ex-colleagues for a BBQ session. I also managed to meet the lady who replaced me - Patricia. We ordered food online as we find it troublesome to prepare ourselves. Ended the delivery person only came at 5.30pm (cos the stated time was 4-6pm.. dotz) and we were bored to death while waiting.

Finally can bbq and eat!!!

Some of them really really like to BBQ... At one time, there will be 6 - 7 ppl around the BBQ pit, cooking the food..

The guy in this pic is Rocky, one of the contestants in that 永不言败 show on ch 8.. haha

Uncle sean is happily bbq-ing...

Look at how happy he is to be able to service all of us beauties by bbq-ing for us :p

Woooo.. i love to eat melted marshmallow..

By the way, I had a new ringtone and sms tone now, courtesy of Rocky's daughter. She recorded her voice and we set it as my ringtone and sms tone. Feel free to call me to listen to it when we meet :p

KFC weird encounter

Yesterday met Uncle beng and his friends for ktv. I think Uncle is really of another generation one cos we agreed to meet at Amara Burger King and ended up waiting for each other for 30mins. Why? Cos he waited near the entrance and i waited inside the fast food joint.. Funny hor..

After that, i went to my last lesson of pilates. I went to eat KFC with Meiping at Jurong Point after the class and something happened to shock us both. As we were holding the KFC coupons, a very big-sized (another term will be fat) guy came and asked us to give him one coupon. We did and he queued behind us.

Then suddenly, i saw him went over to a nearby table and took a piece of chicken from the customers there. Maybe the customers did not want already or maybe they cannot refuse since he had already used his fingers to touch the chicken already. He went to sit down and eat. All of us nearby who saw this were shocked.

After a while, he had finished and then he tried to cut queue back to behind us again. The person who was currently was not very happy and they almost got into a fight. Meiping and I wanted to avoid this situation so we "escaped" to another queue but ended up the fat guy followed us. Wau lao.

After that, we really started to do things very fast. Pay money fast, bring food to table fast, eat food fast. This caused both of us to have indigestion and our stomach hurt like mad. But no choice as we were afraid that the fat guy will come near us to take our food. When we had finished our food and were drinking our soft drinks, we witnessed the fat guy going to another table and took the drink and cheese fries. At least, you know that this is why he is so fat.

Why I cant stand is his attitude. The way he think he can just cut queue and stand behind us. The way he took food from others. Just imagine a stranger of a massive size suddenly comes up to you and asked you whether you still want your food. Even if you still want to eat, you will be so shocked or suddenly do not feel like eating and passed the food to him.

I dont know whether he is very poor or what but if you are poor, you wont want to eat at a fast food joint, right? Unless his initial plan includes that of eating other people's food, then it is probably very worth.

Friday, August 25, 2006



有时候很怀疑人与人之间是不是没有基本的尊重。。。一个人可以为了工作,努力不迟到,但约朋友时却没有时间观念。这是不是没有把朋友放在眼里? 不要用一大堆借口,说你有多忙啊等等。。。如果是这样,不如约晚一点呀或根本不要见面, 省时省事。

无法否认我也多次迟到过,有五分钟啊, 十分钟等等。不过我并不会给理由,因为迟到就是迟到。记得迟到过最久的是一个小时, 因为我完全忘了那个约会,还要朋友打电话来才记得。也许昨天就是我的报应来临的时候。咳。。。我会好好改善这坏习惯。


Brewing soup

This morning, my mom asked me to watch while she prepared the ingredients for brewing soup. After that, she asked me to assist and go through it step by step with me. When everything is done, she said she wanted to teach me something so that I dont leave the family not knowing about anything. Somehow, I got the feeling like i am going to get married soon.. Dot dot dotz..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blur Sotong

I was spreading the facial foam on my face while chatting with my mom this morning, when I realised something is terribly wrong. The "foam" had a cooling feel on my face. It was then I realised that I had used toothpaste to wash my face instead of the normal facial foam.

I quickly wash it off but the cooling effect was still there. Haha.. I am such a blur sotong.. :p

Tuesday, August 22, 2006





Monday, August 21, 2006

Me me me...

Bored... Show you my pics since i am a cam whore..

Normal pic

Ms piggy pic

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wilber Pan's Autograph Session

I started selling the cds at West Mall atrium from 10.30am and even skipped my lunch.. Sighz.. The crowd arrived around 4pm, 1 hour before the event started. At 5pm, the host arrived and helped to make the atmosphere more lively. Wilber Pan and Panasonic (a group) arrived at 5.15pm and performed 2 songs for us.

See the crowd from all the 5 levels...

Fans raising the cds so that Wilber can take a pic with them in the background (Cant they use another idea? Every idol takes this type of pic.. :p)

I must admit the photo used as the backdrop for the stage is damn nice. Too bad i forget to take a pic of it when everyone had left.. Heehee..

I am happy to announce that we managed to sell off all 400 copies that we had. Kinda regretted that we didnt prepare more stock cos it was the only autograph session he will be having this time. :p We are completely sold out by 6pm, even as he was still signing.. Haha...

After the event ended at 6.30pm, we packed up and went back to the store. Then my manager, Hui Ling, treated the 3 of us (those who were selling at the atrium) to Sakae Sushi.. Yummy... We didnt really ate a lot cos we were all too tired.

Forgot the name but this is salmon with mayo :)


Anyway, it was a happy day for me.. Yipee!! If you want to catch Wilber Pan live, he will be performing at Bishan Junction 8 tomorrow. You can buy the cd there and get a coupon to watch him :p

Wilber Pan's autograph session pre-event feeling...

Okie, I'm off to sell cds at Wilber Pan's autograph session. I will be situated at West Mall level 1 from morning till the event ends. I am very stressed cos i got a sales target of 300 cds....

So for all those who have yet to buy and want to buy his latest cd, pls come and buy from me. You will get a coupon that will enable you to get his autograph. If you do not like him, pls buy too and you can sell the autographed cd over ebay..
Thanks you ah!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

I just finished watching "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" in two days, just before it started showing on local television.. Haha..

pic from imbc.com

Synopsis (taken from here)

Kim Sam Soon, played by Kim Sun Ah (pic from imbc.com)

Kim Sam Soon (SS) is a 29 years old, fat, pastry chef, who has just lost her job and her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. She has all the insecurities of a woman grazing 30. With yet another failed relationship, SS scrambles desperately to rebuild her career and her love life.

SS manages to find a job at "Bon Appetite" restaurant when she gets acquainted with the owner of the restaurant, Hyun Jin Heon (JH). JH is young, handsome but aloof and cold.

Hyun Jin Heon, played by Hyun Bin (pic from http://www.hyunbin.net.tc)

JH is the only son of a hotel chain owner. Although born with a silver spoon, fate had dealt JH with a hard hand. Three years ago, a fatal car accident, where JH was the driver, resulted in the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law; and at the very same time his girlfriend of 5 years left him for her studies in the US. JH had to endure both physical and mental pain to overcome his problems and rebuild his life. The death defying experience left JH scarred as he stops believing in love and happiness.

Due to a moment of convenience, both SS and JH ended up signing a dating contract, where SS will receive KRW 50 mio (which she needed to redeem her family house) and in turn she will pretend to be JH's girlfriend to fend off his mother's endless efforts to get him match made and married.

When JH's ex-girlfriend returns to seek reconciliation; SS realizes that she has fallen for JH, and their contractual relationship gets complicated.

Yoo Hee-jin, played by Jung Ryu Won and
Dr. Henry Kim, played by Daniel Henney (pic from imbc.com)

My take:
When I first watched this show, all I can do is laugh and cry and scolded the female lead, asking her not to do stupid things, like messaging the male lead so many times when it is so obvious that he had went back to his ex-girlfriend..

I did not know this was extracted from a Internet story/ novel but that did not stop me from enjoying the show. In fact, I will enjoy the show more as I wont be constantly comparing between the two. I really admire the actress, Kim Sun Ah, who actually gained weight for this role. She had really put in alot to ensure that she can bring out the spirit in the role.

I want the piggy!!! (pic from imbc.com)

The fact that there are 4 good-looking actors/actresses is another reason that motivates me to complete the show so fast.. And dont you think that Daniel Henney looked a little like Daniel Wu from Hong Kong.. There are some similarities there.. Hahaa.. And he actually had the same birthday as me.. So weird..

I like the way the director brings out the character of each role, allowing us to understand a bit more of the person as we watched more... And I love the fact that the male characters are always so devoted (ok, maybe not always :p)

Although the ending is a bit weird to me, I love the fact that it is a happy ending. I guess most girls will like to see happy endings and that the ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan one day. I feel so sad now that I had finished watching... Ahhhhhhhh :p

They looked so cute (pic from imbc.com)

By the way, I am totally obsessed over Hyun Bin now... Whoops... He is so cute....

pic from http://www.hyunbin.net.tc

pic from http://www.hyunbin.net.tc

The songs in the show are great too.. I totally loved the song used in the ending, "She Is". Here a video (taken from youtube.com) for you to enjoy. :)