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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The polyclinic

Finally drag my sorry ass to see a doc on Monday. Went to polyclinic and got an mc. I just realised i looked like a male.

Maybe I have become like that 乱马 in the cartoon, who turned into a female when he is drenched.. haha I turned into a male when i am sick.. lalala..

Still coughing and coughing everyday. It was not a surprise to me when my period chose to disturb me now.. My period always have that "趁你病,要你命” kind of policy.. haha.. I guess my sickness will only finally recovered next week.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Does being sick makes one feel more vulnerable? I turn into a child everytime i am sick.. Still running a fever the whole day and can only sleep and sleep. I think it is caused by the sore throat. Sobz...

忘了烦恼 忘了一切

飘扬大地 寻找快乐


Friday, June 23, 2006

sick sick sick

I had a major big headache today (due to stress?) and seemed to be running a fever too.. That cough went into fullblown as the day passed.. By 5.45pm, i am almost half dead. So i didnt work OT today even though i told my manager i will.. I just dont want to be so pitiful that i need to work when sick.

Mom was scolding that i should not have wash my hair since i am sick.. But i cant stand the sweat i had gotten due to eating panadol... Wont be seeing a doc cos no money and i think i just need rest lah.. Tomorrow still got MF session.. wonder i should cancel or not.. Maybe not... :p Time for bed...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 500th post

If i am not wrong, this is the 500th post i had... Yipee!!

Although i started this blog in Oct 2004, i only started blogging in Feb 2005.. During poly days, i can blog up to 3 posts everyday.. Although most are probably quizzes.. heehee... Yes, i will damn free then.. There were times when i will surf Internet and blog during lessons (not only me doing this hor) and do not care if the teachers caught me or not..

I wonder how long before i can achieve the 1000th post.. Think at least 2 years later... hahah.. Time to get to work.. Haiz...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Bintan trip

i am back from my one day business trip at the very ulu Bintan Industrial park... I must say that the panadol cold relief pill and lots of sleep on the ferry had made my nose feel better already... But my boss (manager) vomitted on the way over due to heavy rain making the waves very strong and the ferry rocky...

Ate some nice stuff today, as treated by the Operations Manager there. Got freshly steamed fish, prawns and chicken.. Yum yum.. too bad my hp low batt so no pics to show you all.. heeheee... He also bought us some local snacks, which we had to bring home and fry one.. Those prawn crackers and all loh.. I just passed everything to my dad and told him to deal with it.. I cannot eat mah.. Maybe only the prawn ones cos no one in my family can eat prawns without any problems except ME!!!

Back to suffering at work again... haiz...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I hate i hate i hate....

.. going to Bintan to work.. Cant speak their language, dont know what to do except listen to boss' speech.. Now, also sick till i sianz.. Nose dripping like mad..I want to go to Bintan resort for spa lah... sob sob sob...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ban Ban Ban

I am super dulan.... If i had waited for 2 weeks, just 14 days.. i only need to pay half the price i am paying now for my MF package.. Very very sianz... I had asked myself to stop being moody over it cos what's over is over mah... But my character just cant help it.

Anyway, i am going to ban myself from going out for the rest of the month cos i am really at my wit's end... Sianz sianz sianz.. eating apples and more apples.. Someone buy me food..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

MF session 2 & Cars movie

Yesterday was a very packed day for me as I had planned to work OT for 4 hours (no money liao so must get from all means), go bank before 1pm to verify thumbprint (yes, i used thumbprint one cos i can never sign the same signature) for giro form to pay back cpf eduction loan, go MF for 2nd session at 1.30pm and then meet my friend at 3.30pm for lunch and window shopping.

Wanted to reach BB plant at 7.30am but the rain caused me to arrive at 8.01am.. Worked and worked till 12pm.. Time passed really fast on saturday, why cant it be the same for normal weekdays? Rushed to the bank and was relieved to see that the queue is not very long. Took me just 30mins to get things done there. After that, I received sms from my friend that our meeting is cancelled as she needed to go down to the restaurant earlier and was on the way there already. Suddenly, I got only the MF session left. Haha.. little miss here not was not happy that i had nothing to do in the afternoon and decided to watch a movie at Jurong Point after the session.

I reached Jurong Point at 1pm and decided to walk around for 30mins. Went to MF at 1.30pm and this time, they did not pass me the slip. Good, at least they noticed their error from the last time. While i was waiting for the staff to bring me in for the session, one of the consultant asked me to see her after my session. I felt like a little girl being asked to go to the Principal's office; I was so nervous. Haha.. I need to improve on my composure; i cant afford to be so easily scared if i want to make a living in the outside world.

I was served by a lady called Suzan yesterday (the lady in the first session was YY, i think). I had to do the cold treatment first in the small changing room due to the lack of treatment rooms (Saturdays are too packed.. hmphz). This time round, there is no cling wrap like last time so the cold bandages actually were on my body directly, making it colder than before. Also, my whole arms were also covered this time. I looked like a half-mummifiedbody and felt like a drug addict trying to kick the habit. It really feel like those "cold turkey" thingy (or whatever you called them), where the person will tremble with teeth chattering (you get the picture).. Even the hand paraffin treatment (finally know what it is called) does not help much. I drank the whole cup of warm tea and wished they had hotter ones.. Time flew by like years...

Only got the pics of the small changing to share..

Cabinet to store your stuff, to place the cup of tea/water.. and dustbin to throw rubbish :p

The seat where you sit to wait for the person to come back and save you from the coldness.. Alternately, the place to wait when it is not your time to do the treatment.

After that, it was the massage treatment.. I love Suzan's hands.. She really worked at the knots in my shoulders, which was damn aching.. And a lot and a lot of time was spent on my tummy, which is good cos that is my main source of problem (fats).

Last one is the heater (one of these days, i must see what the machine is called) to get rid of the water. I got the feeling that she forgotten about me and i was heated for more than 20mins. Cos by the time someone came to get me, i was in sweat throughout, unlike last time. I was perpirsing so much that the lady (i think suzan was having her break) commented that i looked like i had secretly urinated. I was worried that i really did that cos i had the urge to go toilet but have controlled it. Luckily, the answer is no.. I still got control.. heehee.. But this means i really lose a lot of water (or whatever it is). My thighs were a little red though but it was not painful and recovered a few mins later. I wiped myself with the warm towel, changed and went outside. It was already almost 3 hours since i stepped in as compared to 1.5 hours i spent previously. How come? But I dont mind the longer hours if it is more effective.. So far, my tummy seemed to be very very very very very stubborn leh.. Hmphz..

I met the consultant, Jolin, who informed me that she will be taking over my case as my previous consultant, Iris was transferred to Tampines outlet. How come like that one? No one informed me about this loh.. Minus marks for the service of consultants again. Really loh, if you are in the line of service, you really need to make customers feel welcome and cherished. I feel like unwanted child or something. Even insurance company will send a letter to clients to inform the change of the agents when the previous one resigned (My brother got one years ago from Prudential :p). This is very bad for new customers as this will form the impression of your centres on them. I really hope that they will take note of this problem. Hmphz...

Didnt get to see the nutritionist as there are ppl queuing up to see her, thus i just passed my weekly food chart to Jolin and left. Checking the time, i realised i am still in time for the movie, "Cars" at 1610 so i quickly buy the movie tix. Before i went in, i went down to B1 Liberty Market to buy a bottle of water (so funny that i drink back more water when i just lost some) as i was really really thirsty. Of cos i am very ladylike when i drink and didnt gobble the water. I actually didnt have my lunch yet, as i didnt expect the session to be so long. In the end, i only ate 4 biscuits that were in my bag during the movie and drink the whole bottle of water in the 2hours movie. I got a great deal for the seat as it was right smack in the middle, with no one besides me. I think someone may have cancelled at the last min or something. So happy to be sitting around and all the kids were quite well-behaved and did cry/kick my seat/scream. Big applause to all the parents in the theatre.. You have done a great job in bringing up your kids.

I love watching "Cars". I had been waiting for it ever since i saw the ads way back during "The incredibles". I think it is really good, better than the previous works. Of course, it being the last work between Disney and Pixar is also part of the reason i am so passionate about it. I had a great laugh too, at all those funny scenes..

Actually, if you think about it, "Cars" is just a story of the real life. Replace the car characters with real people and you will see people who are so obsessed with fame and themselves that they forget to enjoy life itself. I guess the advice from the movie is to take life slow and learn to cherish the things around you. Everything is just a process, it is the experience that makes the difference.

So if you have time, go catch the movie (once, twice, lots of times) and enjoy it. Stay after the credits as there is a really nice song being played called, "Find yourself" by Brad Paisley (you can listen to a demo at the website). Plus there is a short last scene at the back. Enjoy!!!

Lightning McQueen


Friday, June 16, 2006

Bo Liao Pics

Days when I am just too lazy to blog, i like to take "bo liao" pics of myself and posted them online..

My face looked so big here.. -_-""


Do I look more youthful with short hair or does my face looks fatter?

And no, i did not cut my hair.. It's just a trick i played on your eyes :p

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Marie France Bodyline

I went for my first session on Tuesday. Went in earlier than appointed time at 7pm. After that, I waited 1 hour for nothing. Why? Cos i blur blur took the treatment slip with me instead of leaving it on the counter. Thus the staff inside was not aware that i am waiting and I was the last client to leave at the end.

This makes me damn pissed off with the counter staff. Instead of passing me the paper, she should have just placed it at the side. You put in front of me and I will definitely take it with me mah. And dont they find it weird when they see me sitting there and waiting? I think they only have money signs in their eyes and all they cared are to earn more commission. Since i cant help them with that (my consultant was not around that day), they wont care about me. I will say that the treatments and machines at Marie France Bodyline may be of the first class but the counter service is really of the worst class.

Okay, back to the details of session. I was led to a room to change into a robe, paper underwear and slippers. A gal who came in with me at the same time stared at me hostilely, almost like she is questioning why i am even seeking treatments. I must admit i do not look like someone who needed this but then i am also not pencil thin ah.. Why so angry at me...

The first part of the treatment was a 15-mins massage on my problem areas (tummy and thighs). The lady also helped me to massage my neck and shoulders. I must admit it feel weird to be half naked in a room with another person, somemore having the person massaging your body. But I guess i will get used to it.

Then it was time to go to the "heater", to get rid of excess water. Before that, the lady spread some jam-like paste onto my arms, tummy and thighs and then wrapped these areas tightly with cling wrap (you know those that people used to wrap around their items during moving house, definitely not those for food). After that, i was led to the next room, where i laid on the bed and got "heated" up for 20 mins. It was so soothing that i almost fell asleep right there and then.

After "heating", it is time for "cooling" for 25 mins. The cling wrap was removed and my body was wiped of the paste. Then it was wrapped again with cling wrap before covering with cold towels / bandages that are soaked with a chemical. The chemical helps to get rid of cellulite and toxics. I was freezing and shivering when all the bandages were wrapped around my body. They helped me to do a wax treatment on my hands to keep it soft and warm (which i really needed it then cos my whole body is shaking).

After that, I went back to the initial room where I change and kept my clothes to wait for the lady to come and help me to remove the bandages. My body generally got used to the coldness and I was able to spend the rest of the time reading magazine (a bit difficult at first due to the wax but I can remove it after 5 mins). When the 25 mins were up, a lady came to help me remove the bandages and cling wrap. I was given a bracket of water to clean myself before getting changed to go home.

After the session, I felt that i had just went through a spa. It was soooooooooooooo relaxing. I had the best sleep that night. Next session is on Saturday :p

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ms Clarity Cafe

I went for software training at Suntec today.. Made me soooooooo sleepy...

What i had been staring at for the whole day

My lunch..

Tea break

After reading this and this months ago, I had wanted to go and have a try at the food at Miss Clarity Cafe. But all the time it was either the timing was wrong or i cant find anyone to accompany me.. But i finally managed to go there today with my "granddaughter", Karen.. Heehee..

Quite surprised that they actually gave us a flask of water when we asked for iced water. I guess it is to reduce the needs to serve the customers for too many times as there are only a few staff. The food are delicious ~~ Should not say more and will just let the pics do the talking...

A flask of water.. Can drink till vomit..

Barley that came with the set meal..

Karen's starter - Cabbage soup

My starter - Salad

Karen's main course - Chicken Cordon Bleu

My main course - Lamb chop

Karen's dessert - Mango sorbet (dessert of the day)

I ordered the bread and butter pudding with ice-cream but the staff accidentally gave me the next table's dessert, Mud Ooze.. The mistake was only realised when the original dessert was ready.. But by then, i was halfway through the Mud Ooze liao.. No wonder i feel that the dish looked weird, like no bread.. haha.. But it was a wonderful mistake cos the mud ooze is just soooooooooooo chocolatey.. very well-suited for me!!

The wrong dessert - Mud Ooze

Finished it all...

In case you are wondering hor, i am resting my diet just for one day.. haha..


I dropped by at Bugis OG yesterday and i must say i really enjoyed shopping there. Some of the brands' designs are quite "auntie-like" but there are also some that are suitable for young adults like me.. haha.. Saw two dresses that i like but i took the wrong size to try (I cannot fit into M liao.. sob sob).. Never mind, it lower the temptation of me spending too much money..

There was a salesperson selling "Super B Wok" at OG and he used the woks to make cakes for us to see.. No oil, no water... The cakes are delicious and i am really amazed at how he did it.. But no money to buy his things loh.. but if you got money, you go OG level 3 this weekend.. See whether he will be there or not.. hahha

Bought this hello panda from OG cos i never saw this at NTUC (maybe i never go there for too long).. heehee.. but must control intake.. Maybe eat half today, then give the rest to Mom.. :p

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Prawn Fishing

Went back to office to do OT for 5 hours.. Jane asked me whether I wanted to try prawn fishing so I went to join them at 3plus. The prawn fishing farm is next to Crocodile Farm. It was the first time the three of us (Jane, Jane's sister[janet] and me) trying our hands at fishing.. The other ppl in the group had came many times already.. The three of us actually shared one rod and took turns to fish..

Janet fishing...

Jane taking pic..

There are alot of ppl there, trying to fish prawns..

A couple searching for prawns..

So tired that i used the stand (Is that what it is called?) to rest my rod.. haha

Saw this cute boy boy..

Swinging the rod to a good position..

First prawn

After 30mins, we finally caught one prawn by luck.. Asked someone in the group (i dont know their names cos wasnt intro to each other.. haha) what to do and he showed us how to remove the anterior legs.. Jane and Janet are so funny.. They can catch but they dont dare to remove the legs so I had to do it.. haha.. In the end, the three of us only caught 4 prawns but at least we reached our goal, at least one prawn each..

our 4 prawns are inside.. yipee.. The rest all caught by those skillful ppl.. Haiz.. But never mind, i help them eat too.. heehee..

The one and only prawn i caught


It is a female..

I am very suaku because I never saw female prawns before.. So when we caught those with roe, then i know it is female.. haha.. Although i only caught one female, I want to think that I am actually eating the mum of alot of elite prawns.. Cos this female prawn had one blue anterior leg.. And earlier on, an uncle caught a really really big prawn, whose anterior legs are blue.. haha.. Okie, i got a very good imagination :p

Anyway, I learn a lot from this trip.. Patience is one of them.. Cos there are alot of times when the prawns are eating the baits and i will try to pull them up.. Usually, this will results in the prawns swimming away.. Can anyone tell me how to place the bait correctly? I feel that i didnt place it very securely so the prawns actually can eat my baits away easily.

There is also once when the prawn is firmly on the hook but it was too heavy for me to pull it up. In the end, the hook was lost.. haiz...So how to catch such tricky prawns ah? They are damn smart.. haha.. It was quite fun lah, plus there are free bbq pits for us to use.. We bought food to bbq to eat too.. The charges for fishing are 1 hour - $18, 3 hours - $25.

After fishing, I hitched a ride from Jane in her new car.. Wah sey, ppl got car liao... haha.. We went to Jurong Point to shop.. On the way to the shops, we saw this car...

"I heart Joe"

Dont know who is the person who wrote the words.. Maybe the owner, his other half, a stranger?

But hor, can the owner of SFQ1845L, pls go and wash his car!!! Damn dirty loh..

Btw, i looked old mah? The new hr asst said i looked like 30 years old, when i am younger than her loh.. "" -_- I want to faint liao.. Oh, i saw a nice bikini in the colours of Brazil at Jurong Point.. Haiz.. too bad cant wear.. Lalala...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Shopping is one of Women's Loves..

Most guys wondered why gals like to shop so much for what.. Like why we need to buy dozens and dozens of shoes when we only have a pair of feet..

Besides the fact that shoes tend to spoil if we wear it too often, I guess what i can say is that shopping is just another way for us to bond with one another.. Times when two strangers meet and have nothing to say, men will tend to go to politics and sports while women will turn the topics to shopping... what they had bought recently.. what they intend to buy soon.. These are the "safe" topics, where you wont provoke someone else who you dont really know..

Another reason is we love pretty things.. we got attracted to them and want to own them.. How many times had you buy something you like but didnt really use them? I did.. so i may call myself the "implusive buyer".. i buy for the thrills of shopping :p

Last reason i can think of is we want ourselves to look attractive.. And how can you do that if you dont buy dozens and dozens of artifical works to put on your face and buy pretty clothes to show off your figure (or hide it)? Nobody can be perfect, at least not without some help. Ever heard of the saying, "世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人”...

So be more understanding next time your wife/girlfriend/daughter shopped.. We had valid reasons, especially during GSS period where we have temptations screaming at us all over the places (All those 50%, 80% off).. :p And the reason for this post is because I really spent alot this two months..

Here's the stash of goodies i got via online auctions...

The bags

A pendent

Vcds / Dvds

VS clothes

Bought from sassyjan(Janise)

A short skirt that i got before i fell and hurt my legs...

All this is the cost of a two-ways ticket to Hong Kong loh.. Before i forget, my K laopa and laoma are going to HK tomorrow... Have a nice trip and remember to buy me a gift hor... Muacks :p

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My cat cushion

My colleague gave me this.

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Thanks dear.. Muacks..

I think she will kill me for posting this ugly but comical pic of her.. Heehee

Okie, here's a better one.. heehee :p

Damn Stupid Work

I need to crap about work again.. Really cant stand it...

As I mentioned before, i got a new supervisor. This supervisor really makes me want to give her 2 -3 tight slaps. She is generally a okay person, except that I cant stand her pushing all her work to other ppl (meaning me and the intern). Fuck loh.. get paid for doing nothing ah?

Another thing she like to do is to cover her tracks... Like she push the work to us, then she will purposely send an email, cc to our big boss, pretending she did her work.. Ask me do things and always repeat twice because she forgotten she had told me.. Then she asked me to cc my work to her even though it is unrelated as I am dealing more with matters of the other company, then complained that got alot of unrelated stuff. Then why ask me to do it in the first place?

Okie, never mind, i bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr with it. Then today, she asked the intern and me to go to the storeroom to take out all the training files. Do halfway, she complained that she got rashes and left.. *SLAP SLAP SLAP*.. After we two finished taking out the files and putting them in the cupboards, she went to clear her cabinets and also expected us to help her put them into the cupboards.. WTF.. I got 3 cartons underneath my table.. If i got time, i will rather clear my own stuff loh.. I really want to scream "I am NOT YOUR SERVANT!!!" Even her own application form, she need ppl to help to give to the big boss.. She dont have legs ah.. Even the intern is getting fed up with her.

And my manager told her that i will be busy this week already and she still gave me stupid things to do.. Ask me present entertainment company info in meeting... Wau lao, the meeting will waste 3 hrs of my time loh.. Then i had to stay back to do my work liao..

I had been staying back till 9 plus this two days as my manager is very gancheong about the coming audit. If it was the old office, I wont have mind but the new place is really damn ulu. Took the shuttle bus today as I was the only one left and there is no one to share a cab with me.

The bus took 25 mins to reach Boon Lay Interchange.. I think it had travelled the whole of Jurong.. But that is not the worst thing.. The worst thing is that I was the only female in the entire bus.. Imagine that.. Wau lao.. A fully packed bus with only one female aboard.. First time I ever experience this. Are all the females damn rich and can spare the cab fees?

Btw, do you know that there is a chocolate factory in Jurong? Everytime the factory started burning the chocolate, there will be a strong chocolate smell in the air.. I LOVE smelling that... Cant eat but at least can smell mah..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's up with 060606?

What is the big fuss about 06/06/06? I heard it is the Devil day; that's why "The Omen" is showing today. But why does the Chinese see it as a auspicious day instead, wanting to get married today...

Humans are such weird creatures that I cant understand more and more...

Sunday, June 04, 2006








笨笨的我不知道只有一楼有借书的机器,找了又找。。 结果没心情借书了。 哈哈。。。