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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Post-Christmas Dinner

Met up with my OBS mates last nite for a post-Christmas dinner... We wanted to have steamboat at Marina Bay at first but it was raining... No choice but to change to "New York New York" at citylink... Being the only gal there with 4 guys, i had to listen to their army crap... LAME~~!! hahaa...

After that, we wanted to go to Cheesecake cafe but it was damn crowded.. Thus we went to a pub just next next to it to chill out... Tried Erdinger Yeast for the first time... And i must admit my taste buds really sucks.. All i can taste about beer is that it is bitter.. Hahaha.. One of my friends, Clement, is very poor thing cos he cant drink due to driving.. :p

Exchanged gifts with each other.. Some guys really have no creativity loh, can only buy BOOKS.. Buy cookbook somemore... luckily i was not the "lucky" one to get them.. I got a toothbrush holder and a HUGE mug from Clement.. really huge loh..

After twelve, Clement sent us home one by one.. so good hor.. hehehe.. Okie, that's all for now.. :p

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Saturday, December 30, 2006




Now i know...

Hmmmmmmmmmm....... finally understand why some ppl want to puke after drinking.. Not necessary due to being drunk... I almost puke last nite due to being too full cos i drink too many water in one shot... Going to the toilet doesnt help, not unless i stayed there for like a hour.. Hahaha :p

Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas GIfts

Sharing with you what I bought for Christmas for friends and myself...

First Round...

Second Round...

This soft toy is so big and huggable that i almost couldnt bear to give it away.. But keeping will means hiding it from mom so never mind lah :p

Wrapped gifts - wrapped till i sianz.. :p

I think i spent like $500 on all the gifts for other ppl.. I "reported work" to Orchard Road everyday after work and just shop shop shop.... Endless shopping.. Then imagine i have to carry everything and take the crowded bus.. Sibeh disgusting.. Can i convince myself not to do this again next year... very ma fan leh :p

Gifts i got... Just realised i got 3 hp holders... anyone wants to sponser me a new hp so that i can put inside the holder?

Then i also do some christmas shopping for moi myself.. Think i spent like $300 bah...

Things i got for myself..

Cute hippo-can record a msg one.. But dont know what to record :p

Pretty shoes

"Poi Poi" type of skirt... Dont know i will wear it or not.. heehee..

Pink and white tops

I love this red dress but think i probably only be able to wear it for Chinese New Year bah.. haha.. Bought a black belt to match it tooooo :p

Okie, that's all for Christmas.. :p

Monday, December 25, 2006

My 23th Birthday Pics

Okie, celebrated my 23th Birthday last month.. Getting older liao... Sob sob..

My colleagues planned a surprise party for me, though i kinda suspected it already cos i accidentally saw them writing the card for me in the morning.. Heehee~~ I actually changed 3 outfits that day..

My Birthday Cake.. Chocolatey nice!!!

Me holding my birthday present and card...


Making a wish...

A pics with the yandaos in my office.. only got 4 guys anyway, but the other two are overseas then..

My manager, Lisa and me..

Me wearing my birthday gift..

Tell you a funny thing.. Actually, i went shopping at Vivocity the day before my birthday with some of my colleagues.. Then I saw this dress at Series and went to try.. Quite nice so I wanted to buy.. When i went to try another top, my colleagues ba gak together with the sales ppl to lie to me that the dress is reserved by someone else and they dont have any stock at the moment.. I was a bit blur and feeling weird at that time.. But decided to just buy the dress the next day at the Citylink branch loh.. In the end, no need already as they had given it to me.. So sweet of them and so naive of me hor :p

Jingwen and me.. I am actually wearing my colleague's cheongsum as she had brought it for us to try..

Our group pic... (photoshopped by Jac)

Went down after work to Citylink to eat at New York New York with poly friends. They also helped me to celebrate by buying me chocolates for present and a cake..

Pic with my poly mates and my foo foo bear..

Normal pic.. :p

The bad thing about sitting under the light is that my face looked damn white loh...

Act cute in Kim Sam Soon style...

Group pic (without Cheng Ying)

Me with my main course..

I ordered their ribs.. but think i dont like.. I am not much of a ribs person...

My Birthday cake.. Fruit cake from Bengawan solo

Me with cake..

Old liao.. 23 liao.. Friends still help me to remind myself..

Me is tai tai in the making.. dont know how to cut cake one.. Must ask housewife Karen to do it liao.. :p

Eating cake...

Eating strawberries and cherry

Eating KIWIS~~

Take pictures...

In the end, i need to leave early.. Quite paiseh cos i was the one who suggested this meeting...

My gift...


Think my friends were a bit bored so they decorated the free candy floss..

That's all for my birthday.. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Giving presents

Why do people give presents? Because it is the season of giving? Because everyone else is doing it?

Giving presents should be because you really want to give something to bring a smile onto the receiver's face.. Even if the present is just a few bucks.. Everyone is happy to receive something as it show that they are not forgetten..

Imagine everyone except you, received a present.. Wont you feel lonely and sad and uncherished? So dont do that to someone you like... With that said, i must go and wrap my presents liao.. Stress stress stress..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas shopping

It was irritating for the weather to be raining these few days when one is rushing to complete her christmas shopping.. Is it me or the whole atmosphere? I totally have no inspiration on what to buy for the others.. Sianz..

Just yesterday, I was so blur.. Thought i saw 174 coming to the bus stop so i boarded it.. In the end, it was Bus 14 leh.. Ended up i have to alight at the stop at queensway shopping centre to change bus.. Think i am really living in some sort of a haze recently, dont know what i am doing.. Never mind, tomorrow going to go shopping again.. Must drop by Samuel and Kevin to buy something i like.. Hmmm..

Monday, December 18, 2006

Cut and cut...

If you have noticed from my recent pictures, I had actually really went to cut my hair short.. Most of my friends' inital thought when they saw me was, "why did you cut your hair short?"

Well, do you know that i used to have short hair all the while from primary school to secondary school? It was only in junior college when i decided to keep it longer. But during year 1 or 2, my track and field teacher advised us (some gals) to cut it short for the upcoming competition, so i did...

After i had cut it, i went to meet a guy i had a crush on for close to 5 years and his first response was "Why did you cut your hair?" From then on, i know he preferred girls with long hair and subconsiously i tried to maintain it..

But recently, i looked at myself in the mirror, looking like a total mess... And i decided I should just cut them away.. And decided that in the future, i should keep my hair long for myself, and not others.. Well, end of short story...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blur little old me..

I am so blur that sometimes...

i went into a room and forget why i was there for..

i ate my dinner halfway and forget all about it when i went to do something else..

i went out of the house and realise i forget to bring my keys or handphone or etc etc...

I must be getting old :p

Friday, December 15, 2006





多么可怕的习惯.. 多么沉重的包袱啊...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Holiday

Just came back from watching "The Holiday" at Vivocity..

Not sure whether it is the slow tempo or what, but i was totally not into the movie today.. Was yawning and yawning in the theatre..Maybe i was too tired.. Must say sorry to my friend for being a bad company :p

Anyway, i can totally relate to the character, Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz. I also pushed men away, totally unable to trust anyone.. Maybe i also need to just throw everything away, flew to some country and meet a total stranger.. That sounds good to me.. :p

First AGV Gathering on 23/11/06

We had our first AGV gathering last month on 23th Nov... Went to Balcony (again) for dinner... heehee...

Balcony Menu

Balcony balcony

Winnie the pooh, which we called Kim Foo, to represent our colleague who was overseas at the moment.. Almost all the gals got one of it.. so cute hor..

Zixiu and me with foo foo bear..


This time, i was smarter already as i ordered the chicken chop.. And recommend almost everyone to eat it tooooooo....

Chicken Chop

Fish and chips.. Ordered by some ppl who dont want chicken...

Group pic at Balcony, taken by Dave uncle

Group pic taken by Esther's boyfriend...
From Left-Right: Catherine, Helen, Terence, Florence, Lisa, Jingwen, me, Zixiu, Esther, Sopha, Spencer, Dave

Our AGV couple, Mr Spencer (jie jie) and Ms Sopha.. See how cute they are together :p

After chatting for a while, we decided to continue our outing by going to KBOX... Yeap.. I sang till i became crazy liao...

Zixiu with Spencer jie jie.. see how fickle he is..

Poor Sopha had to sing to release her sorrows..

And gain emotional support from Terence.. Terence looked shocked to be caught in the act wor.. heeheee..

Zixiu and me..

Zixiu and me, posing with the bottle of alcohol.. we siao liao..

Drink and drink...


Zixiu and Terence..

Zixiu and Esther

Zixiu and Florence..

You must be wondering why there are so many pics of Zixiu.. Reason is it was her camera who took all these pics.. hehehe... I also shun bian helped her to advertise herself.. Lalalala...

Last but not least, a group pic at KBox... Cheers..