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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ms Universe + Updates

Alright, the winner is Ms Canada.. Loved her dark brown tresses... nice...

But personally, i like Ms PR (Pureto Rico) more.. More exotic look ( i was actually going to use erotic.. but my brother said it's the wrong meaning.. but then she really turn me on mah.. ya, i'm a bit of a les sometimes). She is the first runner by the way and her hair is awesome too..

My brother just came back from Bangkok on Monday, and i said he should have stayed for 2 more days.. wahaha... his hotel is quite near the event place... My brother was looking at the swimsuit parade and he concluded that the swimwear sucked, being white and all.. Not sure it is a bikini or underwear.. hahaha.. ok... the view from men.. only managed to see the swimwear part.. The swimwear is sponsored by BC* Swimwear (the * is because i scared i will get sued and mainly because i forgot the name already.. wahaha..)

Anyway, i noticed that in the top 10 finalists, there are 4 holding on to a degree, and most of the rest are still schooling... Hmm... See, they also got brains besides beauty... So stop saying that they are bimbos and all. I bet your eyes are glued to the tv when you are complaining..


I was bored and went to the Singapore.craigslist and saw this

any woman want to become an American citizen

24yo white male extremely large penis willing to help. let me know

Ok.. this is funny.. what's up with the penis anyway... Question mark, question mark, question mark...

Joycelyn is more or less back to blogging... She said she is a bit tired and may just stop... Not sure what is bothering her.. She must be facing a lot of stress.. Not having a job sucks.. Anyone got any lobang.. 2 cute gals looking for a job, decent ones pls.. (who is the other cute gal? ME LAH!! What was you thinking?)

Watching the "Made in Singapore" now... showing that Singaporeans really love to eat a lot.. so much so that one will miss the food more than their families when they went aboard to study or so... I agree totally.. especially since i just read about the Food Expo 2005 and Big Fuck's post on his craving last week... Ya, pretty pathetic hor.. we are so controlled by our stomachs.. sob sob.. and we just ended up getting fatter and fatter.. sad...

Game for the day: Environment-Friendly Mahjong
This is actually a simpler version of the REAL mahjong.. You just need to get 3 sets of the same designs.. Dont ask me how to get higher scores.. i dont know.. play for fun when you have no mahjong kaki and Yahoo!Mahjong get too slow..

Monday, May 30, 2005

Money-minded Boy Boy

I encountered this little boy at work one day. He kept asking me for money.

Even when I asked him why he wanted the money, he will still go on saying,” Give me money” in mandarin.

I immediately replied,” Oh my god, do I have an ATM face? Why must I give you money? So young already so corrupted. Go away” and then slapped the child…

The above paragraph is just a facet of my imagination. I actually only asked the boy to go ask his mom for the money. If you noticed, the boy's eyes are actually crossed. Think it is due to his mom. His mom, I think, is those people who either had one of their eyes blind or something, resulting in the eyes looking cross-eyed. This makes it so hard for me because I don’t know which eye to focus on… What a weird day…


To all retail people, have you ever experienced the customers throwing the money in front of you, instead of passing it nicely to you?

Well, I had some customers doing that to me.. Sometimes, i was busy packing the items into the bags, thus the customers placed the money on the counter.. i can understand this situation.. But sometime, when my hands are both nicely stretched out in front of the customer, waiting to collect the money and the customer still can throw it on the counter, i can feel my facial expression changing..

And i noticed that the ones who did this are usually the ones who only paid at most 20 bucks or less... Some people were even just paying 2 Bucks and still can act so jialat... Really Ta Ma De..

On a good day, i can still forgive the stupid fellow and remain my cheerful self... But on a bad day, all i want to do is to "KNN, Bastard, Go to hell" the person and throw my fist in his face or kick his ass.. (unless he is handsome, then can considered forgiving him)..

Wau lau, i am not a beggar loh, you really dont need to act so superior.. I am just a retail assistant (part time somemore) and you are just buying something you want to buy.. I did not force you to buy... If you dont want to pay, just DONT BUY!

To all snobs out there: Please learnt that there is something called "BEING HUMBLE", which obviously does not run in your family since your parents obviously DID NOT teach you that...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The RIGHT Parenting Style

I was walking to work one day and i saw this father and son.

The little boy is shouting and crying for his dad to carry him. However the father reprimand him and scolded him, saying that he will not carry him and he should walk on his own.

Finally, the father lowered his tone and spoke more gently, saying that the son cannot expected to be carried all the time.. He said he will only carry him when they are crossing the road. And the little boy stopped crying then, only hiccup a bit due to the crying. The boy looked so "ke lian" but still very adorable...

When they reached the road, which had lots of traffic, the father indeed carried his son...

You may find it weird why i will mention this small thing. Although small, but it represent a good example of how a parent should teach their children. As more and more couples married late, they tend to have only one child. Thus when the child screamed for attention, they will attend to him/her immediately, resulting in a formation of a spoilt brat in the future. However, the father above did not do that. Although he was a bit harsh on the child at the beginning, he was quite gentle after that (maybe because he realised that he was too tough? After all the boy is still so young). I really need to applause his good parenting. Never pamper a child too much, unless you want him/her to be useless when they grow up.

P.S. I only took pics of their backs because i am not in a good position (walking behind them) and i also dont dare to.. haha :p

Today's game (courtesy of Chris, the lame guy): How long can you hold it? HoldTheButton.com
Remember, play it only when really, really, really bored... cos it's lame...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Are you lonely? Find a dog..

After reading what my friend, Ronald, had written in his post about older woman and younger men, I was pretty pissed off at what he said about Paula Abdul... So i left a "hot" comment:

"Hey.. i dont agree with ur comment on Paula.. Come on, cant a woman get some companionship to chase away loneliness.. Ya, maybe she shouldn't mix it with work.. but let me tell u YOU dont understand it cos YOU are a man.. u dont know what we women are feeling.. sorry for sounding rude, but i just want to get my pt across.. "

To which he replied:

"Jaschocolate.. i might not understand woman but maybe u r right.. she might need companionship.. But she DID chose the WRONG guy.. "

Thankfully, he was cool with what i said and thus our friendship still exists.. Yeah, this i had to agree.. she had chosen the wrong guy.. but she was not wrong to seek company... Frankly, all of us want someone to company us...Especially women like Paula, who is divorced, with kids and had more stress than others...I will bet she need more love and concern.. Just that she met the wrong guy...

I dont intend for this post to bitch about men, but really, men in general suck.. Men dont understand us women... No, not even using this as a guide works because it does not apply to all of us.. Most of us just want you to talk to us.. get it.. T..A..L..K.., "talk".. really talk and not keep it inside you.. Of course that apply to women too..

We want you to be there for us in times where we know we will also be there for you.. You men only said that "women's hearts are like the needles in the sea, hard to understand", but i will said that it is men's hearts who are the stones in the sea, making us drowned when we want so much to catch it...

With that in mind, my advice to all the women out there... "If you are lonely, find a dog.. at least it stays with you"..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Photo courtesy of Cesar.com

Plastic... Will you do it?

I saw on tv about the news that 3 in 10 ( cant remember the figure.. think is this) Korean Uni students went for plastic surgery.. OMG.. then i asked myself whether i will do this too.. and my answer is: " If i am in a country where plastic surgery is considered common in the culture, plus it is cheap and easily available, then YES, i will do it.."

Not that i am not happy with what i had (who am i kidding, of cos i am not happy), but when you compared to other people, you will always want to be them.. to be better.. and that sucks... low esteem surfaced... But frankly, even if you ask what i want to change, i wont know... so what about you? Will you do it? Why do you want to do it? Can let me know.. me kaypoh..

Think we people are pathetic.. cos we lived by others' expectations so much that we are willing to change ourselves.. Why? Is other people so much more important than you and your family? I bet if you tell you mother, you want to do plastic surgery, she will want to give you a tight slap (at least i think my mom will do that.. or she will scold me for being crazy).

Why cant we just be more confident of ourselves and be happy with what we have...We know it is not possible but we kept on deceiving ourselves... As Aimee had said before,

"..all this wanting the opposite of what we were granted is spurred on by that vicious little beast Human Nature. It can be an odd little entity, that whole Human Nature thing, makes us do crazy things. But alas, it's just another one of those strange little intricacies that makes life keep moving."

Alright then.. no complaints.. needed it to keep life going.. But i still think all we need is a little bit of confidence in ourselves (which i am still trying to find)... And i super want to copy the Black beer advertisement slogan, "Why change yourself to suit the environment, when you can change the environment to suit yourself"... Yea, that's what i will do..

Painful act~~

I was watching "I Guess*3" and just saw that there is this superstition thing in Ping Tung(Taiwan).. where the people will go to this temple to get their bums smacked to change their luck.. Ouch~~

I think it is painful, even the guy in the video seemed tortured... Alas, the things people do for superstition.. If anyone actually went to do this before or in the future, do let me know whether it is as painful as it looked, whether it is actually the same as those Bao gong shows, where the suspects got smacked for punishments... If it is, maybe i will go try... Errr.. maybe only... After all, it is in Taiwan, miles and miles away from me...

Coincidentally, I just finished the story, "I Believe You".. Its author, Low Kay Hwa, is a fan of Jacky Wu(host of I Guess*3) so much that the male character is named after him(Yucks.. sorry.. cant help it..reading the name makes me laughed throughout the touching story). No game tonight cos i was busy finishing the story.. shoo.. go read it too.. dont play so much game..

By the way, i got one problem.. How do you pronounce "Kylie".. I always pronounced as "Kind lee", but the gal in "I Guess*3"pronouced it as "Care lee".. Guess i'm wrong but i still hope i'm right.. Damn..

P.S. I adopted a pet online in case no one noticed.. named it "cocoa" for obvious reasons.. Pls played with it to keep it occupied.. i am a bad owner..

Friday, May 27, 2005

Val Helsing...

Just finished watching Val Helsing movie on DVD.. (ya.. i'm slow..). My eyes are more on the Friar Carl than Val Helsing himself.. Carl is played by Australian actor, David Wenham, who had also starred as Faramir in LOTR 2.

My brother was saying that the scene in the church is a bit like James Bond, where Val Helsing collected his secret weapons.. I like the funny conversations between Val and father and Carl.. The rest.. suck though.. i can also guess where the lead characters will want to kiss and etc etc.. Love the excitement of the movie though.. Guess it is a movie best to be watched by a couple, where both can snuggled up with each other while enjoying the movie...

Oh yeah, by the way, this DVD was rented online through Hollywood Clicks.. Cool.. There are tons of DVDS available and i'm going to go and rent Finding Neverland now.. WoOhoO!!

Solution to Grow

Thanks to the Bastard, the Grow game is solved... Nah.. Here's the perfect score..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not sure to be happy or not...I can only say that either he is a genius in games or he obviously spent a lot of time on it... I am going to do a bad thing here.. telling you the solution on the post... Bad right? Maybe i better not do it.. haha.. Kidding.. here's the sequence from the Bastard:

1. Orange Ball. 2. Cube 3. Ladder 4. Egg 5. Mountain 6. Pipe 7. Propeller 8. Hurricane 9. Gear on the left 10. Plate 11. Gear on the right 12. TV

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Keys to my Heart

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.
In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.
You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.
Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.
In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

Everyone still to be doing this quiz so i also did it.. Think it is quite accurate for most sections..

The Blinds have HOPE~~

I saw this news yesterday, on how local singaporean eyes doctors had managed to find a new way for the blind to restore their sight.. What a good new!!!

The new method is by using the patient's tooth, drilled a hole in the middle, put the cornea in the hole, wait for it to set (or something..), then put into the patient's eye place(or whatever you call it) through operation.. Then TADA~~~ The patient can see already...

So far, there are 12 patients who had successfully used this method to see the light again (i wonder whether there are unsuccessful cases.. not mentioned in the news.. wahaha :p)

Happen to find an article on it.. Read it for clearer info (i know my interpretation skill is lousy)

I want.. I want....

Thanks to Suspicious Bastard, I then know that this is a wishlist in other ppl's mind... Actually, i didnt really thought of it as a wishlist.. I was merely trying to pass info to others in a different way.. Alas, ppl thought it was a wishlist.. and i cannot do anything about it... Alright, even if it is a wishlist, only the top 4 will be attainable... Sighz.. life can be so unfair... Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I want to read FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON!!! SOS mentioned this book in their show and tempt me.. Yes, i want to read this book.. i went as far as to go and search for it on Amazon (Thanks God for Amazon) when i only know the chinese name (SOS are taiwanese ppl, you know.. English is hard for them.. think about Wu Zhongxian's English and you will know)

I want to buy BAGS!!! Bags from Baggers Paradise... They are sooo cute.. Pity the few designs that caught my eyes are out of stock.. Sighz... Limited money plus limited stock equals unhappy shopping...

I want more CHOCOLATES!!! Believe it or not, i had finished my stash of chocolates by eating 2 twirl and 4 Kit Kat (4 pieces type) today.. Scary.. no wonder my tummy is getting bigger.. But i still want to eat lah.. I still got one chocolate left.. it is the mini version of Kinder Bueno, called Kinder chocolates.. Bought for fun, cos it is so small and cute.. think i will eat it on another day...

I want to post many POSTS!!! But thus, no time plus lazy, means readers must wait long long.. haha.. :p

I want a MAN!!! Makes that a hot, rich, caring, sensitive, humorous, etc etc kind of man.. I am feeling lonely mah.. haha.. :p So where is that person? Sighz..

I want to kill all RAPISTS!!! Of all the crimes, the most unforgivable one is rape.. Because the victim will suffer not only physically, but also mentally.. CrimeWatch just showed a guy who was jailed for raping 2 women (one nurse, one air stewardness) for 26 years.. Bloody asshole.. ONLY 26 YEARS... I wish they will let us know when do they let such bastards out of jail so that we can be prepared.. I dont believe they can turn over a new leaf.. Other crimes may be possible but not rape (ya.. i am prejudiced)

I want to buy this WASHING MACHINE!!! I saw it on the news tonight.. it is designed by Servicio Estacion (Barcelona, Spain) and the name is "Te Toca". What is so special about this, you will ask... It is a washing machine that forces people to alternate its use... Meaning the same person will not need to do laundry. It is achieved by using a fingerprint sensor to determine who did the washing previously.. thus that person cannot do washing for the next round as the machine will not let him her do it again...The women no longer need to be the only ones to do housechores... Kindly note that this is only good for family.. if you lived alone, dont waste the money...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Game for the day: Hamburger game

For those who dont know how to read chinese (ya... it's you, chris), the way the game is played is to fulfill the customers' orders. You do that by using the left/right keys to choose the items, then press the Space key to place the item you choose onto the tray.. After you had assemble the correct combination, press Enter to give to customer.. Note: if you choose the wrong item during assembling, the customer will then screams and runs away... (Kidding lah.. the customer will changed to next one... :p)

Categorization Of Farters

I saw this post from Joycelyn's friend, Angeline's blog.. Cant help myself and went to steal it..(NO..NO.. Dont put me in prison...). I think that it's quite related to my earlier post. Enjoy reading.. :p

Categorization Of Farters

The Vain Person:One who loves the smell of his own farts.

The Amiable Person:One who loves the smell of other peoples farts.

The Proud Person:One who thinks his farts are exceptionally fine.

The Shy Person:One who releases silent farts and then blushes.

The Impudent Person:One who farts loudly and then laughs.

The Scientific Person:One who farts regularly but is truly concerned about air pollution.

The Unfortunate Person:One who tries awfully hard to fart but shits instead.

The Nervous Person:One who stops in the middle of a fart.

The Dishonest Person:One who farts and then blames the dog.

The Foolish Person:One who suppresses a fart for hours and hours.

The Thrifty Person:One who always has several farts in reserve.

The Antisocial Person:One who excuses himself and farts in complete privacy.

The Strategic Person:One who conceals his farts with loud laughter.

The Sadistic Person:One who farts in bed and then fluffs the bedcovers over his bed mate's head.

The Intellectual Person:One who determines from the smell of his neighbor's fart as precisely the latest food item he consumed.

The Athletic Person:One who farts at the slightest exertion.

The Miserable Person:One who would truly love to, but can't fart at all.

The Sensitive Person:One who farts and then bursts into tears.

For more info on farting, here a link.

"A Belch is but a gust of wind
That cometh from the Heart
But should it take a downward trend
Turneth into a Fart"

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Last week's Stress Out on the tv tells us about Irritable Bowel Syndrome... which i seem to be moving toward...

How do you know whether you have it too? Check out the below symptoms:

1. Crampy abdominal pain with painful constipation or diarrhoea, associated with a sense of incomplete evacuation?

2. Small, hard and pebble-like stools and painful bowel movements?

3. Frequent and watery diarrhoea?

4. Abdominal distention, belching or a sensation of bloating?

Basically it is asking whether you tend to run to the toilet a lot, have a lot of gas, no weight loss, not 35 years old yet and do not have blood in your stools. If these symptoms are familiar, then it is possible that you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

So WHAT is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

When one is under stress, the nervous system may increase the contractivity of the intestines. This increased sensitivity and irritability of the intestines results in irregular bowel movement and abdominal discomfort.

What causes sensitivity?

Some food may aggravate the situation, leading to increased flatulence. Food to avoid include onions, garlic and certain leafy vegetables.

Stress is a contributing factor to this syndrome.

What causes a smelly fart?

It's the sulfides and mercaptans produced during digestion that cause it. A diet rich in sulphur, like cauliflower and eggs are sure ways to create stinkers.

Some excerise you can do for your body

-Lie flat with knees bent
-Massage lower abdomen in clockwise circular motion around navel
-Breathe deeply while doing massage

For heart
-Place left hand over heart
-Tilt knees to the right and exhale while making a "Haw" sound
-Breathe deeply to do the "Haw" sound

For Kidney
-Bend forward so that hands can grasp the knees
-Breathe deeply and exhale as if blowing out a candle

I had try my best to convey the message from the programme in fullness. If i'm wrong in any way, i apolognize.. The best is to see a doctor if you have such problem to determine whether you have the syndrome.

Check out tonight's last episode of Stress Out on Ch5 at 7.30pm, which will touched on backaches...

P.S. I will be updating tonight's episode this few days so if you didnt get to watch it, you can read my blog..


Sob sob.. i am so touched.. Mr Machine actually said i write interesting stuff... Waaa... so touching... Thus i had decided to dedicate this post to him and him only... You heard that, Mr Machine... This one is for you...

Mr Machine a is very very handsome guy, who is happily married to a beautiful woman (what a pity for us desperate females out there..) and had a super cute son called Machine Boy...
Here his pic (the pic of the baby, i mean.. ya, i stole it from Mr Machine's blog cause he is soooo cute... )

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Alright, back to Mr Machine (he is the real subject, you know.. though u may want to continue to drool over his son)... From the son, you can know how good-looking the parents are..( You dont believe, then check out Xiaxue and Kenny's children... then you will know..). Thus to conclude, Mr Machine is HANDSOME~~

Ok, i'm repeating myself.. cannot do that... it will makes this post boring instead what i usually write (Hey, Mr Machine said my stuff is interesting hor..)

*Jasmine try hard to squeeze interesting stuff out... *

Alright, besides being a yandao, he also had substance.. He has his own online book... oh man, a writer.. i always admire writers as i believe their brains must be very good.. How else can they come up with so many different plots.. By the way, Mr Machine was tomorrowed twice.. Not by luck okay.. This is talent.. haha.. His readers include the likes of Mr Brown himself..

So dont say i didnt warn you.. Mr Machine is going to be the next big thing after Xiaxue.. Remember.. you had been duly warned...

Does life goes on?

My left hand still hurts, thus here i am, typing with one hand and holding kit kat with another (my left hand can still hold things lah..)..

There are several things that happen in the week, so let me update for all of you...

1. The calm one and Suspicious Bastard had stopped blogging (for the moment)
This means i will be bored to core again.. haha.. not really but definitely need to rely on blogs like sassyjan, scarlett ting, Mr Machine, Aimee and Angie, Cowboy Caleb, Finicky Feline, etc etc.. Xiaxue is not really on the list.. not sure whether it is me or her.. but her recent posts are really poorly done.. (well, except the Will you marry me post to Kenny Sia.. that's funny..) Maybe she's busy with work.. wait a min.. everyone else is BUSY with work (except me :p).. so i cant really excuse her.. Hopefully she will buck up..

2. Kenny Sia rejected Xiaxue's proposal
Oh my god, the Queen of photoshop kena rejected.. This should makes the anti-Xiaxue bloggers cheer for a long long while... Kenny even go on to explain why the marriage wont work out (sex with Yoda is bad...).. Read his reply...

3. Triple Period had lost his mind..
By that, i am referring to his post on Blog for Love.. I suspected believed that it had something to do with Xiaxue's proposal to Kenny.. but then love is complicated.. So to all eligible/ desperate females out there who met his criteria.. pls email him and save a desperate young man from crying over an unfulfilled love..

4. Death of a blogger in New York
Here's the news article... This is scary plus scary = very scary... He was actually killed by his sis's ex bf (another reason why i'm still single), someone he knew... Anyway, the sad thing is he digged Star Wars like any guy does, but he died one week before he can watch it.. and he so wanted to watch it.. it's like dying without fulfilling any of your last wishes... If i was to die, i hope i will know the date, time.. so that i can do something.. You ppl will probably said i should have done it now, so that there's no regrets.. but there are things that need courage, a lot of courage before you will have done it.. till now, i still dont have that courage..

I told my mom this yesterday morning and then quarrelled with her in the afternoon due to this.. Why? Because she actually let a stranger into our place.. a window contractor, those who do door-to-door sales.. Quarrel because i am worried for her safety.. the thing is i know she usually wont do this.. dont know why she did it when i'm home.. She's too friendly at times... worried, worried and worried.. sighs..

P.S. Although this is BIG BIG news, but i placed it at no.4 as the 4 means "death" in chinese dialect.. so i'm trying to put across this irony, which i believe nobody will have notice if i have not mention.. wahaha..

5. The Blogspot wave hits again..
Yeah.. it hits again.. this time on blogs like Mr Machine, Ronald (my friend), etc etc.. Their blogs just disappeared suddenly.. Last time, i also kena this Blogspot wave (i named it this.. haha) and lost my dear bloggie for 5 hours... sad sad.. blogspot needs to do something.. Apparently, it is bitting off more than it can chew... It cant handle the lot of us anymore and thus, resulting in it slashing its lightsabre at any innocent blogger from time to time.. it makes me want to change my domain to something more stable.. but then i shouldn't complain too much since blogspot is free after all.. But like any other Singaporeans, i cant help my mouth..

6. I kena tomorrowed for the Popular Clearance Sale
I should have known it from the start.. A sale is the thing to bring out the Singaporean side of the Tomorrow's editors and help my post to be approved.. Since Singapore sale is coming right up, i should sacrifice my body and engulfed in the man-eating shopping-crazed crowd to observe them.. Hopefully my camera phone is enough to take some nice nice shots.. haha.. To end, i must put that logo...

Hopefully the next time, the contributor will be someone other than me myself.. Alright, thou should not say anymore... pretty tired now....

Game for the day: Grow
This is an easy game but the aim is to achieve LV max for all the 12 items, which is hard.. so far, i only got 5 9 LV Max.. haha.. Best of luck in the game..

Updated: My Score

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not very good, but it's my best so far.. wahaha.. i should not waste my time on this game anymore.. going to explore other new games..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I slept throughout the whole day, waking up only to eat my breakfast aka lunch at around 11 plus.. Oh my god.. wasted one rest day on sleeping.. now having headache... i want to go eat dinner now...

Popular Clearance Sale

Good morning to all... It's 6 am but i had not sleep a wink since the night before and i had worked for 19 hours non stop (not really lah..i got some rest breaks)already... In fact i am now typing with only i hand as i bruised my left hand by accident..

The main reason for all this is due to the Popular Clearance Sale at West Mall. I was helping the roadshow people to place the books on the stands nicely and hit my hand against the stand when i was moving the heavy boxes of books.. sob sob..

Anyway, my main motive for this post is to do advertising for the sale which starts today and ends on the 6th of june.. The books are really good.. and there is so much books that we did not have the time to put ALL on the stands.. So it's very worthwhile to go more than once... Some books are even quite new but were in the sale as their covers were a bit frayed.. In fact, there is a lot of computer books for those who liked such books.. (I hated it as most of the computer books are pretty bulky..)

How this sale works is that the more you buy the more discount you will enjoy. It's so good that people had already been asking about it several days before... So if you are free, do drop by and take a peek.. The sale is held at Bukit Batok West Mall atrium (ground floor) .. You can also find me at the Popular there if you are so free to go up to the fourth floor.. haha.. That's all.. i need to sleep..

Monday, May 23, 2005

Don't Scratch the Top of a CD!

I was working with my colleague, Jenny, yesterday when she suddenly turned around and asked me one question.

"Which side of the CD, when scratched, can no longer be listened?"

Although i felt weird with her question, i still answered, " The bottom of the CD, the shiny part.." Which she immediately gave a big "Wrong" as a response.. This really triggered my curiosity and i asked her why..

She told me that the data in a CD is actually stored at the top of the CD, thus when you scratched the top, the machine is unable to read the disc anymore.. She got to know this during a meeting and she even asked her cousin, an computer engineer about the accuracy of the info..

I was pretty surprised as nobody had told me this before.. I believed not a lot of people know about this as most of my customers only check the bottom side of the disc.. Even i, working there for 2 years plus dont even know..

Yesterday night, after hearing what she said, i decided to check this online for any related articles.. ( i believe her but still need to get more info to post entry). I found two and here are the links:
1. http://www.cdrepairman.com/repair.html
2. http://www.tuxfordscreenprint.com/News/News.aspx?ID=100

So people, next time you look at a disc, pls look at the top as that's where the existence of scratches really counts...

Funny video to watch for relaxation: http://xiorix.spymac.net/Stun.wmv

Friday, May 20, 2005

Damn the server~~

Something is wrong with my page... and my page only.. I went to other blogspot pages and they all looked fine.. Dont tell me Mandrake passed me his problem.. Errr.. but different servers, right? Since his is not blogspot and his page is back le.. Dont tell me cable kena again this time.. and different cable somemore..

Really not sure what is going on with blogspot.. Dont tell me it's going mad and decided to pick my page (shuai shuai) to KILL.. No idea.. hope it return to normal soon.. It's OK now.. wahaha.. and i hope it stay this way..

Anyway, Chris sent me this detective game to pass my time since i dont have the mood to blog.. Super super lame when u got to the end of the game.. Cant believe the ending.. Ok.. I'm off to bed early..

American Idol Season 4

Image hosted by Photobucket.comVSImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Yea!! I was right.. the final two are Bo and Carrie (Although i couldnt watch the results yesterday as i was working).. In fact, i had known this for like the past 5 weeks.. Maybe i just like Bo's powerful and Carrie's soulful performances more than the others.. However, this now posed a difficult question.. Who should be THE ONE??

Seriously, i dont know.. i mean both are equally good as they are different types of singers.. Personally, i think Bo may just win as his performance is so steamed that everyone just get so heated up.. Carrie is those typical love/jazz songs singer type, and there is plentiful of them in the market (not that she is not good, she is.. just that there are too many already).

Anyway, both of them will still get to have their own albums regardless of who actually win in the end.. And then there will be another fight then.. the Fight of who got the most sales..

P.S. By the way, the American Idol Season 4 Cd is out.. can go buy if you like.. :p

An uncommon Morning~~

Blogging in the morning - common
Having a dripping nose - common
Chatting with my friends - common
Eating breakfast - common


Wahaha.. Finally i had made it through the tough selection (ok.. maybe it's sympathy.. hee). Although i was the one who submitted my own entry but then i was a thick skinned gal, so it's alright..

I really need something hot and the more i looked at the pic of instant noodles, the more i want to eat it.. :p Being sick does makes one fat too..

I want to blog but...

I am tired, very very tired... Yet i still have tons of things to blog.. Fear not, this blog will be updated in the morning cos I AM NOT WORKING ON FRIDAY.... Wahaha.. Off to my bed, i go..

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia

While everyone else is excited by the Star Wars, i found myself more attracted to the advertisement of the movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" .

The animations are great and i can see that though the short advertisment on the tv.. I was pretty hipped to call up friends to watch the movie with me until i saw....

"22 DECEMBER 2005"


What the hell.. if they had noticed, now is only May.. why are they even advertising about the movie when there is still a 6 months period.. I dont see Harry Potter movie doing that (i will have gladly viewed that with no complaint as i LOVE Harry~~Ya.. it's double standard)

I wonder whether is it because the foreigners had caught our bad habit of Kiasuism... or are they trying to adapt to our Singapore "unique" culture.. Anyway, i was pretty put off.. To all advertising agencies, pls stop doing stupid things... "Diao Ren Wei Kou" meaning like setting a bait, is not good and the ppl wont feel good either.. At where i work, ppl kept asking for new albums that had not come out yet but were already advertised.. So pls spare ppl like me the agony of waiting... Thank you..

News Update

I was updating myself about the new IT gadgets by reading Digital Life and saw Nokia 3230 and Casio Exilim ex-257.. so nice.. i so want a digital cam now.. wahaahaa.. Saw another article about blogging and my only comment now is "So what?".. as i had said earlier, blogging is no big deal of a thing.. as for the warning of defamatory.. i think all of us bloggers had clearly got the point the first time round so pls do us a favour and stop writing the same thing over and over again.. clearly even saints will lose their temper.. I know all of you had nothing interesting to write but sticking to the same topic will not help so pls let go..

A Salute to the Brave Journalists in Philippines Who Died Uncovering the Truth

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They died for a noble cause.. for the right of the Filipinos to know what are really going on in the country.. For that, they had earned our respect..

Kuwaiti Women Win Right to Vote

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

YEA!! Three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to equality.. Yipee Hooray Yipee Hooray~~ It may just be a small win but it is a start...

Jailed for Trying to Rape Grandchild

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Men can be the scum of the Earth... If so desperate can just go Geylang and spent a few bucks.. No need to save the money and do immoral things.. No wonder i rather be single (though i may be desperate at times)..

Till Darth Do Us Part

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Alright, i will take back what i had said earlier.. Maybe not all men are scum.. Hayden Christensen sure looked good on the cover.. I was never a fan of Star Wars but i may just watched it cos i am a fan of yandao, meaning him.. haha..


Yes, Chris.. my pics are taken in the bathroom and NO, i definitely wasnt doing any small or big business then.. i was just brushing my teeth when i suddenly saw that i looked good/horrible in the mirror and decided to share my happiness/pain with the rest of the world by posting them.. wahaha..

I was going to update earlier at around 10 plus when i feel an urging need to eat.. ya.. feeling very very very very.. hungry....... so hungry that i dont have the strength to type.. so i satisfied myself with my favourite food...

Instant noodles with xiao bai cai.. wahaha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yea.. my spoon and chopsticks are not matching.. u got a problem with that? No.. very good.. i will continue with story.. after the noodles, i had some bread.. And now drinking a packet of Instant cocoa i bought in Taiwan's convenience store...It's brand is Barista Coffee...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It has a smooth and strong taste.. great for chocolate lovers who dont like their stuff too sweet.. too bad the marshmallow balls melted due to the very very hot water i poured into the cup.. Dont think can buy in Singapore though.. that's my supper update.. haha

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm Bored~~

I'm bored.. so bored that i decided to post my dirty toenail pic on my bloggie.. Nah~~

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Tarnishing my image? never mind.. me not shu nu like Joycelyn so no image to consider.. must remember i am a desperate female...

Oh Yipee, i got like 170 page views yesterday (the stat counter is based on US time).. Not much u will say, but for a person with only 30 plus page views at most in the past.. it's a times five more already... Thanks to all readers who kept refreshing my page.. wahaha..

ok..Off i go to read newspapers and watch Amercian Idol.. will post my comments about them later... I WILL BE BACK~~

Promoting my entry~~

Jaschocolate decided to promote her own blog by submiting her own entry..

Quote from herself, "Being only a cute girl, i can NEVER get veteran bloggers like Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi to read my posts.. so i figure i need to be more thick skinned and recommend myself..." Will her ploy works? P.S. if you are reading this on the website, then it had worked.. hee..

There.. i had done it.. recommend three blog entries to Tomorrow, with one of them being my very own.. wahaha... No choice.. i wont know when i would even get to be featured so i figured i must fast things up a bit by being thick skinned.. haha.. anyway, that's the spirit of a desperate female mah.. must try and try again.. Even if the editors chose not to feature it, at least i had tried my best.. wahaha.. i sounded crappy. Must be one of my yet-to-recover-from-cold symptoms.. Please bear with me for the next few days.. Thank you thank you...

My sick look~~

I had apolognised to mommy this morning but she like dont care about it.. sighz.. maybe she is too used to us quarreling already.. :p

Look how sick i was feeling yesterday.. my face is white and i'm sneezing a lot... smile also equals forced smile.. Poor Chris had to endure my bitching cos i wasn't really feeling up to it then.. I must apolognise to him.. seems like i got on a lot of ppl's bad side yesterday..
Lesson learnt: Never try to entertain ppl when u are sick..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There.. i looked much better today.. hmm.. or is it due to the light? :p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Finally had a day of good rest due to taking medical leave (MC for short).. Lucky i'm not a permanent and dont need to produce proof from the doc.. Currently, a dog is barking non-stop down my block.. is it the mating period already?

My friend, Hansheng, is back from his trip to Tahan.. He said it was a tough climb during this season and he even encountered bees... Got stung a lot.. PAINFUL.. i was stung once in my JC days.. Still remember i was happily waiting for my bus at the bus-stop outside Science Centre and the bee flew by me.. I accidentally brushed it and it attacked me by stinging my leg and even dying on my sock.. wtf.. to the dead bee, u want to die, then die lah.. sting me for what? also dirty my sock with your corpse.. Anyway, the pain only lasted till end of bus trip and i was ok already(yea, i'm abnormal!).. So now, my friend told me he got stung by a whole lot of bees.. i can imagine real pain.. Yucks..

There is a group of NYP students going there right now, climbing and i know two of the members, Camy and James.. Can only pray that they are alright.. Hey, all the Christians out there, pls go pray.. James IS a christian so it's alright to pray for fellow believers right..? You dont need to pray for my well-being cause i am very well at the moment, thank you very much..

Anyway, i once again spent my day blogging and watching tv... Saw on the news that there was a fire that killed one and injured one in Bt Batok Ave 2 yesterday.. Wow.. Hengz, mom and i saw the fire at the altar early.. otherwise may ended up like the above case.. somemore same area.. also Bt Batok.. Feel so scary just thinking about it.. ok, next..! wahaha

Just watched "Xiao Shi Yi Lang" and heard its theme song sang by someone, maybe Wang Jie.. it is actually the cantonese version of the theme song (A song for lady) for "Autumn in My Heart".. Oh my god, it sound as nice as it is in Korean.. Maybe it is Wang Jie's good voice.. I am listening to "A song for lady" right now.. nice~~ i wonder where can i get the cantonese version... must go search for wang jie's albums...

Saw this very cute advertisement on the movie, "The Floating Landscape", which includes scenes showing Jimmy Liao's works.. the movie will be shown on Sunday, 8pm at Channel U.. do catch it if u like movies like "Sound of Color aka The Subway" or "Turn Left Turn Right", which all originated from Jimmy's works... His work is really great.. i just watched the theatre play of "Sound of Color" at the Esplanade on 16th Jan.. superb.. haha.. it was my first time in the theatre and i paid for a seat in the box office where there is sooooo little ppl.. but i got a view of everything lah.. One of the staff there thought i was in the wrong and was about to chase me away when he looked more carefully at my ticket stub and said "sorry".. haha.. maybe he think that a young gal like me wont have the money to buy the MOST expensive ticket.. but then overall, i am still quite impressed by the Esplanade's staff and facilities.. Just need to improve on one thing though.. the lack of WASHROOMS.. Being a beautiful structure does have its minus sides.. and currently, it's leaking roof (hope it's repaired already though) and not enough washrooms.. Hopefully, nothing else bad turns up..

P.S. For those who dont know about Jimmy, you can go to his website. tata.. off to bed i go~~

The matter about breasts

Was just reading this post by Aimee just now and she mentioned that she wanted smaller breasts.. i cant help but leave a comment to her..

ChoCoLoVe said...
Hmm.. why is it that small breasted women want bigger breasts while big breasted women want smaller ones.. the irony of the situation.. :p

Yea.. why? why are we so dissatisfied with what we have? When do we learnt to appreciate the things around us? It's not just about a breasts issue here but the attitudes of the ppl all around in this entire world.. Everyone, dont cry over past relationships, just cherish the loved ones around you.. Sad to say that i just argued with my mom and i really regret it now.. i will definitely say sorry to her first thing in the morning.. Because who knows when will she no longer be by my side anymore.. so ppl, do cherish what you have instead of crying over what u dont have or had lost..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Funny Video on Job Frustration~~

I have posted this in my other bloggie.. but for Chris' sake, i will re-post it here.. Nah..

No anger at the moment.. Just want to share something.. Saw this funny video.. cannot make it.. I feel like the woman inside.. only thing is i dont have a driving license and a car...

Cant seem to post the video.. ok ok.. i'm lousy.. That's why... TADA~~ Here the link for it..http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=Jobfrustration
Go watch it and laugh..haha ..

Chris is such a dear.. solve the problem for me already.. of cos i did use some brains in deleting some code.. haha.. Here's the video.. Have a great laugh!

Check out these stories

Hey, the two posts are great.. i'm adding the blogs to my list of reads...


A big THANKS to all, especially to ....

Cant really sleep, though the effects of the panadol i took is still within me.. pls dont ask me to see a doc.. I am those poor ppl who had seen the doc so many times that their medicine no longer had any effect on me... And i had learnt long ago that a goood rest and some good entertainment (this is where my stash of vcds came in handy) will cure me more effectively instead of throwing my bucks into the doc's pockets...

The mosquito in my home is so bad.. still suck my blood when i'm sick.. See i got two bites on my thigh.. like vampire's bite.. haha .. very itchy.. ahh.. *scratch and scratch
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, just want to say thanks to some readers.. Thanks for reading, especially to those who bothered to leave me a msg.. I am busy upgrading myself so that i can entertained you guys more.. Dont know if my style is very scary cos my statistics showed very little ppl coming back, which is a blow to my big big ego.. haha.. and i thought i was interesting.. Apparently not..

The forum, "http://lovestation.neatfriend.com" seems to be getting hot.. As you can see from my list of referrals, most of the readers were actually searching for it in Yahoo and came by my bloggie by accident... Since they know the address of the forum, why dont they just type it in the address box instead of searching for it.. the minds of humans.. can never understand the complexity of it... Anyway, i really must say thank you to the forum since it boost up my number, especially since i had said the website sucked.. :p Hopefully, my number will be able to reach 1000 by 21st May cos that's two months from the date i set up the site meter..

Lately, i had been going out of my small circle and reading other interesting blogs.. Mainly because Xiaxue had not been blogging much recently and i need some new sources of entertainment.. you can see my list getting longer and longer.. i even managed to find a dream guy.. wahaha.. Starting to leave more comments and not just reading.. Oh my god.. i am finally having a BRAIN.. what joy...

One sad thing though, i just discovered that the DVDs of the Korean drama, Snow White, that i bought in Taiwan cant be played on my DVD player... i think it is due to the format.. i had expected it but still hope that the result would be different.. Never mind, i will save up for a dvd player that is multi-coded.. Better yet, anyone can lend me his/her player?

What's the big deal about this blogging business?

I was reading through the past few days' newspapers and find this....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It is an article on Sunday Times... The article is mainly to let us know that the contents we blog should not be libellous as we may just get sued by someone or some organization one day.. that our blog is not, and i repeat, NOT our own personal space so we are not to rant and rave at our free will anymore.. crap... At most i dont type the names of who i am ranting.. then should be fine right?

Anyway, what's all the big fuss over blogging these days... Seems like there is a lot of interviews over blog celebrities lately... why dont those ppl just go and blog, then they will know why WE blog... Opps.. i forgot.. those ppl have A life.. so they are TOO busy to blog.. no time.. uh uh.. no no.. blogging is not for ppl like them.. it's for ppl like us.. and what can us be defined as? Any suggestions? Besides bloggers, i seriously cant think of any..

To all Singaporeans, although we are starting to follow USA for a lot of things.. but pls kindly remember that we are NOT in USA.. Although free speech is allowed but we cant really say anything bad... See what happen to the poor guy who insulted the PAP aka Lee Kuan Yew.. he is now squatting in somewhere in Malaysia, broke and friendless.. So dont be stupid, the only thing we learn from USA is the habit of sueing ppl.. Anyhow, we will want to sue ppl.." u dare to insult my mother and i will sue you", etc etc.. And we definitely cant get away from doing this, i think..

P.S. All comments are made from personal observation and if in any way, i was wrong.. i can only say "Sorry lah!!"

FIRE.. Help~~

Ya ya.. i know i said the previous post may be my last post today and that i want to enjoy my last moments in peace but but.. unexpected thing happened.. so i want to share... The unexpected thing is that my mom almost burnt the altar down... again.

Yea, again.. the last thing it happen, it was in the middle of the night where all of us were sound asleep.. lucky nothing serious happened.. only the ceiling above the altar and part of the altar were darkened by the soot..

Now, we had changed a new altar.. and apparently today, my mom threw one of the used matchsticks, that is not completely extinguished, into a white plastic container and the container burnt up and the new altar is affected.. so ke lian.. think mom is fated with a burnt alter..

The burnt altar.. lucky is only one small part and is on the inside
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The burnt container cooling down in the sink...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Anyway, mom went to buy 4D now.. cos maybe can get something.. haha.. Today is such an eventful day.. First, burnt porridge, then the fire.. What else is going to happen?
I had baited from work today.. taking an MC.. not that i am faking, but really down with the flu.. just ate some panadol and feeling much better.. So scary just now, i was sneezing and sneezing.. like someone is cursing me.. haha..
Anyway, wont be seeing my supervisor for 2 days as i will only be working on thurs.. she sounded okay on the phone so maybe she is not too angry with me.. i dont know.. i only want to rest now.. at most i will type my last post on thurs.. haha.. nitey~~

I'm a goner~~

Hi all.. remember that i mention that a smile is the most impt thing in the service industry (No? then u must not be reading my posts regularly.. give yourself a slap and read this)..

Well... the thing is i can barely force myself to smile during work yesterday.. why? maybe it is due to sleeping only 5 hours or just working for 4 days straight.. Anyway, at least i get to rest more today as i will only be starting work at 1pm.

I am feeling much much better after an early goodnite rest and a nice breakfast (too bad, my porridge tasted a bit chao da after being a bit overcooked by mom.. hee)

The worst thing had happened though.. SHE is staying on.. she, referring to my supervisor.... And i had just ordered some goods without her consent yesterday morning... i fear she will kill me :p.. if she do, this may very well be my last post.. Oh my god.. i am scared stiff.. the thing is i am not really afraid but more afraid that i will lose my control and give her a good hit in the face... then she will sue the hell out of me and i'm a goner then.. Sighz, life is so miserable.. at least i can hit her in my head.. er.. i mean thoughts..

Ok, i am going to enjoy my last few moments in peace... :p

Monday, May 16, 2005

New Bloggies~~

Ok.. i had done it.. "what?" u may ask.. "that loh?" haha.. ok ok.. i will stop being lame.. i had just set up another 2, not 1 but 2 other bloggies.. u may think i am really very free but they are for different purposes mah.. sOOn, i will need to search for some suitable music for my bloggies.. or should i just concentrate on the QUALITY of my entries? i dont know.. any ideas, frenz.. must remember i am a mindless gal, with no real thoughts.. Ok, time for breakfast...

The Bloggolo Syndrome~~

Just saw this from Tomorrow.. think i am getting the Bloggolo Syndrome (click the link for the symptoms) and moving to be a blogaholic..Oh my god.. how did this happen.. still remember me suaning Joycelyn on being obsessed over blogging and here i am, blogging even more frequently than her nowaday.. People, this tells u never to suan others as u may be suan for the same thing soon.. unless u are 100% that it wont happen lah.. then u can go ahead to suan.. wahaha..

Now, it is 5 am.. I cant believe i actually wake up after just 5 hours of sleep.. i cant sleep well.. there is like so many things to do.. Am i stressing myself out more than i should..? after all, i am only taking a part time job.. my money will not increase for doing more things.. things that are. in fact, beyond my job.. i dont know.. just feel that i want to try it out, taking in more responsibilities during my supervisor's absence.. But i seriously think she will want to kill me when she comes back (if she even comes back.. and i think i will quit then..wahaha).. i am really ordering a lot of old stocks... Mmm... i guess i really love music too much.. if there any vacancy in HMV? i will love to work there.. wahaha

What is needed in the service world?

This morning, i got the shock of my life.. my brother aka THE GAY (real brother hor.. not those buddies) actually asked me to wear a belt to look nicer.. the brother who only wear Crocodiles products ranging from polo tees to underwear, asking his sis, who had more clothes than him, to dress up.. Oh my god, the world must be ending soon..

Anyway, not that i dont want to make myself look nicer.. but i dont believe in dressing up for work where i need to carry heavy stuff now and then.. i had even break my nails ton of times.. so how to be feminine? Hmphz... Anyway, i think that you only need a nice smile to work in the service industry.. what type of smile? See pic for demo..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nah.. the type of smile where you show all your yellow teeth and very little eyes.. That's what really needed in a service job.. of course, other things like efficiency and reliability are also impt.. But a nice big SMILE is the thing that will make the customers' day.. (Personally, sometimes i think the customers are laughing at me and not WITH me..)

Anyway, to end the day, i had a quick dinner by eating BreadTalk.. and i am glad i did that because i finally managed to buy JJ Baby again.. the last one there in fact.. i didnt manage to buy it the last few time i went to BreadTalk... and the last and only time i ate it was in April.

For those who dont know what JJ Baby is, it is actually a bread in the shape of Jack Jack from The Incredibles and the inside of the bread is filled with yummy chocolate paste.. Great for chocolate lovers.. But BreadTalk dont seem to make a lot of it.. so next time u see it, be sure to grab it and taste it.. Here its pic.. opps.. i actually bite its hair off so it may seems a bit different.. hee..

JJ Baby (S$1.40)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My another favourite bread is the Chocolate Croissant (S$1.50)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My dinner consisting of 1 JJ Baby, 1 Chocolate Croissant and 1 can of lemon tea
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hmmm.. BreadTalk should pay me fee for the advertising i had done for them.. actually no need any fee.. just provided me one year's endless supply of JJ Baby... think i may be sick from eating it though.. ok ok.. enough crap... Nitey~~

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm cute~~

What's up with http://lovestation.neatfriend.com?
Some of my visitors were actually searching for it and then came by my bloggie. How come?
Shouldn't u come to my bloggie to read me cos i'm cute and cute and SUPER cute?
Hahaha.. so sianz...


Tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired.... tired tired so tired....

Hmphz.. for ur info, i did not copy and paste.. i really type them out.. consider it as practising for my typing skill :p i had learnt not to do more than i can.. and never promise ppl what u think is unreasonable cos u will end up swearing when u are doing the things.. now, i just finished 3 days of work.. another 3 more days before i can rest and see ah gals.. haiz..

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I hate my work~~

Ok.. today is a busy day.. cos i had took some "homework" from work.. Actually, i really hate doing those paperwork... they suck and it seems like i am doing it forever.. in fact i am the only one doing it.. u can never find my supervisor doing cos i think it is just not in her class.. she is not paid so much to do such "dirty work".. In the end, i had to be the person doing it.. cos i am the one who is just paid $5 per hour. Thus i had to do ALL the dirty work... Maybe i should start another blog on her... crapping on her bad habits.. wonder whether it can last for a month or not... Hmphz.. seriously thinking about it.. haha.. guess it will be something like the "things i hate about my flatmate" blog.. Dont care already.. i am tired.. off to bed~~

Friday, May 13, 2005

The pains of a newly graduated student~~

Do you find people asking you constantly where are you working now and what type of jobs are you looking for? If the answer is a big big "YES", congratulation, for you have just experienced the pains of a newly graduated student.

You will just discover that you no longer had the excuse to laze around at home doing nothing, without being nagged for not looking for a job.

Yes, you can bullshit about the economy being bad, etc etc.. and then get beaten on the head by the recruit section of Strait Times. You can argued that the jobs being featured are all not in your line of work, only to be shot back with the sentence," And what exactly IS your line of work? You are a freshie in the society, for christ's sake."

Alright, i admit that i just want to take a good long break before my official entry into the "real" adult world. Is it too much to ask? Yeah, i know a break required a official date to end, but haven't you heard of infinity? Cant my break be that too?

For all family and friends, thanks for your concern with regards to my worklife (or soon to have worklife?).. but it's really time for you guys to be more concerned over your own life.. So the next time any stupid fellow still dare to ask me the same stupid questions about finding what type of jobs, etc etc.. dont by surprised that my reply just might be a "fuck off".

P.S. "Fuck off" is such a good ending line but i still need to tell something so... To some of my friends.. No, i'm not going to uni because i dont have the money and no, it's not a pity as i am still alive and can go in the future..

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Health is Beauty~~

My friend just sent me an email, which she had also posted on her blog.. It is on the main causes of liver damage.. Really worth a read as it concerned ur body, ur health..

Just finish watching "Within body and soul" on Ch U.. also teaching us how to be happy.. through eating the right stuff and all.. Also using aromatherapy to relieve the stress..

But i do recall reading on strait times on sunday or saturday that a little bit of stress is good for the body.. stress that are still controllable by urself.. if it is the type of stress that u cannot do anything about it, then it can be quite damaging to the body...God, I feel so tired.. will update why tomorrow..nite nite~~

Funny Conversation~~

Chris: btw, why u put "bt batok" in ur nick?

Me: haha..cos my friend just now put Yishun in her nick cos it's her hometown. So i told her i will copycat

Chris: ... you copycaterpillar. never pay copyleft fees. Maybe i should also put.. but put half, put "BUKIT".. lolx

Me: LAME!!!

Chris: i still can walk, not lame yet

~*~Jaschocolate~*~ (aka Me) sent the wink "Bow"

Me: bow to ur lameness

Chris (his nick is super long) sent the wink "Bow

Chris: i also bow to ur lameness to.. haha.. for being able to bow to being lame

Me: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chris: *switch on the fan* u seem warm.. keep on sweating.. never go update ur blog?

Me: who says.. i at least got update every once in 2 days or once a day.. Unlike someone else.. Hmphz

Chris: Updating now

Me: ur update equals to no date.. haha

Chris: no date?

Me: haha..meaning a lousy update loh.. haha

Chris: :( i not a professional blogger like u leh

Me: hey.. me not pro hor.. ppl like mr brown, xiaxue then pro...haha

Chris: That one cannot compare lah.. That one is almost like a "business" itself

Me: then compare with who.. haha.. pro is biz ah..

Chris: okie okie.. u win :x *gives up*

Me: Come.. bow to me.. haha

Chris sent the wink "Bow"

Me: thank you!! *jasmine waves to all* haha

Chris: *pengz*
Chris: *measures the thickness of jasmine's skin*

Wahaha.. that's the gist of our conversation on tues nite.. if u think it is not funny.. well.. at least it was lame.. haha.. I happened to go irc this two days.. which is so rare already.. didnt go since last sem, i think..

For ur info, the wink is a feature of the new version of MSN Messenger 7 .0.. i just updated my messenger last month and is now totally engrossed in this features.. too bad some of my friends are still using the old version and wont be able to see my Winks.. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, was chatting with Hueyling on tues, talking her i will die before 40.. then she was like.." I am 40 now loh"... oops.. anyway, i was referring to myself.. cos my lifestyle is crap.. ok.. need to prepare for work.. tata~~


The Urban section of Strait Times papers today shows a great collection of shoes.. wow.. so nice.. i also got to know the existence of two brands, Ruby Sky and Barcode (ya.. i dont go shopping a lot.. even if i do, it's a bookstore i'm at.. not a shoe store).. Think i want to go check out the design.. The owner of Barcode is going to set up another store at Marina Square, called Passion at the end of this month, i think.. it will specialise in selling heels.. haha.. maybe i should check it out.. cos she promised is those that has a more that 2 inch heels type of shoes.. hahaha..

But then i think i cant wear heels.. all my heels cant seem to last more than 2 months.. in actual fact, the heels got in a pretty bad shape the first day i wear it.. what can i say.. maybe i am a bottom heavy person (hmm.. seem to have no connection hor Image hosted by Photobucket.com) or i just step too hard on my shoes.. hmm.. but i wanted to try higher shoes so i can look taller, cos my height is really the height of the average Jane.. (opps.. not talking about u, Jane Chia... if u are reading this in ur busy life)..

I also tend to buy the wrong size... Actually the main prob is that both my feet ARE of different size.. so naturally the shoes can only fit one foot perfectly and badly on another... ya ya.. i know i can put in something in the smaller shoe to make it fit.. i am not an idiot, ok.. But i was thinking how come there is not a shop to help customers customise their shoes in terms of size and design (I think there WAS one the last time but i dont know where it is..) Maybe i can consider setting up one since i am so reluctant to find a job.. oops.. i forgot i dont have the capital.. anyone who to be my business partner? Preferably someone who is filthy rich and dont mind me throwing his/her money away.. wahaha..

Tv shows ~~

If u ask me why i suddenly changed my "quite nice and otherwise also considered cute" template to a ugly (hahaha.. think still ok) and predefined one.. my reply is " i dont know".. wahaha.. just want to see everything back in one screen.. and lazy to click here and there.. Then i really wonder how come my tagboard get pushed down again.. seriously thinking whether i should just remove it.. wahaha..

Just realised that if u search for Leon Jay Williams and LocalBrand on Yahoo, u can see my bloggie on the list.. wahaha.. at least that what some ppl did.. but i try to do it too but think my bloggie is so far behind..

Back to the topic onhand.. want so bored that i watch tv today at home.. Saw a recast of "Triple Nine" featuring Wong Li Lin and James Lye.. the acting and production is really lousy.. can the stupid cameraman stops moving in circles around the actors in the last scene, which happen to be a kissing scene.. what is it about kissing and moving in circles.. it definitely didn’t make me view it more nicely.. only more dizzy from it.. another stupid scene is the one with Li Lin being investigated by a guy.. her hand was supposed to be injured and in a cast.. but that scene showed her hand in perfect order..then later her hand is back in a cast.. wahhaha..really tells us the quality of the shows back then.. wonder why I even watch it then.. think I watch it because of Wong Li Lin and James Lye.. cos they really look good together.. they are the silver screen couple on ch 5 while Fann wong and Thomas ong are the couple on ch 8..

wow.. really miss seeing James Lye. He is soooo hunky.. wahaha.. the last new on him was when he married Diana Ser..

Speaking of Fann and Thomas.. they are on the cover of this week’s I weekly.. so shuai and pretty.. too bad fann got Christopher already.. oh ya.. the two of them(meaning fann and christopher) finally admit to their 3 yr r/s.. so cool.. Christopher is a sweetheart.. hope they two got married.. fann was my favourite back then until other younger idols pushed into my heart to gain a place.. wahaha..

Oh ya.. i actually wanted to see "stress out" and " zi you feng".. but ended up sleeping.. haha.. lucky i still managed to watch the recast of "zi you feng'... This week they went to Korea.. one of the place i want to go free n easy.. haha.. they featured a cultural street.. think i want to go there.. suit my tastes cos got tea shops, art shops, etc etc.. see i so cultured.. haha.. but too bad i miss "stress out".. they are showing the remedy for common cold.. eg, go for spa.. Haiz..

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Love Forum Website

A stranger just sent me a msg on Friendster, asking me to join this website.. http://lovestation.neatfriend.com

I should do the honor of helping the person to advertise.. Personally i think the website sucks..
There are discussions like " Define love??" and "VIRGINS... VS... PROFESSIONALS IN BED..." How the hell will i know how to define love.. u dont define it, dude.. it is a feeling.. yes.. FEELING.. how to define.. siao.. As for the virgin one.. what is it with guys and virgins.. ok.. u expect us to be a virgin but u can be a pro? (ok ok.. the topic dont seem to ask this but i just want to get it out of my system..) So what if we are a virgin.. after getting us, u will still just leave and get ANOTHER virgin.. (strictly, nope of my biz cos i was not attached.. wahaha.. but i saw a lot of frenz troubled by this..

Ok.. maybe i am just sianz.. cos i am still single.. officially SINGLE for 21 years plus already.. frenz said it is not bad to be single.. which i totally agree but i do want someone for me to sa jiao.. think i can stick to my MSN nick le.. "i dream of u but where are u in real life? can u appear faster?"... This remind me of my old crush (old cos considered past le.. i had got over the obsession by obsessing other guys instead). His name is Genfeng or LGF for short.. he is the reason why my relationship with Yue Fen dies.. men.. u cant live without them, but u will also suffer alot for them.. Really want to ask why he never click with me.. is it because i act like a guy? or my nasty mouth that suan him all the times.. haha.. no wonder he thought i was joking when i confess my love for him at the tender young age of 14.. kk.. maybe i really sound i was crapping but.. :( Anyway, then had tons of crushes on men who turned to be my buddies.. haha.. never mind.. i believe he will appear soon.. heehee.. so bored so show u some pics of lgf..

Typical ah bengz style.. makes me wonder why i used to like him
Ah Bengz

Looks like a si wen bai lei.. so fake..
si wen bai lei

Okok.. this is so much better..* thumbs up

Anyway, lgf is now my er ge aka buddy.. haha.. if anyone want to know him hor.. ehm i will try to help u.. wahaha... but priority goes to my frenz..

What's your Japanese Name?

Your Japanese Name Is...

Toyo Shigenoi

Ok ok.. i seem to be blogging the whole day.. what happen to my well-deserved rest.. anyway... got this from Michelle's blog.. but i also got answers like "Tanaka Genji", "Miyu Kobayashi", "Nori Hayashi", "Miu Karasuma" and "Kita Kuga".. so many diff versions.. really depend on what u type as ur name.. haha.. anyway, the above first name is my full name.. wahaha..

I think i want a new template, one of my very own.. cos the current one makes it hard to read the post.. hmph..

Soft Drink Murderer~~

Just saw this article..

Asking ppl not to drink too much soft drinks.. to think i drank a lot last nite during dinner and before i sleep.. in actual fact.. RIGHT NOW.. how to curb this urge.. i like to drink it everytime i am tired, upset, bad mood, etc etc etc... It just give me a natural high feeling, making me feel very happy..

Suddenly remember my tour guide on the Taiwan trip asking us not to drink coca cola cos it contain a very bad aka dangerous chemical.. he ask us to go catch a cockroach (Joycelyn may freak out if she is asked to do this.. maybe i can do this.. and present it to her as a birthday gift.. just imagine her face when she open the wrapping.. think will just throw the stuff and jump.. okok.. i should not be thinking of scaring my friends.. haiz..boring life)

Then drown the cockroach in a glass of coca cola for a few days.. and u will discover only... TADA~~ the wings and legs of the poor poor cockroach left.. Yucks.. that's an example to tell us how poisonous the drink is and the stuff it will do to ur inner if u drink it.. and the thing is I AM DRINKING IT RIGHT NOW... pretty shit hor.. no wonder my teeth is rotting already..

My tour guide also said we can drink pepsi cola but not coca cola.. how come? He is so like advertising for pepsi loh.. If anyone from the coca cola company saw this, pls dont sue me.. sue the guide.. he is the main murderer of ur brand name.. not me.. me innocent.. but i do recall ppl dying from drinking coca cola before.. my friend sent me through email so not sure of the validity of news but they said it is cos the person forgot to clean the outside of the can and drink some insecticide (did i get the spelling right... i need tuition.. bah.. lucky never volunteer for Joycelyn's tutoring lessons for some poor kid in Woodlands.. think i will kill the kid.. : p)

Now i wonder, maybe the dead person had been drinking coca cola for quite some time and so died.. then coca cola company bribed ppl to say that the person was careless and drink the insecticide accidentally.. or maybe the chemical IS a part of insecticide so no need to bribe.. the company just need to crap this reason.. like that very sad.. coca cola is my favourite drink and i had always preferred it over pepsi.. now how.. no wonder i predict i will died before 40.. so friends, u now understand why i had to die young.. it is all to sacrifice myself for the sake of the public.. showing all of u why it is not good to drink coke.. see i so good.. :p

Wahaha.. bow to my lameness ba.. Chris.. :p Once again, i had conquered.. enough of my crapping.. if u guys wonder why Chris must bow to me.. i will show u later.. haha... our conversation last nite.. but later.. now must go eat breakfast.. yes.. breakfast at 12 plus... pls dont faint.. must remember that my dinner is at suppertime so naturally my breakfast is at lunch time loh.. wahaha.. my mom is so sweet.. peeling grapes and feeding it to me now.. we two like so act cute... no choice.. i hate to take out the seeds in the grapes so she had to do the job.. We two also very funny.. this morning, i want to read the Sunday Zao Bao for an article on Xiaxue.. then mom said she dont know if she had cook it (in mandarin.. so pls translate urself).. so i cheekily ask her why she want to cook it.. for eating ah.. actually i know she meant that she had used the papers to cover the floor during cooking so that the floor wont be so oily.. haha.. that's me and my mom.. funny when we two are not arguing..

My Sweet MOMMY~~
sweet mommy

Me with my mouth full
me busy eating

So many big big grapes for the two of us to finish
plate of big big grapes

I ate like ten of this grape.. full!
grape without the seeds!!

If u guys notice that my bloggie is getting very quiet.. it is because i had took away the music.. Just realise that the health promotion board is also using this song :S yes.. this song as the theme song for their teeth advertisement.. so i remove it since my teeth is rotting and i so scared of dentist (all thanks to my pri sch dentist, who helped me to bu ya.. not once..not twice but three times in a single session.. i was sobbing my heart out the whole session..) ..
Time for beauty sleep and food.. tata~~


Brother scolding.. i update tomorrow instead.. nitey~~

Talking to myself pt 1~~

Back and currently having 2 chicken wings as my dinner aka supper.. dont want to take any rice as i think that is hard to digest and that i dont want it to add to my current weight.. not that the fried and very very oily chicken wings help anyway...

Actually, some of my friends (specially Chris) will notice that my dinner time is usually very late.. this is because i believe that it is hard for food to digest if u bathe immediately after eating.. u have to wait for around 30mins at least.. and i stress the words "at least"... only then u can bath.. Being a naturally lazy person, i dont want to wait so i form the habit of bathing before eating.. And also being a naturally lazy person, i tend to drag my bath time till late late.. thus resulting in my dinner becoming supper..

And i sincerely believe that this had resulted in my weak stomach (due to missing meals too often or long intervals between meals) and flu-covered nose (cos the late nite bathing do affect the body too).. But what to do.. i am just too much of a lazybone..Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okok.. i go eat the wings.. come back soon